Flying Fortress (Warner Bros.) (1942)

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14 In Flying Fortress Crew Mat 203—30c Donald Stewart and Richard Greene appear as pilot and navigator of a B-17 in “Flying Fortress,” Warner Bros.’ flying drama filmed at Europe’s flying fronts. The picture is coming to the Strand Theatre on Friday. TAT eee The Cast St aS Bh RICHARD GREENE Barges sr CARLA LEHMANN Jim Spence Sydney Kelly Daggy Wenora ei ea Betty Stockfield ee SS 9 ae Donald Stewart TACEVIN STO eis et ns Charles Heslop Wing Commander Ottershaw...Sidney King We SOR es a art Basil Radford Captain Harvey 2) 001.0 you John Stuart COTORER oer en ee Percy Parsons Control Tower Operator...... Gerry Wilmot RECT SLE aT 18 aaa BEE OM Te ee Joss Ambler ie oy Lele ee ae a ae Edward Rigby DIBTCOLOlOOISE Ps oie os Se John Boxer CORROG os Ree ae Robert Beatty Gaylord Parker, Taxi Driver. .Billy Hartnell Group Captains ose a William Holland Fire Controtler oc ee Hubert Gregg MAGIO OPETALON eC ees Peter Croft TeGmr MANOEL YK rae ke ee ath ales Jack Watling Beam Gunner... 2: .o. Michael Whittaker Reseye Moreman io oc. oo ey John Slator beg wig Aiba Me mg a age Kenneth Henry Synopsis (Not for publication) Jim Spence (Richard Greene) enlists as a bomber ferry pilot to bring Flying Fortresses from America to England, and takes part in the first ferry flight. Later he and Sky Kelly (Donald Stewart) enlist as combat flyers, and are sent with a crew, under Wing Commander Ottershaw (Sidney King), on a bombing flight to Berlin. After successfully bombing their objective, they encounter German planes on their way back, but manage to fight them off. One motor of their plane catches fire, however, and at great risk Spence extinguishes the blaze. The Flying Fortress reports back to England that the objective has been found and bombed. Running time: 68 minutes. Production Directed by WALTER FORDE Screen play by Brock Williams and Gordon Wellesley, Edward Dryhurst; Editor, Terence Fisher ; Photography by Basil Emmott; Sound by Ernest A. Royls and Cecil W. Thornton; Art Direction by Norman Arnold; Aerial Photography by Gus Drisse; Special Effects by Henry Harris and George E. Blackwell; Musical Director, Jack Beauer. SOE TTT (Lead Story) “FLYING FORTRESS” PUBLICITY — PRODUCTION INFORMATION, THEATRE STORIES Klying Fortress.” Story of Air War. At Strand Friday The most beautiful picture in the world—Berlin being bombed by American Flying Fortresses—opens Friday at the Strand Theatre. Produced by Warner Bros. at its English studios, “Flying Fortress” treats of modern warfare in the skies—American eagles piloting American planes six miles above Naziland and dropping two-ton “block busters” on German objectives. — 2 “Ee lying Fortress” is the story of a reckless American Berlin Raid ShowsMettle Of Aviators It takes an air raid over Berlin to show Americans that the casual attitude of their British cousins conceals’ steel nerves. And the same air raid proves to the British that the braggadocio of the Americans conceals a very cold purpose indeed. Americans billeted in Britain as part of our expeditionary force will find the English people cordial but diffident—and among the best fighting folk in the world, according to dispatches from London. No better proof of this can be offered than the motion picture, “Flying Fortress,’ produced in London by Warner Bros., which comes to the Strand Theatre on Friday. | Join B.C. A. F. | Two American flyers, played by Richard Greene and Donald Stewart, join the Royal Canadian Air Force, their object to bomb Berlin. They find the British flyers quiet, diffident to the point of self-effacement. But in action—that’s another story. In action, Americans and Britons speak the same _ language, and if a motion picture that was designed first as entertainment and second to celebrate the great American Flying Fortresses can be said to have a message, that is its message. International relations are considerably helped out by a pair of pretty girls, Carla Lehmann and Betty Stockfield. Perhaps, after all, the best hands across the seas are feminine hands. Greene Got— Army Leave For Picture Richard Greene obtained a leave of absence from his duties in the tank corps of the British Army to appear in “Flying Fortress,” the Warner Bros. picture, opening Friday at the Strand Theatre. It was filmed in England with the cooperation of the Royal Air Force and the Atlantic Ferry Command. Greene, the good-looking young Englishman who almost two years ago left Hollywood to join his country’s fighting forces, enacts the role of Jim Spence, an American playboy who becomes a Ferry Command pilot and later a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force. “Flying Fortress” was produced at Warner Bros.’ Teddington Studios near London, under war-time conditions and Greene was on emergency call during the entire production. playboy flyer, portrayed by Richard Greene, who joins the Atlantic Ferry Command. With his friend Sky Kelly (Donald Stewart), he enlists in the service to-bring American: iiying Hort--@— resses to England. While there, they join up for combat service with the R.A.F. Berlin Varget With Kelly as co-pilot, he goes as navigator on a big ‘four-motored plane, whose ob jective is a power plant outside of Berlin. The raid is successful, but on the return trip they encounter German planes, and after fighting them off, discover one of their motors on fire. At great personal risk, Greene succeeds in extinguishing the blaze and the Flying Fortress reports back to England safely. Military censors faced a major problem in permitting the interior of a Flying Fortress to be shown but careful filming eliminated any trouble. “Flying Fortress” features a cast headed by Richard Greene, former Hollywood star now in the English army, who was released for the purpose of making this picture. Blonde British actress Carla Lehmann is costarred with Greene, and a popular supporting cast includes Betty Stockfield, Donald Stewart, Charles Heslop and Sidney King. Walter Forde directed, from a screen play by Brock Williams, Gordon Wellesley and Edward Dryhurst. (Opening Day) U.S. B-17's Star In Strand Film American theatre audiences are treated to a spectacle to delight the heart of any American—the bombing of Berlin by American Flying Fortresses—in the Strand Theatre’s current attraction. “Flying Fortress” stars those ®—— mighty, four-motored battleships of the air which are so successfully carrying the war to the skies over Germany. The picture was produced at Warner Bros. Teddington Studios in England. Two young American fliers go with the Atlantic Ferry Command to England, and while there enlist as combat flyers on a plane whose objective is an important plant in Berlin. Through skillful and daring manoeuvering, they succeed in their objective and are on their way back when they encounter German planes. Motor Afire | In the ensuing battle one of the motors of the plane catches fire and begins to blaze dangerously. Through the selfless daring of. one of the American flyers, the fire is extinguished and the plane is able to report back to England with only two wounded and a new hero discovered. The cast is headed by Richard Greene, former Hollywood star, and now in the British armed forces, who was given special permission to make this picture. Carla Lehmann co-stars with Greene, and they are supported by Donald Stewart, Betty Stockfield, Charles Heslop, Sidney Mat 102—15¢ RICHARD GREENE Young English star who gave up his Hollywood career to join the British Army was granted a special leave of absence to star in Warner Bros.’ “Flying Fortress,” now at the Strand. The importance of the picture, as viewed by officials, caused this action. King and Basil Radford. “Flying Fortress,” directed by Walter Forde, is from the screen play by Brock Williams, Gordon Wellesley, and Edward Dryhurst. ‘Flying Fortress’ Opens at Strand “Flying Fortress,” Warner Bros.’ flying drama filmed at Europe’s flying fronts, opens today at the Strand Theatre. Making his return to the screen is Richard Greene, young English actor who gave up his Hollywood career to join the British Army. The importance of “Flying Fortress,” as viewed by English officials, brought the star a special leave of absence to appear in the picture. Carla Lehmann plays opposite him,