G-Men (Warner Bros.) (1935)

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EXPLOITATION ‘NEWS FLASH TEASER FOR WINDOWS AND TACK CARD USE TAL NEWS FL are several tried and true stunts on the sleuth idea. Use as many as you want ore bs g ‘. pie don’t conflict and we think they ought to work again. 1. Dicks and cops at opening. They’ll want to see how G men work and comments they'll make ought to be helpful for later screening. Lobby display of firearms, tear gas bombs, sub-machine guns, etc. Police expert or caption explain how they work. HT! Ne 3. Detective or police chief gives lecture on crime detection at Sat. matinee. We heard an exhib gave a quiz after lecture to get observation power rating of patrons. 4. Hand out in advance, back number issues of detective mags. with stickers plugging playdate. Write Black Mask, 578 Madison Ave., N. Y. C. 5. Insert stills and copy on picture in bookstore displays featuring detective stories. 6. Tie up with Police Benevolent Assn. in putting show over. Cops and dicks sell tickets and assn. gets percentage. -. Contact magazine distributors and insert heralds on picture in detective and adventure story mags. After one of the most exciting man-hunts in the history of the “C-Men’, Public Eocmy No. 1 wax trapped in the Wisconsin woods, as shown in this exclusive photo takea eight seconds after the captare and cashed to this city by airplane. The whole story of thix valiant attempt to bult the march of crime can be seen in Fiewt National's *G-MEN’, starring Jumes Cagney with Aon Dvorak, Margaret Lindsay and Robert Armstrong, and thrilling thousands at the Strand Theatre all this week. 8. If there’s a G man in town, arrange for interview with feature writer with possibility of story in paper — if he’ll talk. 9. Police motorcycle escort of film delivery to theatre. 10. Interview sleuth on air over lobby P. A. to give true story on solving of some famous crime. Window poster, illustrated in miniature, is available in large display unit size (10” x 13”). Printed on heavy paper stock. Can be planted in store windows and tacked on fences and poles. Sent complete, including theatre name and playdates. Prices: 100—$2.00; 200—$3; 500—$6; 1M—$9.50. Order directly from: ECONOMY NOVELTY CO. 239 W. 39th Street New York City Contest for ‘G-Mew’ Slogan “They always get their man,’’ is the <a Canadian Mountie slogan. Idea is to proy mote contest for a ‘‘G-Men’’ battle-cry. Winning slogan gets the grand prize. If you want } h i st a department tC o} to handle it as a poster contest a dep pr store might work along. Follow Detective-Thriller Broadcasts with Date Boost STILL’ — BUT NOT QUIET! We mean the stills on this show — they’re packed with action! So much @ If you can work it, run an announcement so, that the Strand in New York has plugging picture before and after detecmore photos spotted in the lobby in ad tive or adventure programs. Spiel might be vance of their date than they’ve ever @ Dress your lobby in front page style with “Do you want the lowdown on how Public used before. It’s our tip to you — as it a streamer, the width of your front, Enemy No. 1 was captured? See ‘“'G MEN was to Irv Windisch and Zeb Epstein of shouting: UNCLE SAM ENDS GANGLAND RULE. Use large blow-ups beneath the streamer headlines. with James Cagney, the most famous bad man that house. in Hollywood as a Dept. of Justice agent, at the ; Theatre. ‘G-MEN CONTESTS 25 Famous *“G’ Men in °G’ Words Describe NotIdentification Contest ables in Reader Test One-day contest, below, could be used in newspapers or Each of the twenty-five adjectives listed aptly describe. one ‘our program. Ducats go to first ten sending in correct list of the groups below. Patrons are asked to fill in the proper at ‘ a bs > e ° € F = : 67 7 rT 99 mi | " auswers. Idea is for fans to identify famous personages one between the letter ‘“‘G’’ and the word ‘‘MEN. First to ‘hose last names begin with ‘G.’ Numbers after descriptions ‘enotes letters in their name. |. Famous American screen ‘lover’ (5) 14. Biblical giant (7) ................. = send in the adjectives properly placed receive your ducats. NAME THE WORD! ““ 00 16. guitar 21. goldsecking ARIE) item (GOLIATH) = a Se 17. sient — 23. gossiny 2. American razor manufacturer (8) 15. Inventor of French killing ma3. greedy 8. gellent as a . cae 54. aaliine Ae ooo (GILLETTE) chine (10).............. (GUILLOTINE) S. Sterlows 10, Sambling «AS. grand-slam 20. German 25. geepel . t sg: reatest German poet (CORTHE) 16. Syndicated American or URSTS 1. Washington end Lincoln wore “ ne A 4 4. Liri : Ges 2 ees eee Bhi cats 7 . 2. Bluebeard and Jack the Ripper C Ceulien} MEN iting Russian novelist (5) 17. U. S. War Ambassador to Ger3. Sir Philip Sidney and Chesterfield C (gullible ) MEN ..... (GORKI) GERARD) 4. Simple Simon and Don Quixote G (gossipy) MEN , Composer of ‘Peer Gynt’ (5) many (6) ( 5. Walter Winchell and Alex. W oolleott os (quldaadina) MEN ‘ See (GRIEG) 18. Famous Victorian Premier of Eng. Son Se Ae ii Boy” G (greedy) MEN 6. Italian liberator (9) land (9)... : (GLADSTONE) 8. pee the Magnificent and Pericles = —— 4 : ; : an Ue (GARIBALDI) 19. World-famous Hindu mahatma (6) °. ee ches Booth <td annne 8. fi S. President (5) = QGRANT) (———eesecesreeeees (GHANDI) + Caurel Booth and John Wesley a a ‘ Another U, S. President (8) 20. Former head of U.S. Steel Cor12. —_— = _—— C ergy MEN P (GARFIELD) poration (4) (GARY) 13. Groucho ies seis G (grand-slam ) MEN } : rtson ms oon Revolutionary general 21. Early U. S. millionaire railroad id oe prestige soo Schiff Stamens} MEN 10. 4 ) ; (GREENE) magnate (5) (GOULD) 16. Diamond Jim Brady end Arnold Rothstein . nee) = Nery ae army engineer and canal22. English poet author of “The 17. Tite Guiser and Tex Ritter G ile) MEN r —— (8) (GOETHALS) Elegy” (4) (GRAY) = Aen any and et — Cc (eth) _.... MEN < . Gener nson an uey Lon den or head of American Federa23. Irish dramatist and poet (9) 20. Ed. Wynn and Jack Pearl G (gleeful) = 1 on of Labor (7). (GOMPERS) (GOLDSMITH) 21. Goethe and Schiller ota MEN *: American football star (6) 24. Brothers who wrote German fairy23. — Boe ee Sr ee S Hera ... MEN 13, ! (GRANGE) tales (5) (CRIM) a a Gain aaa Dutch Schults G (grafting) : MEN nrentor of vulcanizing process for 25. U. S. Bureau of Investigation 25. Cog and Magog and Goliath G (giant) MEN rubber (8) (GOODYEAR) sleuths (4)... : (G-MEN) 26. U. S. Bureau ef Investigation Sleuths Cc MEN