G-Men (Warner Bros.) (1935)

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ACCESSORIES FOR YOUR B ANN DVORAK MARGARET LINDSAY. ROBERT ARMSTRONG | AST TaN 24 -SHEET DESCRIPTION: TWO COLOR 40° x 60° BLOW-UP RED G BLACK—READY FOR MOUNTING AGNEY Joins Uncle Sam's GMEW and Halts the March of Crime! INSERT CARD f Mann 4 “DVORAK : Dirt led & MARLADIT a aietuns A Fi T LINDGAY Scale go we FT ete 6-SHEET ILLBOARD BUILD. CAG EY Joins Uncle; and Halts the March of . Title, star name and copy are yellow on blue band. Head in full color. Small illustrations are light blue on white background. Remaining credits are medium blue. PRICES 1 to 49. Ree $0 to 99. ..,,...13¢ each 100 and over 3-SHEETS 1 to 24 25 and over 6-SHEETS | ene RR ae ....7§¢ each 10-t6. 19 223... .. see eee 20 and over . 24-SHEETS $2.00 each Atk te Up to 24... 25 and over..... WINDOW CARDS 1 to 49 7c each $0 to 99 6c each 100 and over S'/;3¢ each INSERT CARDS 1 to 24 ; .... 2$¢ each Mt ......5:.. Beech <a 2 OU 100 and over . HERALDS 1M to 4M .. $3.00 per M SM and over... ... 27S per M LOBBY DISPLAYS 40 x 60 Blow-ups .. .. 50c each bl x 14 Photos 73c a set (8 in set—colored) 22 x 28 Photos..... .. 80c a set (2 in set—colored) Slides : _ Sc each Stills. .-. .10¢ each Midget Window Cards .. 4c each Campaign Plans .-. . . Gratis These Prices Apply to the U. S. Only CAGNEY a ee GMEN sod Males the March af Crime SLIDE > rat . ; cle Sams me! Cri 3-SHEET ARO 4 1-SHEET WINDOW C MIDGET WINDOW CARD