G-Men (Warner Bros.) (1935)

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_ elass ... Warner Virginia Theatre Charlestown, S. C. Warner Theatre, Ambridge, Pa. Shubert Theatre, St. Louis, Mo. Danville, Kentucky x= RKO Keith Theatre Syracuse, N. Y. = Maryland Theatre Hagerstown, Md. Most popular of the stunts used before follow. They’re the quick kind for the most part and there should be a Warner Kentucky Theatre Logan Theatre Philadelphia, Pa. Shea’s Theatre Bradford, Pa. Olympic Theatre Altoona, Pa. Hempstead Theatre Hempstead, Long Island Hoosier Theatre Whiting, Indiana Wyoming Theatre Lusk, Wyo. couple here for you. ast Hits In Lobby Display Spot stills from popular PX of the past on lobby poard, labeling them as 4 Big og of the nths.”” Tie-in line tads: And Now — The ¥ e of this Month — n, Song of Month If you know the baton-jugon the radio or in you might ask them ure a “Song of th Month,” dedicating it ar to “G-MEN—The Piclure of the Month.” Sticker s Programs and Papers . 10c, direct Bditer, 32) ¥. A vs As Slogan It’s your slogan: “G-MEN — The Picture of the Month.” Use this phrase in publicity stories, window displays, ads and tieups. Photo of Month Local photog runs “photoof-the-month” contest. Only pictures taken month before film’s opening are eligible. Holder of best photo gets dozen prints and ducats to G-Men, The Picture of the Month. Photog should run ads tieing up with your show. and Burgee (at left) Illustration is available as BURGEE Size 20 x 30 on blue silkolene. Price $1 each. Order direct from: ART FLAG, Inc. 449 West 42nd St. N. YoG3 eS STICKER 3” in diameter. For street sniping, package, program and sta tionery. Price: $2 per M. Order direct from: ai ECONOMY NOVELTY CO. EXPLOITATION i: PICTURE i7T0 TELL °’EM IT’S BIG. _.Exploit It As We gave the boys this angle tor ‘Bordertown’ and ‘Sweet Music’ and did it go over! Here’s a list of just a few of . the spots that keyed their ~eampaign to the PICTURE OF THE MONTH idea as a means for emphasizing their show’s importance and definitely establishing it im the ‘Special’ (Prepared Newspaper Story) ‘G-Men’ Is Picked As “The Picture of the Month’ “*G-Men,”’ the first big picture of America’s greatest battle in the war on crime, starring James Cagney, Ann Dvorak, Margaret Lindsay, Robert-Armstrong and many others, has been ‘chosen as ‘‘The Picture of the Theatre on Month,’’ by the ‘‘Picture of the Month’’ committee. It is produced by Warner Bros. and opens at the : “*This film,’’ said the spokesman for the committee, ‘‘is a brilliant depiction of how Uncle Sam’s crime-hunters, the G-Men of the Departmertt of Justice, operate. 7 = , “*But more than that. In producing this First National-Picture, Warner Bros. have served a patriotic purpose in focusing the attention of this nation on the menace of organized crime in America. “It is a powerful drama, greatly enlivened by the splendid acting of the cast—especially James Cagney, who leads the Federal men in the film.”’ The ‘‘Picture of the Month’’ was formed recently in order to honor particularly meritorious screen entertainments on view currently. Radio Flashes Here’s a sample spot announcement for local stations: “FLASH! G-Men has just been picked as the Picture of the Month. It's due at the Strand Theatre next week, with James Cagney, as star.” Lobby Board Using blue ribbon gag given to prize-winners, make a large compo board cut-out resembling “blue ribbon” awards and paste film’s stills on it. Use blue ribbon as bowler with this line: Scenes from ‘G-Men’ — The Picture of the Month. Trailer Clip Just another little item. Make up slide or one frame trailer showing official seal with: “G-Men” — Selected as THE PICTURE OF THE MONTH. LOBBY 40 x 60 AVAILABLE Our ad on this show appearing in the fan magasines uses the Picture of the Month tag. It’s available in 40 x 60 size in 2 colors, for 50c at your exchange. (See illustratien on page 19) Your Okay Write a personal endorsement of picture on theatre stationery, blurbing it as *“*The Picture of the Month” and ship it out via mails to your patrons. If the slant hasn’t been used for your ad campaign too recently, this ought to be a chance for an underliner over your signature in your first ads. Telly Blanks Telegraph offices might give you jumbo blanks for windows and small ones for giveaways. Your copy: Mr. Blank, Manager, Strand Theatre. ‘G-MEN’ just picked as The Picture of the Month STOP Stars James Cagney, Ann Dvorak, Margaret Lindsay STOP It’s swell entertainment (Signed) Warner Bros. Studios.” Marquee Calendar Two large compo _ boards, one for each marquee corner, show month you’re playing film. Above them, in large letters goes: “James Cagney in G-MEN — The Picture of the Month.” If you use Cagney head, light at night will add to the effect. Merchantieups If stores want to plug a style they can say it’s “The (Hat) of the Month.’’ Next to it, spot still with your copy: **THE PICTURE OF THE MONTH — G-MEN starring James Cagney.” Auto Parade Auto dealers might help in parade through town. Call in your Legion post, fife and drummers, scouts. Angle: Cars of the Year welcome The Picture of the Month. Poster Snipes Snipe your posters and ads with “Picture of the Month” seals. Fan Congrats On town’s busiest corner set up large wreath with 6-foot board reading: GMEN has been selected as The Picture of the Month! Send your congratulations to James Cagney, Ann Dvorak and Margaret Lindsay. Idea is for rubber-neckers to sign card. In the past, papers have considered similar stunts cute enough for a photo break—+so there’s another slant. Me ? 4