G-Men (Warner Bros.) (1935)

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-_— sCOND EDITION OF THE WARNER BROS. CAMPAIGN PLAN ON LUNTEASED SALLY FLAN Starring JAMES CAGNEY with ANN DVORAK -— Huge Star Cast! James Cagney Brick Davis . Kay Mc Cord Margaret Lindsay Ann Dvorak Robert Armstrong Jean Morgan . Jeff McCord . Collins . Hugh Farrell Mc Kay Gerard . Barton MacLane Lloyd Nolan William Harrigan Russell Hopton Edward Pawley Noel Madison . Monte Blue Leggett . Durfee . Bill . Eddte Venke Gregory Man Regis Toomey Harold Huber Addison Richards Raymond Hatton | Mat No. 5—20c Brick raised and supported through law school by the unknown emperor of | club dancer. gangland, McKay (William Harrigan) joins the G-Men to avenge the murder by gangsters of his|service, she married Collins. college chum. His wife, Jean, is arrested. Brick remembers her as a former night Unbeknown to Brick, Jean has been in love with him. Discouraged when he joined the Davis, (James Cagney), Unwittingly, Jean discloses that Brick, who has developed @/Collins and his gang have seized pv for his superior, Jeff Mc-| MceKay’s Wisconsin resort. Brick ore (Robert Armstrong), which| and McCord lead a band up North the latter returns, becomes en-} byt Collins escapes. amored of McCord’s sister, Kay Chicago, they meet Collins again (Margaret Lindsay). _ in Jean’s apartment. In the ensuing McCord suspects Brick, because | gun-battle, Brick is wounded and | of his relationship with -McKay,/taken to a hospital. He learns| (CAGNEY FILM ADDS | TO GANGLAND PANIC Returning to when he identifies Leggett, a no 11, 5 G-Men” To | Aid in War eau | On Crime That Uncle Sam always his man when he goes him has long heen acPMowledged by the under | after |of extermination — with results) jn whom it will undoubtedly in|that are familiar to every neWS-| spire terror. paper reader. In the cast of “G Men” is a Around these actual occurences} man who should know just how Rogers wrote a screen| gangland feels about the Federals. play, and the actor who rose to| He is Charles Sherlock, who was screen fame as Hollywood’s most | detective sergeant on the Chicago notorious bad man was selected | police force before gangsters’ bulto portray the G man who hunted| lets sent him to the hospital for down the Mad Dog of Gangland.) seven months and ended his active and led the killer no jail could) career of law enforcement. He told hold into a rendezvous with death.|the story to Director William Keighley and a group including Death Knell of Gangs Ann Dvorak and Margaret Lindsay. ¢ that Collins, still free, has kidnaptorious racketeer and one of Mc-/eq Kay McCord, threatening to Kay’s lieutenants, as a bank rob-| kill her unless he is allowed to flee ber and murderer. MeCord/the country. Jean learns of Kay’s threatens to oust Brick from the| whereabouts and rushes to phone service when the latter meets Mce-| Brick. Apprehended by Collins, Kay on a train. Brick pleads that/she is shot just as she puts her McKay has quit the gang and is| ¢all through. retiring to a Wisconsin resort. His sincere manner convinces McCord. Meanwhile, Hugh Farrell (Lloyd Brick traces the call and rushes to Jean, who, just before she dies, Nolan,) another federal man, has whispers the sdéress of the garage been mardered by Leggett’s gang |where Kay is imprisoned. Brick > | dashe f : sters in an attempt to capture their j dashes to the garage. He wounds ; 2 . ‘;.; | Collins, and McCord, who has just chief. McCord, assigned to the Chi-|,.. 0’ tar ; eago office of the Department, driven up, finishes the job. takes Brick along who captures him bare-handed. And now, the de| his sister in Brick’s embrace. Both partment turns its guns on Brad Col-|seal their new-found friendship lins, the new Public Enemy No. 1.| with a strong handshake. PRODUCTION STAFF William Keighley Seton I. Miller Gregory Rogers Sol Polito Jack Killifer John Hughes World, which for years lived |, O™%#'S —* = aed bation mortal terror A. 4 .| the criminal mobs on the » agini ~ of the “G\ tion of the public will be broken “The ‘G Man’ may go anywhere an —the term used to de | by this picture, which shows crihe pleases, cross any state line and Scribe United States Federal | ™inals as they are — and how|his assignment lasts indefinitely,” bents. helpless they are when the govern: | Sherlock explained. “When he is Fo f |ment really starts after them. given a job to run down a criminal | ra lew years hefore re It is a tremendously thrilling —that’s his job. He isn’t called peal, the crime mobs success: eee on to handle a dozen other assignfully defied the seihiniarmeeniatlk SEE ments at the same time, as is the ithi oe average city detective. Samge the past year ¢ | hunt in history. iivartmcat iF Furie sk rent story has heen writ Enormous have only to call upon the police in the front page head |sets were pre| ! department or the sheriff’s office mes of the nation’s newspa pared on speor State Police anywhere for heip pers, cially con-f or co-operation,” Sherlock con. structed sound f Now, in the Opinion of tinued. stages, the ac| “Chief of all reasons for their many authorities, First Na-| tual settings of mal Pictures has perform success is that the Department of the battles in } Hi Justice knows no politics. When & patriotic ser the underworld *|a ‘G Man’ makes a pinch, it sticks Public Opinion Aroused McCord enters the garage to find drama of | fiercest man Director Screen Play by Story by Photography by Film Editor. Art Director vice by showing ow one branch of the vove were duplicatANN DVORAK [No fixer or writ of habeas corpus ae ment’s law a ae suiactes ed, even an enin ‘G Men’ _ \can ‘spring’ the crook. Besides this | Gowns by _Orry-Kelly etn iP out gangland through tire metropoliat Strand Theatre public opinion is behind him. He Musical Director Leo F. Forbstein Tame’, *epicted in the latest | t@2 Tailroad desgt No. 14—10c |Ware om kidnapers and gangsters pot was repro: and the people know that they duced, and experts guided the film-|must crush crime.” ing of the picture so that its au thenticity might not be doubted by | The heroic part the department ot the public in general and, in parjjustice played in bringing to jus icular, those denizens of darkness 'tice the perpetrators of these crimes is dramatically depicted. Mex” agney starring vehicle “G 7852 Feet 85 Minutes OS ee lee boroughly aroused by the chal of the underw : orld, the Fed utleuths Started out on a war Running Time . .