G-Men (Warner Bros.) (1935)

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EXPLOITATION z Radio Reviewer and Amateurs Enact Highlights @ With the cooperation of the leading movie reviewer in town, Skip Weshner’s staff in Philadelphia, pulled a radio stunt that’s still being talked about. Reviewer read his rave of the film over the air, breaking it up with lines like ‘‘I’ll never forget the dramatic scene where he turned to her and said ...,’’ whereupon that seene was enacted over the ether. This was done with a number of the scenes. Our prepared radio script is applicable. Teletype or News Ticker Demonstration for Lobby Flash @ If there’s a teletype machine to be pro moted we suggest: Sending outfit in another room ean send phony flashes dealing with film; e. g., ‘‘James Cagney and Robert Armstrong, crack G-Men, left today for Chicago to trace the killers of the late Hugh Farrell.’’ You might also try for the police news ticker. Attention, Public Enemy No. 1 — Brad Collins — is at large and heading for (name of town). He has just killed Operative Farrell. Get him. If he draws, shot to KILL! That 1s all. Speakers on front can handle announcements like one above in the manner of police broadcasts. ‘G-Men are Coming’ for Novel Ether Teaser Campaign @ Announcer breaks in on sustaining programs. Music lovers, three bells clang and announcer speaks in breathless, newsy voice — A war against crime will be waged here beginning Friday. Further details will be published in all newspapers beginning tomorrow. Announcement should be used several times daily, until the stunt can be explained by using the regular spot announcements, elsewhere on this page. Teaser could also be sniped on fences, windows and poles, using line ‘G MEN’S COMIN@’. FOR CITY-WIDE ST Have A Fingerp Missing PERSON i When Irv Blumberg of the Stanton Theatre in Philadelphia played “By,, Missing Persons,” he promoted a fingerprinting outfit, and invited mothers md their babies to lobby to have the tots’ prints made — in order to aid police event of a possible kidnaping. Stunt went over with a splash, attracting hundred of mothers to theatre and going big in all papers. (See illustration) — Another angle that might help the campaign, would be to get the fingerprin, of a noted criminal from police, and blow ’em up for use as lobby display, AD SECTION IS INSERTED IN THIS BOOK ON SPECIAL COATED STOCK Amateurs to Impersonate Cagney on Stage=An Advance Bally A » 3. ture .. The amateur craze is still going strong . . . and here’s a new angle on it you might like to use. Idea is to run a “James Cagney Screen Test” on stage as outlined in suggestions following. If ‘screen testing’ isn’t practical out your way forget that angle and make your awards the night the actors try out. Prepared publicity stories below announce contest, inviting amateur thespians to impersonate dramatic ability of Cagney, on your stage. Contestants see film’s trailer to get an idea of the type of character Cagney impersonates in the pic. and to guide their emoting by it. You write us and we'll send you copies of several Cagney sequences for contestants to use. 4. New slant of contest is that a photographer snaps *em with a real motion picture camera, while they’re going through their paces. 5. A week later, you run the finished film on screen, audience applause and picked judges deciding on best impersonation of Cagney, winner nabbing silver loving cup, cash prizes — or what have you. (Ist Publicity Story) New Amateur Contest Offers Cagney ‘Stylists’ Cash Prizes Do you think you can act? Want to prove it? Gather ’round and we’ll tell you all. The Journal in cooperation with the Theatre, which next week will show the first big picture dealing with the Federal secret agents—‘‘G-Men,’’ is offering screen tests to all men and boys, from 16 years of age and up. Entrants will appear on the stage of the Theatre next Thursday evening where they will do an impersonation of James Cagney, star of ‘*G-Men.’’ A real motion-picture camera will be focused upon contestants and photograph all the motions. To help give you an idea of what’s wanted, a trailer showing Cagney portraying different emotions will be shown at the Theatre all this week. Sound appealing to you? To enter the ‘‘James Cagney Screen Test’’ all you need do is drop a line to the James Cagney Contest Editor, The Journal, or leave your name at the box-office. Judges will be: (list) And what, you ask, do the winners get? Well, in eddition to eash awards of (list prizes) holder of first prizc.will be presented with the clip of film showing him in action. (2nd Publicity Story) Tonight Cagney Imitators Go Into Action at the..... Ready! Action! Camera! Tonight’s the night, gentlemen. Have you entered the ‘‘James Cagney Screen Test’’ competition? If you have, we expect you down at the ree . Theatre at 8:30 this evening. We’ve got the camera on the stage waiting for you! And to you sisters and wives and mothers, who have gone through a lot these last few days having to watch your men folks rehearsing we expect you down at the : Theatre to cheer ’em on. You know that the winner of first-prize in addition to getting a cash award of an a , will be pre sented with his film clip. Other prizes will be: (how much?) Judges for tonight’s performance will be: (names) The complete film strip will be shown at the Theatre tomorrow night. All roads lead to the ..... Camera! Action! .. Theatre tonight! = © Sa aaaeammaamm UNTING.. rint Week In Tow, Fingerprinting the citizens cautionary method the Govern prevent crime ... which mi for a Fingerprint We Police Department. Publicity stories and posters ; to have themselves fingerprinted at Poli. town tion or in theatre lobby, to aid the a Sta : Y's wa against crime. Police Dep’t. provides printing outfit for your lobb operate it and take finger im being fingerprinted make good photos papers—judging by the number that b the N. Y. papers, having their thumbprints recorded. Is the ney Ment is y¢j ght pave th ek, with cooperation Nvite {| a f Y — with mae pressions, Celehy fOr the reak jp to bring € in the Famous ‘G Names For Advance Lobby Contest WHO ARE THESE Ce @ All this needs is an easel with six photo eyes blocked out, or as in illustration, up per part of faces masked. Five photos are « famous people whose names start with “6 Sixth is Cagney. Hints go under photos. Her are our suggestions — you use only italicize captions. CLARK GABLE — Well-known screen ae! GEORGE GERSHWIN — American cm poser of **Rhapdsody in Blue”’ GEORGE V — Present king of Engla ‘RED’ GRANGE — American football s' GANDHI—Hindu Mahatma. JAMES CAGNEY — ‘@ MAN? icon First National picture. / ‘ Lobby Box Asks for Tips to G-Men; A Word-of-Mouther This was & of the stun” the N. Y. St used to get! huge wore? mouth puild-2 for ‘Missing *# sons’ last yea! You can thant our Miracle Meo ory for ree bering to suse it to youse ety Closed bot ys slot on top 8? in lobby. 2 run copy like this: : Can you help" Americas" net crime: ? CAN YOU HELP THE ( onf lential BUREAU OF NNESSL IC PERSONS combat sd bs “4 . rp activittés, drot : 4 All : -a mtg). Materl® .. will be considered confidential for what it later be turned over 0 po ae worth, and you'll be doing ¥