Flying Fortress (Warner Bros.) (1942)

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“FLYING FORTRESS” PUBLICITY—REVIEW, FEATURE STORIES 15 Objective: Berlin! sereterstenteenetnterectee = Mat 202—30c Richard Greene and Donald Stewart line up with other members of the B-17 crew to receive orders for a raid on Berlin. Scene from Warner Bros.’ action drama, “Flying Fortress,” which starts its engagement Friday at the Strand Theatre. Richard Greene Back In ‘Flying Fortress’ Richard Greene, who left several million feminine hearts aflutter when he left the American screen for England, returns to his first love in the Warner Bros. English-made picture “Flying Fortress’ which tells in graphic and exciting fashion of the bomber ferrying service between America and England and a successful bombing of a Berlin target by a mighty four-motored bomber. G kes hi BO ass Go a reene makes his comeback to mann. Betty Stockfield, Donald American audiences and American hearts as the thoroughly spoiled and ill-tempered American of wealth and position who finally sees the necessity of service in the United Nations’ war against the Axis and who, in the final reels, gives tremendous proof of his worthiness as a flyer and soldier. Crew Close-up “Flying Fortress,’”’ which glorifies one of this country’s most impressive contributions to the cause of the United Nations, is more than the story of the redemption of one spoiled young man, however. It is a close, personal and exciting insight into the makeup of a bombing crew on its first successful effort to bomb an objective in Berlin itself. Of necessity Mr. Greene’s handsome face is often hid behind an oxygen mask as are those of his daredevil companions. Appearing opposite Greene is blond and beautiful Carla Leh Stewart, Charles Heslop, Sidney King and Basil Radford top the supporting cast. Walter Forde directed the production from the screen play by Brock Williams, Gordon Wellesley and-Edward Dryhurst. Actress in U. S. Debut Beautiful, blonde Carla Lehmann, who plays the girl reporter in “Flying Fortress’ is a Canadian by birth. She was born in Winnipeg, and while still a schoolgirl became interested in dramatics. She was discovered by the eminent Jewish Art Theatre director, Jacob Ben Ami, who felt that she had genuine talent. Seven years ago, she came to London and entered a school of dramatic art. After a series of parts in stock, she made her debut on the London stage in a play by J. B. Priestly, following with parts in West End comedies. Now at Strand Theatre Mat 204—30c Donald Stewart, Bruce Gordon and Richard Greene, in a scene from “Flying Fortress,” the Warner Bros. story of the mighty B-17’s and the heroic men who fly them. cf VCE eo e Nothing Like Preparedness Betty Stockfield, British actress, was working in a scene for “Flying Fortress” at Warner Bros.’ Teddington Studios near London. She plays the part of a girl air raid warden. A siren blasted the air, and all players except Betty walked calmly toward air raid shelters. Betty leaped into her waiting car and roared off to work. She’s a real air raid warden— and, in costume for the picture, was appropriately dressed for the occasion. “Flying Fortress”, which stars Richard Greene and Carla Lehmann, comes to the Strand Theatre’ on Friday. Vee eee Nazi Bombs Didn't Stop Strand Film “Flying Fortress,’ the English-produced Warner Bros. picture now at the Strand Theatre, presented almost insurmountable difficulties in its making. It was not made in Hollywood where make-believe is the order of the day, but in England, under the grilling bomb-fire to which that unconquerable country has been submitted. The British military authorities were so deeply impressed with the value to the general public of witnessing the deadly action of the Flying Fortress— without revealing information which might be of aid to the enemy—that both the Royal Air Ferce and the Atlantic Ferry Command co-operated in making the spectacular picture. The British Army also granted leave from the tank corps to Richard Greene, that he might play the role of the American playboy who becomes a member of the Atlantic Ferry Command and later a Royal Canadian