G-Men (Warner Bros.) (1935)

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DAILY PUBLICITY See ‘G-MEN,’ FIRST FEDERAL AGENT FILM, COMING TO THE STRAND James Cagney Leading The War On Crime Cagney Finds: Now Nemesis New Way To | Of Gangland Sock Women The way of the United No more pushing grape-| States Government against fruit in their faces or slapthe master criminals of the ping “em down for Jimmy, nation has been made into a Cagney. He’s found a much thrilling drama by First Nabetter way of handling recal. | tional Pictures, and with citrant women. James Cagney, For those males who may | in the stellar ’ | = be interested, the newest Cagney role, will open : : nae ree method of putting women in their theatre on places is done by standing them up against a door, dropping their ies. aie purses on the floor so they will less seecrel serstoop to recover it, then getting on | lee cues aoa | the opposite = of the door and Mat No, 8 -10¢ ixeletse a opening it suddenly. Serer ne The results, according to Cagney, » = ee f ure amazing. : C | If properly executed, the woman im agney In will strike the floor with consider able emphasis, perhaps losing her| 6 § hat, and certainly her decorum. gs en Today Cagney discovered the procedure | rounding up| the arch des-| JAMES CAGNEY peradoes of the | in ‘G Men’ country have} at Strand Theatre been told in| : newspaper! Mat No, 1—10¢ headlines for| ae! oo Sen’ — paige rapes |on the set of the Warner Bros. pic iA and “G Men” is the title o 1e | : i 8. : secreen’s first dramatization of | iture, “G Men.” Margaret Lindsay | t The Strand their battles with public enemies. | re | was his victim. The action, of| = H The picture follows the career . “3 . — course, was a part of the picture, | G Men,” First National's of one of these “G Men” from the| James Cagney and Margaret Lindsay, fresh from their triumphs in | but, Pelee the third take Cagney | sensational Picture written time he joined the federal Service, | “Devil Dogs of the Air” have the greatest roles of their career in | brigore eeply impressed with the ef: about the heroic deed f the through his training period, ficacy of the method. 0 the first film to show the exploits of the Department of Justice’s | secret servic ‘ through machine gun battles with pattle against organized gangs of crooks. See them in “G Men” at| As for Miss Lindsay, she is not men in the gangsters to a thrilling climax in the Theatre on : | quite sure she favors the idea. United States Government which he finally rounds up, and Vat No. 11—20¢ “G Men” is a thrilling tale of Department of Justice, Opens exterminates, a gang of murderous ; aie = the United States government | today at the Theatre. kidnapers. agents who risk their lives in run-| _ The picture is said to be one of pet a seat : The story was written by ning down criminals. There is an |the most thrilling and dramatir Gregary Rogers and is based on Lin a ne ouZg’ er all star cast which includes besides | Pictures ever presented, based m headlines, so familiar that specCagney and Miss Lindsay, Ann | Sensational newspaper headline tators will readily recognize many [4 9 Dvorak, Robert Armstrong, Barton | which have covered the front page t necidents MacLane. Lloyd Nolan, William of all the dailies of the country, igney heretofore Hollywood’s 7 i ‘ : Thi i agney, be toll; d Harrigan and Russe] Hopton. While the picture presents no mee Poa pet now de| William Keighley directed the names of the public enemies nor * ss . os =P ’ tl pon = “ot Ad Wi i f picture from the screen play by |°™phasizes any time or place of adly ap _ 1e = «=. e as as a ari S er hein: Siler beng ou the story’ the actual battles, few will miss he mobs an rought the ig by Gregory Rogers. “ | the actual connection of the oc Shot,” whom no jail could hold,| Ths toae F Mencater to ¢ > would aor each! curences that take place. to an ignominiows death. ie leap from gangster to copper would not appear such | — : a , . , ; ; : The production is enacted by a Opposite him is charming Mar-|a long jump for some players, but the last person one would LEARNS TO SHOOT * ” ‘ : all star cast headed by James Cag garet Lindsay who has the part of | expect*to succumb to the cause of law and order is Jimmy | . 5 S » gsiste , : ; |ney as the leading “G Man,” the rifle ee ie sae te Cagney. ~ SUB GUN IN DAY rea headed star having tured girl whom Cagney loves. Nevertheles, the one and only C agney, tough guy of the] Barton MacLane, who plays “Pub| f?om crook sales te Sees Ann Dvorak portrays a night| movies, has turned Federal sleuth in the First National pro-|lie Enemy No. 1” in the Warner | *8ent. ——— i. cialis ik lub entertainer who is in love| duction “G Men” now showing at Bros. picture, “G Men,” which eaSng ese Tole Oppo with Cagney, but who, when her| the Theatre, in comes to the Theatre| There is an unusual number di affection is not returned, marries| which, as a member of the United MA RTY R! on , became a pro| rected by Bobby Connolly in which a gangster. The role affords her an-| States Department of Justice, he | ficient machine gun marksman in | Scores of beautiful girls ae other opportunity to sing andj|tracks down and eliminates the | a single day. Despite his many with Ann Dvorak leading the dance for which she displayed sur-| very type of character he has sc prising ability recently in Rudy | often portrayed. Vallee’s film “Sweet Music.” Cagney is still the tough guy— She sings a song specially writ-| tougher even than he has ever ten for