G-Men (Warner Bros.) (1935)

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EXPLOITATION Have A Fingerprint Week In Town PUBLIC ENEMIES DECORATE LOBBY BOARD AS CONTEST THESE ARE THE PUBLIC ENEMIES CAPTURED BY G-MEN ! WHO ARE THEY? If you can dig up stills of Public Enemies captured by ‘G’ men from newspaper morgue, you're all set for a lobby contest. The thugs we can think of off-hand are Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, Pretty Boy Floyd, Dutch Schultz and Al Capone. Displayed on a lobby board, as pictured, you offer passes to the first 10 identifying the six of ’em. Or you don’t even have to make it a contest . . . it'll look nice as a display piece. 25” Colored Star Circle JAMES CAGNEY Hand-colored and mounted for an easily adaptable lobby or front display. It's varnished and durable—and you'll be able to use it again on Jimmy’s future films. Price $3.75. AT YOUR EXCHANGE Fingerprinting the citizens is the new precautionary method the Government is using to prevent crime ... which might pave the way for a Fingerprint Week, with cooperation of Police Department. Publicity stories and posters invite the town to have themselves fingerprinted at Police Station or in theatre lobby, to aid the city’s war against crime. Police Dep't. provides a fingerprinting outfit for your lobby — with man to operate it and take finger impressions. Celebs being fingerprinted make good photos for the papers—judging by the number that break in the N. Y. papers, having their thumbprints recorded. @ When Irv Blumberg of the Stanton Theatre in Philadelphia played “Bureau of Missing Persons,” he promoted a fingerprinting outfit, and invited mothers to bring their babies to lobby to have the tots’ prints made — in order to aid police in the event of a possible kidnaping. Stunt went over with a splash, attracting hundreds of mothers to theatre and going big in all papers. (See illustration) Another angle that might help the campaign, would be to get the fingerprints of a noted criminal from police, and blow ’em up for use as lobby display. @® NEWSBOYS ‘EXTRY’ PLUG Angle is to get newsboys on opening day to rush along main streets yelling: G-MEN CAPTURE PUBLIC ENEMY NO. Il. WUXTRY! WUXTRY! Heralds, of course. Famous ‘G’ Names For Advance Lobby Contest @ All this needs is an easel with six photos— eyes blocked out, or as in illustration, up per part of faces masked. live photos are of famous people whose names start with ‘‘G.’’ Sixth is Cagney. Hints go under photos. Here are our suggestions — you use only italicized captions. CLARK GABLE — Well-known screen actor GEORGE GERSHWIN — American composer of ‘‘Rhapdsody in Blue’’ GEORGE V — Present king of England ‘RED’ GRANGE — American football star GANDHI—Hindu Mahatma. JAMES CAGNEY — ‘G MAN’ in coming First National. picture. ‘G-Mew’ Date Snipes when Yarns Break on Fed Agents @ This one depends on local luck: If papers have been running stories on ‘G-Men’ or Federal raids, front-page snipes might help. Here’s one: For the inside on America’s fight against crime, see “‘G-MEN”’ with James Cagney, Ann Dvorak, Margaret Lindsay and Robert Armstrong. Now at the Strand Theatre. Don’t miss it! Post ‘G Men’ Headlines @ You can eash in on headlines feat»: past “G men’ triumphs. If they're nts able arrange em around a still of Cre : avail. caption reading: See the sensational aa with in this shot-by-shot dramatization of the — est battle of the mightly men-hunters Py 9-8 partment of Justice. #01 the De Heroic Cop Awards on Stage @ If local paper makes awards to Dolicem and detectives for outstanding ithe ance, they induce local officials to make ore. sentation on theatre stage night you open film Letters to other policemen in town micht r sult in special theatre party. a ‘Wanted’ Placards Make Atmospheric Lobby Flash @ Perhaps yon can obtain from local police or post-office the ‘Wanted’ circulars announecing rewards leading to capture of ete, ete. Placard your lobby with ’em, running some copy on this style: THESE ARE THE MASTER CRIMINALS SOUGHT BY UNCLE SAM’S G-MEN. Date Plug in Newsreels Showing Any Gang Stuff @ If around the time this film is skedded to open, newsreel clips have any gangster stuff, be sure to insert a one frame plug mentioning that G-MEN TELLS THE INSIDE STORY. City Leaders Approval @ You might get them thar civic leaders to recommend picture as one citizens must not miss. If you’ve seen it you know the buildup it carries for Jaw and order. Dedication to G-Men @ By dedicating film to Government agen's you might be able to get endorsement a cooperation of local law enforcing pe Slide or trailer preceding picture should wat care of dedication. Oh, yes, and don't forget the possibility of parades at opening. Strand’s ‘Portable Display @ N.Y. Strand handled police equipment this way and it proved very practical. Display could be moved from front of theatre to lobby easily and without losing any of the flash.