Front Page Woman (Warner Bros.) (1935)

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Yow’re just a dame that missed her calling ... you ought to be writing poems on birthday cards! Who Are These “Front Page Women?” A 3-Day [Identification Contest Idea of contest is for readers to identify famous women from brief description. Set-up below tells all. Be sure to eliminate answers when planting contest. Ist Day Free Tickets To Those Who Name Famous Women Women are becoming just as prominent as men in the news of the day. Every morning finds women in the headlines whose names make news. The contest editor of this paper in conjunction with the Strand Theatre is conducting a three day contest based on Front Page Women. Want to tease your brains? Below you will find descriptions 1 One of the wealthiest girls in the ® world . .. daughter of the five and ten cent store millionaire . recently divorced from a prince » ». soon after married a Danish eount. Do you know this Front Page Woman? (BARBARA HUTTON) This Front Page Woman is ® known as the female Lindbergh, whom she closely resembles .. . the greatest woman flyer of the day . .. her famous solo flights are front page news. Do you know her? (AMELIA EARHART ) 3 In the world of tennis, this Front ® Page Woman is a girl who’s been winning championships for many years . . . her married name is Moody. Who is she? (HELEN WILLS) 4, This woman is Front Page news ®* as a saver of souls ... an evangelist, and the most publicized of the lot . . . made a tour ~| of theatres as star attraction. What’s her name? [i eunus vac nso) of four front page women. Identify them and you may be one of the twehty-five winners, who will receive free passes to see Bette Davis and George Brent in Warner Bros.” “Front Page Woman,” which comes to the.............. Theatre next week. 2nd Day Famous Woman Contest Enters Its Second Day l The most famous Front Page ® Woman in America .. . scarcely a day goes by that her name or picture isn’t in the news ... she has created a brilliant career for herself even though she is the wife of the President. Who? (MRS. FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT ) 2 In the world of letters, this ¢ woman is surely front page news A married her publisher recently ... lived in China for many years ... wrote a book of what she saw ... title is ‘“‘The Good Earth.” Do you know her? (PEARL BUCK) 3 A motion picture star who is a © Front Page Woman and yet tries to avoid being one .. . known for her expressions, namely “I want to be alone”’ and “I tank I go home.”’ Who is she? (GRETA GARBO) 4. The Front Page Woman of poli® ties . . . first woman who was ever made Seeretary of Labor. What’s her name? (FRANCIS PERKINS) It’s not too late to enter the Front Page Woman _ Contest. Above are four more descriptions of front page women. Identify them and you may be one of the 25 lucky winners. Each winner will receive a free ticket to see Bette Davis and George Brent in Warner’ Bros., “Front Page Woman,” which comes to the.......... Theatre next week. Well, do you know them all? Then send your answers to the Front Page Woman Contest Editor of this paper. The twenty-five winners will receive free tickets for “Front Page Woman,” Warner Bros. front page drama. 3rd Day Last Chance To Win In Famous Woman Contest This is your last chance to enter the (name of paper) Front Page Woman Contest. Identify the four women described below and you may be one of the twenty-five lucky winners who will receive free tickets for Warner Bros.’ exciting drama ‘Front Page Woman’ which will-be<atthe =....esei =. Theatre next week. Think you’ve got them all? Why l A Front Page Woman in the * field of music . .. one of the greatest opera singers that ever lived ... born in Germany .. . lost one son in the German army and one in the American army in the late War. Who is she? (MME. SCHUMANN-HEINCK ) 2 Wife of a famous newspaper © publisher in America .. . is Front Page news for her many charitable ventures. Do you know her? (MRS. WILLIAM RANDOLPH HEARST ) A writer of verse .. . an ® originator of barbed wise-cracks, puns and the heroine of a hundred famous anecdotes ... one of the leaders of New York night life . .. formerly dramatie reviewer for the New Yorker... Do you know this Front Page Woman? (DOROTHY PARKER) This star of the film ‘Front ® Page Woman” is a Front Page Woman herself . . . blonde and beautiful, she has been in films for many years, but recently astounded the world by her marvelous enaracterizations in “Of Human Bondage” and ‘Bordertown.’ Do you know her? (BETTE DAVIS) not make sure and double check your answers before sending them to the Front Page Woman Editor of this paper. Winners will be announced just as soon as possible. Watch this paper for complete results. Headlines in Lobby Display A lobby or front display of screaming headlines and flash photos of front pages would make an eye-catching display. Medal to Top Gal Reporter If there’s a gal reporter who’s done something sensational lately, as covering a big trial, uncovering a big story or something “scoopy”’, have her down to opening as guest of honor. GOWN MADE OF NEWSPAPERS -BALLY AND BEACH CONTEST Take a peek at Bette Davis wearing a gown she made of newspapers. Does that give you an idea for a street bally? Just dress a gal like that, stick a sign on her back... and you’ve got the idea. Might also plan a beach fashion contest, gals to make gowns and bathing suits from newspapers. Photos of Famous Femme Reporters as Lobby Display There are many famous women reporters, like Dorothy Kilgallen, Adela Rogers St. John, Dorothy Dix . . . oh, ask your editor and he’ll give you a load of ’em. If we were you we'd ask for the loan of photos of all these gals (he might have ’em around) and display stills in lobby with a few lines describing their exploits. Page Twelve News Photos As Lobby Display Original photos could be borrowed from newspaper office to be used as a lobby display .. . unless ye ed is an old skinflint. Invites to Femme Reporters Any women reporters in town? If the answer is “Yes”, then be sure to have ’em down to the opening. You might get a good yarn out of their reactions. Display of Past and Present Newspapers in Theatre Lobby An interesting front, lobby or window display could be made of editions of the town’s leading newspaper from its beginning up to today. See paper’s circulation manager about the scheme and we bet that he’ll be tickled silly about it. Famous Femme Lobby Photos Newspaper morgue should be good for photos of famous femmes who are front page news. Usable as lobby display under heading Front Pagge Woman ... and as a contest with patrons trying to identify ’em. Kiddies Collect Old Papers Old newspapers are sold to paper companies and bring in a tidy little sum. Suppose you have the kids bring in as many old papers as they can dig up—with ducats to the lads who bring in the most. Proceeds from the sale of the papers go to charity. A PICTURE-OF-THE-MONTH This film has been selected as the PictureOf-The-Month. If you’ve used that angle in your campaign before, you know how successful it can be. If not, why not look over the ideas for local possibilities ? PAST HITS IN LOBBY DISPLAY—Stills from past hits on lobby board, labeling ’em as “The Pictures Of The Months.” RADIO FLASHES—Spot announcements. You might use this one FLASH ‘Front Page Woman’ has just been picked as the Picture of the Month. It’s coming to the Strand Theatre next week, with Bette Davis and George Brent. LOBBY BOARD—A large compo board cutout resembles ‘blue ribbon’ and film’s stills are mounted on it. Use blue ribbon as border with this line, “Scenes from ‘Front Page Woman’— The Picture of the Month.” POSTER SNIPES—Snipe posters and ads with “Picture of the Month” seals. MERCHANT TIE-UPS—If stores want to plug a style they can call it “The (Hat) of the Month.” Near it spot still with copy reading “The Picture Of The Month — ‘Front Page Woman’ starring Bette Davis and George Brent.” TRAILER CLIP—Slide or trailer clip with official seal and copy. MAT STICKER, BURGEE — Illustration is available as mat, sticker or burgee. Sticker is 3” in diameter, priced at $2 per M, and available from Economy Novelty Mi Co., 329 W. 39th Bette Dovis Street, N. Y. C. Bur2\George Brent Z=j_ = gee is 20" x 30" on blue silkolene, priced at $1 each. Available A from Art Flag Co., 449 W. 42nd Street, N. ¥. C. If you need the mat for use in programs and papers, order mat No. 106 — 10c, directly from Campaign Plan Editor. WOMAN” Reporter Observation Test Reporters must develop their powers of observation so that they don’t miss an incident while covering a story. Let the would-be news hounds test their see all powers via theatre contest. Amateurs might enact a short scene on stage with contestants jotting down lists of everything that happened. Another angle is to let ’em file past a lobby display and then try to remember everything they saw. GAL RIDES THE RAILS / | y; It’s got whiskers on it we know .. . the one about a gal riding the street cars reading a newspaper. Folks across the aisle see title and playdates surprinted in red on front page. Gal keeps changing cars so that the mosta of the towna sees the plug. News Office in Lobby You’ve played newspaper pictures before, so you know all about dressing your lobby in the newspaper office atmosphere with desks, typewriters, signs, tickers, etc. Duecats for Old Newspapers Folks save stamps, rocks and things . . . and some even save old newspapers. Offer ducats to the ten bringing in the oldest editions of newspapers ... display ’°em in lobby—and you’ve got something worth looking at. Newspaper might cooperate if contestants are required to bring oldest edition of their paper.