the production by Fain| been before. and Kahal, the famous-song writ Gregory Rogers, author of “G ing team. It is entitled “You| Men” built his story around the} Bother Me an Awful Lot” and| headlines that have been chasing those who have heard it say it/| one another across the front pages will be one of the season’s hits. | of American newspapers for the William Keighley directed from | last two or three years. He was} the screen play by Seton I. Miller. | inspired by the herioe deeds of the | years as a stage “heavy,” he had chorus, and singing a song ape _) |never seen an actual machine gun| !y written for her by Fain an : | until his assignment to the role of | Kahal. | gangster in-“G Men.” | William Keighley directed. Cagney’s ‘First Big Hil Made With ‘G-Men ’ Director Jimmy Cagney, now appearing in “G Men” at the Theatre, last played on Broadway in “Penny Arcade” with Joan | Blondell. That was more than five | years ago and William Keighley was the director and producer. * G Men—the government men who | ourist Crowd have knocked the very foundations | out from under gangdom—and he} gave the title “G Men” ‘to his| ® Thr il On | scenario. e S | Jimmy Cagney got the role of “Brick Davis,” a tough guy from , New York’s East Side who throws ovie a é overboard a meager but promising | Double of Dillinger) Plays Crook in *G Men | During the days when the police of the entire count! were hunting for John rn linger, a Hollywood actor, 2 ward Pawley by name, we ing a hard time in life. He looked so much " the notorious Public Enemy’ 0}, that he was frequently a by police officials and = | times barely escaped a “J was tempted to turn my | self into a sandwichman = wear a sign stating ] wes Dillinger,” he say* : Now Edward — enae Public Enemy ®% ' siioan’s first —. of this ion’s determine “G Men,” in which James Cag ney will open at the Theatre on | ! law practice to become a G Man and exterminate the gang respon sible for bringing to an untimely During its run on Broadway, Warner Bros. purchased “Penny Arcade,” at the same time signing at the Southern Pacific Rail| conclusion the life of his college Cagney and Miss Blondell to ap=e ‘eht during | che", Eddie Buchanan (Regis pear in the film version of the way depot one might ¢ © | Toomey) who went straight from play, which was released as “Sinthe production of the First Na-| Jaw school into the Secret Service., Anm Dvorak, has one of the lead-| ccr’s Holiday.” Keighley chose to ing roles with James Cagney in remain in New York. Both Cagney “G Men.” It opens at the and Miss Blondell subsequently Sispiecon 2 Theatre on ......................; rose to stardom at the Warner Mat No. 7—10c | Bros. studios. Several months ago the same Eastern tourists arriving at} tional picture ‘‘G Men,’’ now | showing at the Theatre, were treated to an un| programmed thrill when they step Shakespearean Role Hard to Overcome Jimmy Cagney discovered it was a long jump from StratfordOn-Avon to the United States Department of Justice. Cagney after more than three months in a role of ‘‘Bottom’’ in the Shakespearean fantasy, ‘*A Midsummer Night’s Dream,’’ went to work in the First National production ‘‘G Men.’’ Shakespeare’s lines apparently had gotten a firm grip on Cagney and he constantly muffed the rap ped from their trains directly into the roles of spectators to the bigyest motion picture scene ever filmed at the railroad terminal. Throughout the night, as a stu-| dio troupe, comprising 300 persons, | progressed through a sequence of “G Men” hundreds of incoming pas| sengers stopped to experience the | ’ Ann Dvorak A Photo studio engaged Keighley as a diWins Many Fights rector. On the “G Men” set at Warner Bros. Cagney and Keighley were together again for the first time in five years, Cagney as star right glove of Bud Lewis, amateur ri a =e diractar ot boxer of San Francisco. “q a Oe tirri t ¢ Miss Dvorak, whose current pieen” 18 a Stirring story 0 i ture is ‘‘G Men,’’ the First va the battle of Government men Reads of Slaying tional production showing at the| %8@inst the gangsters of the couni ob Theatre, has an ardent try. The all star cast is headed by And Wins J ding © ° > s : ° reac fan in Lewis. He clipped her like.| Cagney and includes Margaret Regis Toomey a sayint © One of Ann Dvorak’s pictures has been knocking a lot of fighters cold recently. It rests in the potent thrill of watching their first movie in the making. a [ | aa. : ass from a newspaper and before Lindsay, Ann Dvorak, Robert Arm| article concerning the ’ The scene depicted an actual | id-fire language of his new role. | "°58 ; paper a efor ce agent © event which ni emblazoned in “T ean’t even read every day | °°" fight slipped it into his right a — Bt or seg . Department = agen ealied "| , : —— J e, > w , + olan us| gs ors, W meee newspaper headlines of the nation | English any more,’’ he said, glove. He won five of his last four , William Harrigan an —— aaa studios nit 8 teen fights by knockouts and eight| %¢!! Hopton. by decisions. The only one he lost The screen play is by Seton I. was when he misplaced the snap Miller, based on the story by shot and didn’t loeate it till after Gregory Rogers. the bout, he says, wisi . not so long ago — the sensational slaying by gangsters in Kansas City, of a federal agent and three other guardians of the law. ‘*G Men’? is a thrilling tale of the United States government agents who risk their lives in running down criminals, offer. Next day he was to play in of the Department showing at the