Freshman Love (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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Cc i T Y Old Stock Work Toughest In World, Says McHugh Lead In ‘‘Freshman Love’? Is Now Glad To Be In The Movies Those who weep for the passing of stock companies as a training ground for inexperienced beginners can save their tears ! Stock companies, in their prime, were as hard for beginners to break into, as a motion picture casting office nowadays, according to Frank McHugh, playing the lead in the Warner Bros. picture, ‘‘ Freshman Love,’’ which comes to the ............ Theatre on ‘¢They were no places for mediocre newcomers to pick up knowledge of stagecraft,’’ the comedian stated. ‘‘The work had rigid requirements and all leading players had to have years of experience. ‘*A tremendous retentive memory was needed because a different play was performed every week. Physically, thé work was a tough grind which ealled for a certain amount of endurance. ‘«The east of a stock company was tailor-made and the plays were written to conform to it. ‘“First there was a leading man and leading woman. In addition to having all the normal requirements of good troupers, they had to be popular with the cash customers, like the motion picture stars which have replaced them. ‘“Then there was the second man and second woman or juvenile and ingenue. The ‘heavy’ man and ‘heavy’ woman were next in line. The comedian and character man and woman rounded out the stock FOMDANY . ‘“Beginners were used only as extras, bits and atmosphere. ‘“Their chances of reaching stardom in stock, was of course, much greater than the chance for an extra to reach stardom in motion pictures but it still meant many years’ work.’’ The experience that most newcomers obtained in stock, according to McHugh, was in parroting speeches of the ‘‘My Lord, the carriage awaits without,’’ type. ‘*Freshman Love’? is a rousing comedy of college love and life with a musical background based on the story idea by George Ade. There is a talented cast which in cludes McHugh, Patricia Ellis, Warren Hull, Joe Cawthorn, yeorge E. Stone, Mary Treen, Henry O’Neill and Walter Johrson. William McGann directed. Sings In Film Warren Hull, noted radio singing star, sings for the first time in motion pictures in Warner Bros.’ ‘““Freshman Love’’ which opens atthe Seca Theatre on ........... Mat No. 103—10c Page Sia They're Campus Cut-Ups Film Oarsman Once Noted Athlete Although Warren Hull never rowed in his university crew as he does in the Warner Bros. picture, ‘‘Freshman Love,’’ now showing at the Theatre, he was rated as an all-around athlete. Attending both New York University and the University of Rochester, he won his letter in track, baseball, and basketball. When on the basketball five, he set a record for consecutive foul shots that hag never been broken. Warren Hull (left) Patricia Ellis and Frank McHugh (right) sing, dance and snicker their way into all hearts as they cavort to the merry whirl of fast rowing crews and faster stepping co-eds in ‘‘ Freshman Love,’’ the Warner Bros. comedy with music coming to the Theatre on .... Mat No. 201—20c Crews Have To Row 100 Miles To Make Film Race A statistically minded oarsman from the University of California at Los Angeles crew estimated that fifteen collegians with Warren Hu!l rowed two shells to Catalina Island and back for race scenes in the Warner Bros. picture ‘‘ Freshcomes to the man Love’? which Theatre on This is approximately 100 miles. Not that they actually made the trip. The distance was all covered in the secluded waters of the Long Beach Marine Stadium. Two crews, one for ‘‘ Billings’’ and the other for ‘‘Chase’’ with Hull straining at his oar as stroke for the former ‘‘school’’ -rowed up and down the channel many times before Director Williams McGann was satisfied that he had packed every thrill possible into the race. ‘“This business of being an actor,’’ one of the collegians said, turning to him, ‘‘is tiring. When we row a race, it’s all done at the finish line. have to do it all over For movies, you time and again.’’ ‘(Freshman Love’’ is a rollicking story of campus life and love with a talented cast which includes Hull, Frank McHugh, Patricia E1lis, Joe Cawthorn, George E. Stone, Mary Treen and Henry O’Neill. The screen play is by Earl Felton and George Bricker, based on a story idea by George Ade. Music is by M. K. Jerome with lyrics by Jack Scholl and Joan Jasmyn. x) Four New Songs Are Written For ‘Freshman Love’ Martial athletic airs, nostalgic love songs and peppy dance tunes are as much a part of college life as examinations and text books. Therefore the popular song hits in the Warner Bros. college mu sical ‘‘Freshman Love,’’ which COMeS: 10 Whe: <i oa. sna Theatre OU ts Cee ee , blend perfectly with the fast moving comedy plot. ‘“Collegiana,’’ written by M. K. Jerome with lyrics by Jack Schoil is sung by Patricia Ellis and is the basis for a fast-stepping ballroom dance created by Bob Vreeland. ‘“That’s What I Mean,’’ written by the same pair, is sung by Warren Hull as is the title song, ‘“Freshman Love.’’ Hull and Miss Ellis sing ‘‘ Romance After Dark,’’ composed hy Jerome and Joan Jasmyn. without words was composed by Jerome An instrumental number for the crew race which is the With two rival college bands trying to drown the rhythm between a new rhumba number and climax of the picture. each other out, the old air of ‘‘ Dixie,’’ is cleverly maintained by the composer. The cast of the picture, directed, by William McGann, includes Miss Ellis, Hull, Frank McHugh, George E. Stone, Mary Treen, Joe Cawthorn and Henry O’Neill. The sereen play is by Earl Felton and George Bricker based on a story idea by George Ade. Pat Ellis Does Her Vamping In Gray Somehow a blonde in gray always manages to attract attention. Perhaps that’s why pretty Patricia Ellis, playing a college vamp in the Warner Bros. picture, ‘<Freshman Love,’’ now showing at the Theatre, chose gray for one of her swankiest evening gowns. Designed by Orry-Kelly, it is of soft gray chiffon, backless, and with self-flowers at the neck. A high point in front at the waistline drops off into shirred little puffs at the hips, and skirt fullness introduced at the back in points is carried out into a short train. Over the frock goes a tiny jacket, little more than draped sleeves, and also of the chiffon. New Comedy Love Team In College Film Crawford and Gable make a fair love team and Powell and Keeler are quite all right. But a new romantic combination makes its debut in the Warner Bros. collegiate musical, ‘‘Freshman Love,’’ which eomes to the Theatre on them all beat! The long and short of the matter — Mary Treen and George H. Stone, Mary being the long while George is the short. Mary, a pert red headed comedienne, is five feet eight inches. George, who plays a balmy coxswain with rhythm in his. soul, hits the five foot marker when he stands on his tip toes. Freshman Love Patricia Ellis and Warren Hull get a college education not found in books during the action of “Freshman Love,’’ the Warner Bros. comedy with music now showing at the Theatre. Mat No. 101—10c Frank McHugh Prefers Heavy Literature Frank McHugh reads law books in preferance to the lhghter forms of literature. He is becoming an adept in legal terms. Frank is now playing the leading role, that of coach for a college crew, in the Warner Bros. picture, ‘‘Freshman Love,’’ now showmgy at the 224°" Theatre. Patricia Ellis and Warren Hull also are featured. Patricia Ellis and Warren Hull dance the ‘‘Collegiana’’ with scores of cuddlesome campus cuties in Warner Bros.’ film story of the screen’s first musical boat race, ‘‘Freshman Love’? which opens at the ........ccccccseeeee DEREGURE = ONG ce os cd ssc . Frank McHugh as the role of the crew coach. Mat No. 202—20c