Freshman Love (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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SHAKE A FOOT TO THE TUNES!...SHAKE ALL OVER WITH LAUGHTER!...SHAKE A LEG TO SEE~ 56 Lines Mat No. 207—20c Warner Bros.’ Ly Hit with FRANK McHUGH « the cock-eyed coach of a goofy crew PATRICIA ELLIS giving you a college education in red-hot thythmic syncopation WARREN HULL “That's What | Meine” “Romance After Dark” 29 Lines -Mat No. 107—10c A RIOTOUS REGAT TA OF ROWING, RHYTHM AND ROARS! FRANK McHUGH PATRICIA ELLIS WARREN HULL JOE CAWTHORN 41 Lines Mat No. 108—10c Warner Bros, hit with FRANK McHUGH PATRICIA ELLIS WARREN HULL JOE CAWTHORN 14 Lines Mat No. 106—10c Re FOR THIS RIOTOUS REGATTA OF ROWING, RHYTHM AND ROARS! Cheer the first college crew race ever rowed to the rhythm of the rhumba! Snuggle up with a sorority sweetie to the hot-steppin’ shuffle of the “Collegiana”’...the new dance sensation! Warner Bros. Hit with PATRIGIA ELLISS giving you a college education in red-hot : rhythmic syncopation & THEATRE 262 Lines Mat No, 209—20c GET A COLLEGE EDUCATION IN RED-HOT RHYTHMIC SYNCOPATION! 56 Lines Mat No. 205—20Cc Page Five