G-Men (Warner Bros.) (1935)

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EXPLOITATION ae oe ee 5.DAY PLANT LETS READERS TRY arc Dey See That Letter? THE ANSWERS Go In ‘G-Men’ Prize Contest [FIRST DAY ] Listen, you fellows, here’s how I stole the money. I put on my overcoat and left the house and went over to Joe’s cheap boarding house, because a couple of fellows there had inside information about the bank. So I picked up my girl and five tough guys and hopped into my motor car and drove over to the bank. A couple of policemen were standing around but they didn’t see us. The holdup was a cinch, and we escaped from the place with a couple of sacks of money and the plainclothesmen on our trail. A couple of cops were there, too, and they joined in the chase, but we eluded them, and went to a hideaway. We divided the bills, and found too many silver dollars and nickels in the sack so lining the route they would take af-| away!” She said “Yakrona is my | we threw them away. We went out to dine and ter the holdup. | name! i — -aepaald is a now I’m here to divide the loot. ‘a¢ and phoned the po With this information, the secret | 4 Woman's ield! pte Beye: tell ’'m was happening, ane P ts were seat-| gent radioed to police in towns|@m old hand though! I’m shuntlice. Three neg ig + = the vail along the route the gangsters were | Mg tons of coal onto the sidings. € af im the et oui res dashed taking, asking them to watch all| Kakrona is a symbol I variously an A sere sins ’ 7 scterdayv’s Cast ‘| you do on yest rday’s ¢a iow U, ? t’ red G-Men contest: Let’s go the st into action. ' " dav ’S problem calls for a ~ It’s a secret mes bit pful study. 7 which are hidden the names woe ‘ ? yns. Get out your blood tov . nd find them: (Case No. 1) \s an armored car drove up to -, the largest banks in New cork: Cit’. a ear full of bank rob — walled up alongside, timed per oie so that the moment the a — ey door opened, five of the andits had machine guns and awed off shotguns aimed at the messengers inside. At the moment the bandits drove « stenographer in an office across the street from the holdup, saw what came in, 2 var and sped to the roads. Two days later the bandits interpret. On Sundays I'm okay, nto a police car i E f llowed by | Were apprehended. but I'm a sham Mondays! [ SECOND DAY ] wenes of the crime, fo : : Se ee .| How many did you find on the three ears full of detectives. selow we are reprinting the letter ¢ first attempt? Try again until you However, they were not fast|the secret agent found. In it mre.) net them all. The photo shows the four gangsters carrying ’ h because by the time they included the names of 13 cities enough, ‘ Ls — b ‘ ¢ + m 2 . . handite were| through which the bandits had in-|, POmorrow’s the last day of the coats on their arms, proving that it must have rounded the corner, the bandits —_— tended to drive through on their | @-Men contest, fans. Hold on to I I i 5 iust getting into their car. The four} fence — nicbeaenae pss ‘f you ean | Your solutions until you have all veen cool the night of the murder. Second, lie cars gave chase, but the high way to a hideaway. See if you can ‘ng | tive. T ai 2 G-Me “Pete” oe: '@ a P ‘le of the gangsters | decipher the code message and find five. Them mail them to the G-Men Pete” can prove he was at a college basketball powered automobile of the gangsters 2 : T nied eal Contest Editor, the Dakota Journal. ; itdistanced them the 13 towns. To make it simple, oon Ol Sli . we'll give a hint, Newark is the|Ptizes? Count ’em: (list awards) game that night, showing that it must have been After returning to the police ofaaa : lice” first city, and Hammond the last.| J¥@ges selected are: (name them) Spring. The college basketball season is over fee to decide upon a plan of action, oe ; CS Sree Now find the cities in between. We know you'll be interested to . . v 5 [t4 99 ~ . me of the secret agents recalled F learn that ‘‘G-Men,’’ that screen in early Spring. Therefore, Benny, who said that he had seen a piece of white| lere’s the message: : |epic which deals with the Uncle he had gone to swim on the beach is lying and vaper fall from a gangster’s hand The blonde bandit said she|Sam’s smashing attack against orso ] shen rushing into the car. He ouick-| knew Arkansaw travelers who) ganized crime in America, is openne 18 the murderer. y went to the scene of the holdup,| mever lack a wax envelope, who! ing at the Strand Theatre on ind there was an unaddressed letter | by robbing ham “P”—tons of it, | It stars James Cagney ‘ring in the street. When he read| overwhelm irate farmers. She} and a galaxy of superb actors. Don’t = t he diseovered that it was really | said no Slav on her gang would) miss it! , code message, which the gang had | rebuff a lone woman. A German And don’t miss the last day of ntended to send to their chief, out-| bragged: “Ja, me stow nice lot} this contest tomorrow! [ THIRD DAY ] (Fifth Day Publicity) Here’s Last Day’s Case In ‘G-Men’ Prize Contest ee a Message reads: Meet Gang To night at Smith Ranch. T '° ry i G | T this Is your last chance to enter | e (Men contest. Hoda ’s problem differs from the ‘oir problems we’ve been present| uy during the past week. It’s a ersonal one which faced an underover agent on one of his assign There’s nothing to solve. We pre vit this moral predicament asking ou to tell us in a short 100-word etter how you would solve it if vou ‘ere in the same position. Actually, it’s the situation that [ FOURTH DAY] Cities listed in the message are: — VC 4 iti lew . “stow ames Cagney, star of that exeiting l. Newark nw aeeeewn . on about America’s crime hust2. Lackawaxen 8. Akron ve Secret agents, ‘“Gi-Men,’’ knew . * might face if he joined the De| 3. Binghamton 9. Mansfield partment of Justice service. Tell us . oW you would act in similar cir. 4. Elmira 10. Lima Mstances ; ; >». Avon ll. Huntington : (Case No. 5) 6. Buffalo 12. Bolivar “any people are faced with moral ¢ Predicaments during their lifetime. 13. Hammond Ul We doubt if anyone was ever paced in one as great as a secret at This. man was placed in a = or Position where his heart 3 : ‘him to do one thing and his Definitions for X-Word PuzOMSiencE « ; é oe be fee ahother where his zle in Third Day of Contest ie friend was pitted against » Guty to society—and no matter ACROSS 1 pein What he did, Which way he turned 1. To come together z Muese in France ho Satisfactory , ’ id ; ‘ z —_ hat 5. A crowd of crooks 2. Girl's name tived vy Ory Solution could be ar | partment had a great deal of faith | his blood run cold. He a t -~ = Mcan ne a A cn a a at. : SS ee -or | as . aaling 2 @ no 4. Toward Pitas in this lad, whom we shall call X27,| with a machine-gun he coul 1l. Fetters 4. Towa s le of New was born om the East | and sent him out with explicit in-| hope that a shot would only wound. 14. Wrase the Reven" oS generac Me Gg ww , ‘ | . . . r ‘ o c ts te ew York , + the slums | structions to get the murderer ...| It would kill instantly! Pee ee -oe Lon poplate citya district sO densely | and shoot to kill. 3ut he knew that the eode of the 17. United States ie eae ae Nba ed and so polluted with the | : : , service demanded that he follow his 18. _ dude hae erp oo Mulianity, that few boye After finding and discarding i ‘eee fi ida ted. He 20. ee BS ey a Shecessfully rose out of its many clues, X27 finally found himhad hi order—Shoot to kill! But 22. Toward 12. Sugary retehed environment self on the trail of the killer. He | "4 118 3 this man had 23. Printers’ measure 14. Father But one of ; : forked diligently day and night more, he knew that ns ma ¢ 25. Compass direction 15. Editor abbrev uderworl) .¢ — leaders ee | ee en aoe : murdered not only other gangsters 26. Hughey Long's State 18. Perform shay ord of New York, a ‘big | tracking him down—until at last he ; sven—his own fellow agents! 27. Past 19. Old form of you OF gangdom, took a fancy +. followed him to a cabin in Long| but ever : : i. can 29. Either — 22. Bird claw ‘ttle lad, and decided to | Island, which the murderer had And yet—it was this man who hz 31. To be ill 24. Cash — iM out of t} ’ ( ided to take é ’ E dragged X27 out of those slums— 32. Timid 26. Illuminated 3 le slums, guide his ed chosen as a hideaway. : a . 33. At this time 27. So *ation and enable ey . r — , . the man who had even him a chance 34. Third letter 28. Old York "espectable mem} um to become a X27 called to him to surrender, to be decent and upright—the man 35. To dress up 30. Fish eggs ity, iber of the commun-| but the only answer was a volley who had been a foster-father to 37. Golf mound 31. First letter Years later, with boo: of bullets. The agent had a ma-|1 i441 Kill him—how could hef ag Meron > ee college ’ ~oarding school,| chine gun, and hiding behind a tree, : d he had 41. Neither 37. Bauble Ke and | gun, his problem an this boy decided school behind him,} he answered him volley for volley. ee aghast AT ONCE! He 43. Plaything 38. Lovers’ meeting ‘i : ded t : : 3 ey make cen 44. Indian River 40. Market ‘over Operatives xa iota under-| Just as it was getting toward re did! What that was no one knows. ak teae oa Things i san hi "8, Never : ! ° ; "8 benefartor wheal Owing that| the killer dashed out of the cabin, What would you have done in a 47. Tearful 43. Attempt MN the other siq r 1e loved, was heading for his parked car in a ‘tuation? Tell us in a short 49. gies 44. People of Erin Side of th . | ; i imilar situation 50. To ster 46. Fate fter ® fence. ‘leari b X27 aimed his| simi = After clearing nearby. rds52. P "taining, Ri months of intensive canal gun and prepared to shoot | letter—no more wee TP gis = pet oa “— Soltek officer, te ecame a full fledged him down, when he recognized by his } what resolve you WHY 54. To bend low 51. Hawaiian food holdy at the time a seri ’ r ; that th killer was| in such a crisis and . 56. Damp 53. 2,000 Ibs. yp. Ps Were <A series Of | peculiar gait a 6 (Repeat details from previous 57. Horse-shoer 55. Part Time “ew York. Th & committed in| none other than his benefactor. His Rep $8. Cattle-farm ie Fe ® chief of the de-! gun stopped in mid-air! X27 felt | stories.) Pon ne — =a : a ~ Tg =e ——— —-—-——_—_—_—— — — a 4 Wwrawe «~ ¥ — i=