Freshman Love (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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ACCESSORIES INSERT CARD “VITAPHONE VARKIETE”’ (Big Time Vaudeville). Starring Alf Loyal’s Dogs, 7 Symphonettes, Hal Sherman and Co. and Louis Prima’s Orchestra. (11 minutes—No. 1603) WINDOW CARD “BILLBOARD FROLICS” (Merrie Melody Series). The billboard illustrations come to life for some singing and dancing in this allcolor cartoon. (7 minutes-—No. 9813) “THE FIRE ALARM” (Looney Tune Series). Cartoon characters join the fire brigade in this laff-packed short. (7 minutes—No. 1701) 1-SHEET MIDGET WINDOW CARD YOU CA N 525 West 43rd Street FRANK MCHUGH PATRICIA ELLIS JOSEPH CAWTHORN 40 x 60 DISPLAY POSTER A brilliant advertising piece made by special oil paint process. 24 x 60 OIL PAINT BANNER Brilliantly colored, this banner is illustrated in the frame which is loaned free with this service. < 6-SHEET SIX SWELL REASONS FOR USING VITAPHONE SHORTS Ba foi: Beer 1OctoAd =. 20 and over EL BRENDEL in “‘OKAY JOSE” (Broadway Brevity Series). Imagine the laffs you'd get seeing Brendel as a Mexican soldier and you'll have a vague idea of how funny the film is. (21 minutes—No. 1002) ‘*JACK DENNY and ORCHESTRA’’ (Melody Master Series). A real melody master puts across a few current hits. (10 minutes—No. 1504) “ODD OCCUPATIONS’’ (Our United States Series). E. M. Newman takes us on another of his interesting trips through America. (10 minutes—No. 1905) IM to 4M 5M and over 11x14 Photos 22x28 Photos Slides Stills New York City AMERICAN DISPLAY CO., Inc. 525 West 43rd Street | New York City, N. Y. Gentlemen: | Please send me complete information regarding your RENTAL PLAN and how I can secure DISPLAY FRAMES for use in | my theatre FREE as advertised in the CAMPAIGN PLAN on “FRESHMAN LOVE.” This request does not obligate me in | any way. Name Theatre Address City Number of seats.............. Number of Weekly Changes.............. Any.other: inforsmationis «2552.5 056 cc scccencsnepscoacec sei ans Dates swas wr rnesoers | 100 and over ow. 3-SHEET PRtC ES 1-SHEETS each each each 3-SHEETS each each each each each each each each ‘each each each each LOBBY DISPLAYS (8 in set—colored) (2 in set—colored) Midget Window Cards .............. (These prices apply to SLIDE RENT THESE SPECIAL ACCESSORIES Under this new arrangement, you can now fill your complete requirements in lobby and front display. You rent the beautiful displays — and the frames are loaned free. Displays are shipped to you early enough to make advance selling possible. For complete information, mail the coupon below. AMERICAN DISPLAY CO., INC. ERERK McHUGH WARDEN RULL 40x60 SHADOW BOX Brilliantly illuminated, this attractive piece tells and sells your story. PRINTED IN U.S.A.