Front Page Woman (Warner Bros.) (1935)

Record Details:

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DAVIS GEORGE BRENT WINIFRED SHA SHAW : REBEL CRIS es INSERT CARD 1-SHEET, WINDOW CARD, MIDGET WINDOW CARD scneens maunen, gm BETTE DAVIS _ ee EORGE BRENT SLIDE ACCESSORIES 24-SHEET Round Out Your Program With Vitaphone Take your choice of these six shorts. They’re the perfect program balancers. “INTO YOUR DANCE”, “Merrie Melody Series”. Color cartoon based on the hit song from the film “Go Into Your Dance”. (7 minutes — No. 9808. ) “BUDD YS. Ae Ost WORLD”, “Looney Tune Series”. Buddy’s adventures in seeking the “Lost World”. (7 minutes—9707. ) “BOOM DAYS” with E. M. NEWMAN, “See America First Series”. Hysteria of boom days graphically portrayed with dialogue by John B. Kennedy. (10 minutes — No. 9512) “RAH, RAH, RADIO” with RALPH KIRBERRY, “Pepper Pot”. “Dream Singer” of radio fame heads a cast of specialty artists. (10 minutes —No. gece: ) ae a “FILM FOLLIES” with RAY PERKINS “Broadway Brevities Series”. Musical radio revue featuring the popular master of ceremonies and his amateurs. (20 minutes —No. 9102) e “HUSBANDS HOLIDAY’? with HOBART CAVANAUGH and The Canova Family, “Big V Comedy”. Feature stars in a_ hilarious comedy. (19 minutes — No. 9219.) 6-SHEET 3-SHEET PRICES 1-SHEETS DROBO Te ment seca en ion .. 15e each TT Retiree ie teria, ane WE .. 13¢ each 100 ~and-~OVverncs.cis eck en eee: 3-SHEETS i380, 24 ree ee w.. 40¢ each 25 and over......... . B6ce each 6-SHEETS DRO ON Sic et hak eck a on mae eit 75e each ROMO, 19. esses . T0c each 2Ocand OVeR. 25.05... es nin OB 8 ROACH 24-SHEETS Up"t0s ore tee ee) ene OOP Oae hs 25 anid < OVERS oi cot scse-cy. ST oie ey Setedolk WINDOW CARDS REE AO ree nS, ae oti isei Ko neti ck Oe eREn SEE Ra? I Sasa gies Eid ae) Da inten pateae ¢ each TOO: and Overs. act gn. each 1 each 25 each 50 eae ¢ each POO Sam Gs OVOns.iscistat Su eae emeael HERALDS RIMES tO RAMs ait Oi ane ee ie a BEL OU per M SPN ME MINCE ON ONS ie c6 os deities aig ee A RL LOBBY DISPLAYS 11:x 14 Photog........... . T5e a set eh in 1 set—colored) 22 ‘x 23: Photos... uu. 80¢ a set (2in Bot=moo lorcet hs Siidesa., 20-4 aer, Arras er REDD ae me tet ot 8: seed eh RRM I et Ret tt Atel ape at 10ce each Midget Window Cards o...ccccccccccccsccessteeesee de each (These prices apply to the U. S. only) PRINTEDINU.S.A.