Front Page Woman (Warner Bros.) (1935)

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When you top me ona story. ...and that means [ll probably die an old maid! HEADEINE NEWS HERE COMES BETTE’S BIGGEST HIT! LOVE SLAYER’S EXCLUSIVE STORY ! All About That ain Socialite! B c T T —E The screen’s enchanting manhunter proves that getting away with murder isn’t the half of what a gal has to do to become a you-just git BETTE’S 4th STRAIGHT HIT IN A ROW AND -. THE MOST SENSAHt had my 1 TIONAL OF THEM ALL! Pdgive you li See why the New York critics say—‘‘She ranks herself immediately as one of the ten best actresses!”’ She’s biting in the clinches again— with all the fury of a woman who’s determined to beat men at their own game! “One of the most competent of our younger screen actresses!”’ ATRE 471 Lines Mat No. 301—30c Page Five .