Front Page Woman (Warner Bros.) (1935)

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Why don’t you marry me? ... Id make a swell husband even if I am a reporter. Men are to me what goiters are to science ...a pain in the neck! Are you taking advantage of the new PERSONAL’ INTERVIEW SERVICE on Warner Bros. Stars and Players? Through a new Warner Bros.’ service it is now possible for you to establish an exclusive personal contact between your paper and every one of the Warner Bros.' stars and featured players. Here's how it works: q Your paper's movie editor prepares a list of questions for an interview just as he would if the star were in town. The questionaire should then be mailed directly to: EDWARD SELZER, Publicity Director, Warner Bros.’ Studios, Burbank, California Editor should mention date he plans to break interview and the star will supply information in time to meet the deadline.” In order to realize the full benefits from this stunt it is suggested that you plan the story to break for the opening of the star's picture or during its run. * This contingent upon star's presence at the studio. If away on location or "between pictures", editors will be notified to that effect at once and advised date of return. Bette Davis Bette Davis was born in Boston, Mass., and attended Cushing Academy. Her dramatic career began at school and was continued several years later in New York City where she first attended the Ellen Garfield (Bette Davis) is Mervin Stone (Huntley Gorden) John Murray Anderson School of SP POUT MNP TOUT gee ccs ak Recess «socks so. beers pret ton vai ns TR Bette Davis a reporter for the “Star” and Curt a prominent playboy and showthe Drama and later played with Casi Deed G Recut Devlin (George Brent) is the star producer is slain. With him, the Provincetown players. SOCEM ree ret sos cea AGN Soa eigis soedaveunas SSave Ta ae P tape a eorge Bren wepogeer for the “Express.” They Wie Siveds= Wee wee = S Her earliest pictures were a a oR ee Sete ene es ae re te Np ae ee Roscoe Karns are in love with each other but girl. Devlin scores first by scoopkeen disappointment to her bethis love is an ae on ae part ing Ellen on Stone’s disappearcause her youthful face and figure Gist Be Bee ger renee one a nes Merete Rn Winifred Shaw by a conviction that she must ance. Ellen evens the score by confined her to child roles. She . make wed ae. 1 “newspaperman” iodaittie ieAeda roan’ bind ident eras: uuu fo rateri te the. hie ps ae a, Stee en eee serene enim wats ences re es Walter Walker and thus piers oe Be tl ana gsas fying him. Devlin goes after the in New York, when an unexpected Mover? 2288 ibe, Diets Ros Sa eee J. Carroll Naish ot rapier siege girl angle, and by shrewd deteccall from George Arliss asking : papermen. iiee mock identifies them as her to play a leading role in “The Nrattidnd Coulter: icc ks. dR. Gordon Westcott . . : 3 Devlin is on his way to cover Inez (Winifred Shaw) and MaitMan Who Played God” held her M D h D the execution of a woman. Just a G a4 Bord oT caicct? in Hollywood. Noe cing cw ab eek cass 0p Ree oe ERLE STOR S EATS SOS On ocd tas ICS eENe taps coeemw ONS orot Vy are before the execution, he is disee eee Yes Her most recent pictures inES US i aa aie ee I June Martel mayed to find that Ellen is coverThe exclusive angles by both elude“The Gietl. From 160 Ave. : ing phe BR ros ston, ao her paper. Ellen and Devlin alternate till nue,” “Bordertown,” and “Of ENE S56, 5s, ech eit) eaed ais Gagne oS ue vee ens Joseph Crehan S he feared, arter the grim ordea Coulter is tried for the murder. H Bondage.” is over, Ellen collapses and can't Devlin: slipeteite-o: closet of the oe eee WRMEONAR: occ. Aori ot ee. Boas a J. Farrell MacDonald e her story. Vevun tries to projury room and scoops the town : District At : : tect her by wiring his own story he See Wa Tie concictink George Brent SStTICT A Orn ego. gitar Rl. 5 ae Addison Richards to Ellen’s paper, together with a Then he “frames” Ellen by changHorthett:,. 2nccaccicee: APE AAO Sige Joseph King private note to a friend on the ing the ballots to “Not Guilty” : “Star” asking that it be rewritten. and the girl reporter, publishing ees ere ee DOE BIILONG Toy os pas Deis vkc faa akapsa ne Selmar Jackson : ; : ; , ; a e Warner Bros. studio, was is : : This note is delayed and the this error, is again the laughing born in Dublin, Ireland, and eduFuji ete sla eiNOE Jae Ae RNC 3s Meee TSR EE: URN EAN cn Teele dbase eras iaue dase i Mike Morita stories, precisely the same, appear in opposition papers. A quarrel ensues between Ellen and Devlin; also both he and she are “in the dog-house” with their respective editors. Ellen, piqued by Devlin’s scorn of her work, resolves to prove she’s a real reporter. She admits that she loves him, but she declares she'll never marry him till she’s made him admit that she’s a capable news-hound. She gets stock of the papers and is fired from her job. Devlin, in contempt of court, but lauded by his editor, is jailed —but with his editor’s promise of immediate freedom and a raise. Ellen makes the final score when she gets a confession out of Inez that she killed Stone and that Coulter is really innocent. The happy ending is pre-flashed as Ellen allows Devlin, still in cated in the University there. His first stage experience was with stock companies of which he has, at one time or another, owned six. His first screen role was with Ruth Chatterton in “The Rich Are Always With Us.” Other pictures in which he has had prominent’ roles include “Stranded,” “The Goose and the Gander,” and “Living on Velvet.” her chance to match wits against jail to fasten a slave bracelet es DURE CLOT Ae Se Michael Curtiz him in a murder which baffles the around her ankle—symbol of their fe : police. engagement. Winifred Shaw Rog? SRE! Be.) Settee rer. | er epee rere tree terrier pe eae Laird Doyle Winifred Shaw is dark eyed, dark haired, tall and statuesque. Based on Story “Women Are Bum Newspaper Men” by Richard Macauley Her real name is Winifred Lei Adaptation bp wae Roy Chanslor and Lillie Hayward Momi, which i counted for b : 2 hee English e Teich. peas re aw AT a ener ree errr er ears eet fe Frank MacDonald nontage: Pio geae ng 09 Rae ee aie 8 ok se BE Tony Gaudio She started her stage career at : : six with her parents in vaudeville. Film Editor Br taeda atta Stata ole Bolen SRDS Sd TRUS Fe Aas ORAS a Ra Ae nee as Terry Morse Later she made a distinctive hit Ask Diréed John. Hugh “FRONT PAGE WOMAN” 100% on Broadway in musical comedy, sé PR EGY bo If 0 3 cet oP ye a apes an na fe RPS Mere Pa Me ee Py aed Sear, TE. onn ugnes with being not only an accomplished Biase DG CUhO? .n 5. dancin ne RR Leo F. Forbstein : actress, but having a rare voice. Bette Davis George Brent 75% Her biggest successes on the Roscoe Karns Winifred Shaw 60% pina Bs wg de in | ee gs Directed by Michael Curtiz 20% Tiewteld Wallies: gee : Length 7608 Feet A Warner Bros. 40% She has appeared in “In Cali; : > ente,” “The Case of the Curious H H H Sea Corporation 57% Bride? ASweet-Adeline” gud Running Time 82 Minutes Picture 25% “Gold Diggers of 1935.” Page Three