Air Force pilot. More Obstacles These obstacles out of the way—others as formidable presented themselves. Among these were the notorious London fogs, which are absolutely unpredictable, and which cover the city with a pall as black as midnight. Then, too, there were the actual blackouts. Air raid warnings were liable to send the populace scuttling to shelters. Bombs carrying devastation with them sent buildings toppling and filled the streets with debris. The smoke-filled air was filled with a deafening clamor. Nurses, fireworkers, ambulanece drivers, went about their business of mercy. And in the midst of destruction cameras must click. Actors must do their work to let the world know. Flying Fortresses thousands of feet above enemy-infested ocean and finally over Berlin itself—had to be operated by intrepid crews. That the makers of the picture have been successful in presenting the story of one of our deadliest weapons against the Hun will be realized by all who see “Flying Fortress.” Richard Greene In Strand Film Richard Greene, who left the Hollywood scene at the height of his career to join the British armed forces, returns to the screen in “Flying Fortress,” a thrilling war drama coming to the Strand Theatre on Friday. (Prepared Review) Flying Fortress’ Inspiring Drama “FLYING FORTRESS” at the Strand Theatre. Warner Bros. picture, produced at Teddington Studios. Directed by Walter Forde from Screen Play by Brock Williams, Gordon Wellesley and Edward Dryhurst. THE CAST RICHARD GREENE Sydney Kelly......... CARLA LEHMANN Lady Deborah. ............Betty Stockfield Sky Kelly 2.0.00... Donald Stewart Berrington? an Charles Heslop Wing Commander Ottershaw Sidney King Basil Radford ..John Stuart Jim Spence ..... Coroner ercy Parsons Control Tower Operator Gerry Wilmot Sheepshead oe Joss Ambler Edward Rigby SMO ree Ian Fleming Meteorologist... ecccsecccenseesenes John Boxer CONNOR ae ee Se Robert Beatty Gaylord Parker, Taxi Driver Billy Hartnell .....William Holland Hubert Gregg Peter Croft Dan Billings Group Captain Fire Controller Radio Operator Rear Gunner ...... .Jack Watling Beam Gunner .... ael Whittaker Rescue Foreman. .................John Slator Waiters ca a: Kenneth Henry America’s mighty Flying Fortresses, which are blazing their name into indelible history on the war fronts of the world, roared on to the Strand Theatre screen yesterday. Starring Richard Greene, whom the British Army furloughed to make the picture, Carla Lehmann and, of course, the famed B-17’s “Flying Fortress” is an inspiring drama of the skyways. eroauces by Warner Bros, at, oo its Teddington, England, studios, “Flying Fortress’? embraces the regeneration of an American playboy, Jim Spence (Richard Greene’s role), who joins the American division of the R.A.F. and who distinguishes himself in a climactic R.A.F. blitz on Berlin. Dexterly interwoven is the love story of Jim and Sydney Kelly (played by Carla Lehmann). Planes Starred The real stars of the picture are the Flying Fortresses, seen in action, incidentally, for the first time by motion picture audiences. There is the exciting take-off from a secret Canadian base on a ferry trip across the Atlantic; the turmoil of briefing and preparing for the blitz on Berlin; the suspense of the flight to the objective; and then the drama of the raid itself. The actual bombing makes for first-rate spectacle and for extra measure there is Jim’s repairing in mid-air of a Fortress motor put out by Nazi flak. In his temporary return to the screen, Richard Greene imparts life and reality to the difficult transformation of a shiftless playboy to a courageous American Eagle, determined to out-fly, out-battle the Axis in this all-out war. Carla Leh Mat 101—15c CARLA LEHMANN mann, beautiful and distinguishes herself American film debut. The talented supporting cast includes Betty Stockfield, Donald Stewart, Charles Heslop, Sidney King and Basil Radford. Walter Forde directed the production. capable, in her Richard Greene's Back! Mat 201—30c Richard Greene and Carla Lehmann play the romantic leads in Warner Bros.’ realistic story of the battle skies, “Flying Fortress,” now at the Strand Theatre.