Freshman Love (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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EAFLEOLIATI ON PLAYING UP THE FRESHMAN ANGLE The collegiate angle is worth playing up in most situations . . . especially if there are a number of schools and colleges in town. Following stunts on this angle can be tried which are inexpensive, yet tell the folks that you’re playing a college film: FRESHY BALLY Dress up a lad (your usher will do) in real Joe College uniform, as illustrated. Might even make it appear as if he were being initiated into a fraternity, adding tricky cap, socks, and anything else that will make him look ludicrous. He can strut around main streets with a sign on him, or else hand out heralds when he gets a looking over. LOBBY IN FRESHMAN CLOTHES Your lobby can look like a Frosh’s room at school, with banners, tricky ‘No Parking’ and ‘Men at Work’ signs scattered all over the place. Ushers and doormen might wear Clothes in spirit of the thing. TELLING ’EM VIA SPEECHES Most fraternities make their pledges go through a speech on trolleys or in the street. Lads usually have to spiel on some senseless topic. Why not get one to spiel on some thing to do with college and then go into a plug for the film? CHEERING BEFORE TRAILER Before trailer flashes on, ushers in college clothing step on stage and go through some crazy antics, ending with a cheer for ‘Freshman Love’ . . . whereupon trailer pops on before audience knows if they’re real studes or not. At Freshman Hop If Frosh class of local college is planning a Freshman Hop... tie into it with stills from film, announcements about film and special coop throwaways. You might even be able to go places financially with a Freshman Hop held in theatre lobby after last show some night. Co-op Ad For Any Sale YOU'LL CHEER, TOO! . . . And For Two Good Reasons FIRST — You'll cheer when you see Frank McHugh, Patricia Ellis and Warren Hull in ‘Freshman Love,”’ now playing at the Strand Theatre. THEN —You’ll cheer when you see the tremendous savings we are offering in better-grade furniture. With prices reduced 30 to 50%, you'll find many pieces that will beautify your home without straining your budget. HALLOWAY'S Although this co-op ad was written for a furniture sale, the same idea can be used for specials of all kinds. If any store managers are holding sales during run of film, why not try to persuade one to run ad like this? If you’re successful, you'll need still No. FL 236 — 10c. Order from Campaign Plan Editor, 321 West 44th Street, New York City. Page Two Country of origin U. S. A. Copyright 1935 Vitagraph, Inc. 6 Ways. To Tell Studes Students will probably form a large percentage of your audience, so you should make every effort to reach them. Below are a few ways: 1. Hand out herald outside schools. Tack up notices on school bulletin boards. Pass out blotters, bookmarks, etc. Invite campus big-shots to opening. Take a little advertising in school papers, possibly in return for publicity breaks. See that heralds are distributed at all athletic events. Heralds At Gatherings You'll want to pass out heralds wherever the young ‘uns hang out. Games, dances, ice rinks are all likely spots to find those who'll be most interested in seeing your show. oy Nae ee School Theatre Parties By working through school clubs, you may get a coupla parties organized . . . and when a crowd of studes go to theatre at the same time, they'll let the whole town know! Bands Play School Songs Your band leader pals in niteries or on air cooperate by dedicating a medley of college tunes to your show. Of course, if they insist, you can let 'em tell listeners some gags from the film— giving credit where it’s due. Invite Varsity Players For opening night stunt, why not invite all varsity letter men down? Have ’em meet on campus with their sweaters on and then let them march to theatre, possibly with school band leading procession. Hold Rally In Theatre If there’s a big game on during run of picture, see if campus moguls won’t hold a pre-game rally in your theatre. Speeches, songs and cheers might break the school papers, if not the local sheet. College glee clubs have appeared successfully in many New York theatres, so if any schools or collegesin pears town boast of one, try getting it to do a few numbers on stage during run of film. In addition to providing good entertainment, it'll do a lot toward getting schools interested in show. Need we say that same stunt can be worked with school bands? Crew Meeting At Show It’s a little bit early in the year, but you may still be able ot arrange a theatre party for college crew, possibly a rally. Introduce ‘em to audience, let the coach say a few words, and for all we know you’ll get breaks in local papers. Lobby And Front Ballys For a bit of that ‘“‘Rah, Rah!’’ atmosphere ’round theatre, don’t forget banners, stills of famous athletes and college songs. Combination ought to get over to patrons the idea that maybe you're playing a college picture. Title Page Plugs Show Printed black on white with attractive orange border, this title page plugs picture and players in a big way. With your drag in music shops, you won’t have any trouble planting ’em, will you? They’re free in limited quantities, so better order yours right away. Order from: SAM SERWER R. C. A. Building, 1250 Sixth Ave., N. Y. C. All rights reserved. Copyright is waived to magazines and newspapers.