G-Men (Warner Bros.) (1935)

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S —_ soomumo ee | GAST OF CHARACTERS © BIOGRAPHIES — antl Brick Davis _ James Cagney Kay McCord Margaret Lindsay James Cagney | Ann Dvorak Robert Ar Jean Morgan Ann Dvorak} James Cagney was born in New| Ann Dvorak was born in New] Robert A mstrong Jeff McCord Robert Armstrong | York and as a boy had the usual| york City but went to Hollywood | Satinew = Tmstrong way}... | Collins Barton MacLane | ™ of jobs = apple os epowee when a child. She is the daughter | tle Wast Mich., but Moved ne 2 | BRM POU ncn neces cesesieesks soa sae Lloyd Nolan ee ae om His next |of Ann Lehr, one time toast of oinestel a an early age, ai 4 McKay William Harrigan step upward was in big time vaudeBroadway, and it was natural that | school at PE later attending le Gerard Russell Hopton ville and then to Broadway pro-|she should follow in her mother’s | In his aa ashington sieges i Leggett Edward Pawley (ductions. : footsteps in theatrical work. played in or Year he -wrot, Bi. Durfee Noel Madison | While appearing with Joan BlonAnn sprang to stardom over night = & skit which came ¢ = WW dell in ‘‘Venny Arcade, ? in New histiss eS st | notice of a vaudeville prea Bill Monte Blue lVork both he and Miss Blondell from ‘extra’ work in the studios | offered him a job ; © Producer wi, ))\ ne M5, no ise Regis Toomey | were employed by Warner Bros. who | near her home. A role in ‘‘Scar| cireuit, 700 mm the skit 0% hy | Veake Harold Huber | had purchased. the sereen rights to|face’’ attracted the attention of} The bookin Ht _ Gregory Addison Richards ||that play and were making 1 into | Warner Bros. executives to the| York where “ee A 1 ‘a picture under the title of ‘‘Sinele, the lat ss took him und giving him gsm Pay! er his Wy all roles jn bi 3 . lary, as Interrupte, i ‘both have since risen to stardom Leslie Fenton after a whirlwind| wo. Return: L UF tie : |under the Warner Bros. banner. courtship. The couple spent a year| | * ocCorning to Amerieg ii ind | Cagney’s more recent pictures inabroad on a honeymoon after which _— in “The Man Who re ‘elude ‘‘A Midsummer Night’s Ann resumed her picture work, Back’? and other plays, =m | } | ‘Dream,?? “Devil Dogs of the Air,’?| Among the recent pictures in His biggest hit was B 1) me <<). St Louis Kid,’’ ‘‘Ilere which she had prominent roles are| in ‘‘Is Zat So.’ It y, ee i ‘Comes The Navy,’? ‘He Was Her |‘‘Sweet Music,’” ‘‘Murder In the] jing ; me Was while p £ in this show in In The two young players had their Two years ago, she eloped to ‘same stage roles in the film, and Yuma, Arizona, by airplane with| His career w : | Man Raymond Hatton}... Holiday.’’ young actress’ abilities. Armstrong, i lay Brick Davis, (James Cagney), His wife, Jean, is arrested. Brick} Man,’’ ‘‘Jimmy, The Gent,’’ Clouds,’’ ‘‘Gentlemen are Born,’’ ths Angele raised and supported through law| remembers her as a former night |‘*Lady Killer,’’ ‘‘Footlight Pa‘*T Sell Anything,’’ ‘‘ Housewife,’’ at he was offered 9 Moris « ‘rade,’ “The Mayor of Hell’? and |‘‘Midnight Alibi,’’ ‘‘Friends of | act, his first picture ie ‘Hard To Handle.’’? His current Mr. Sweeney,’’ ‘‘Side Streets,’’| Main Event.’’ Hig y fproduction is ‘‘G Men,’’ which ‘‘Heat lLightning,’’ ‘‘ Massacre’’ ae ‘comes to the Theatre | and ‘‘College Coach.’’ _ sehool by the unknown emperor of | club dancer. Unbeknown to Brick, gangland, MeKay (William HarriJean has been in love with him. j ' being ‘Th, . © recent Die ures include ‘‘ Sweet Music.» OT} Kansas City Princess ’ gan) joins the G-Men to avenge Diseouraged when he joined the the murder by gangsters of his| service, she married Collins. college chum. Unwittingly, Jean discloses that | on ; Her latest picture is ‘‘G Men’’} (y 19.2? «6 6 Above The i Brick, who has developed a|(Collins and his gang have seized | eee which comes to the sense "ata 3 Son of Kong,” ‘King hatred for his superior, Jeff Me-| MeKay’s Wisconsin resort. Brick | : Theatre on Xong,’’ ‘‘Blind Ady |) MeKay sort. ssveseveenesennensccoce enture”” Cord (Robert Armstrong), which | Margaret Lindsay <i |and McCord lead a band up North} the latter returns, becomes en-| but Gollins escapes. Returning to} amored of MeCord’s sister, Kay | Chieago, they meet Collins again (Margaret Lindsay). : in Jean’s apartment. In the ensuing McCord suspects Brick, because | gun-battle, Brick is wounded and | of his relationship with MeKay,| taken to a hospital. He learns ' when he identifies Leggett, a n0-| that Collins, still free, has kidnaptorious racketeer and one of Me-|e@ Kay McCord, threatening to . Sas “*T Love That Man.”? His anes = Margaret Lindsay was born in Barton MacLane picture is ‘*G@ Men,”’ now show ubuque, lowa, her real name being lat the ...... Th ay /Margaret Kies. She was educated Barton MacLane was born in Co-| ——— eatre, ‘in the National Park Seminary in}lumbia, South Carolina, a Christ| Washington, D. C., and in the Na-| mas present baby in 1902. The famHarold Huber } tional Academy of Dramatie Art. | ily moved to Cromwell, Conn., where iat : , | She began with small parts on he attended publie school. Later he} y . Kay’s lieutenants, as a bank rob-| kill her unless he is allowed to flee ‘the stage and worked up to leading | went to Wesleyan University, gradYork City and graduated wit as cog pe eo Hoty: the country. Jean —_ of ~— roles, playing also in stock and | wating with the class of 1925, honors from New York University, ireatens to oust Brick from the| whereabouts and rushes to phone) repertoire. Her biggest stage hit H ;, | He studied seed . e was a note hl udied law, bu ahaa when the latter meets Me-| Brick. Apprehended by Collins, ) was in ‘‘Death Takes a Holdlay.”? ; a Ne oh. Kay on a train. Brick pleads that/she is shot just as she puts her |, : McKay has quit the gang and is| all through. retiring to a Wisconsin resort. His Harold Huber was born in New }a game between Wesleyan and Mass| the stage was too strong in hin, Her first striking success in pic-|achusetts Aggies, he ran 100 yards | and he won a small role ip the ; “eS 7s } (6 OCanvaleade.’? oY { ely “hie : tures was in ‘‘Cavaleade. Other |to a touchdown which brought him Broadway show of ates. : : Brick traces the call and rushes }|,,j¢tures j ae ae ee ee sared | a chance in the movies, Rich: i sincere manner convinces McCord. Sa i Ree gh engi ibe — in which she has appeared | = id te e movies, Ric iard Dix, cern, Meanwhile, Hugh Farrell (Lloyd o Jean, who, jus »|linelude ‘‘The Case of the Curious | then preparing to film a football Tolem } <iakhen fodevsl wan aie whispers the address of the garage ‘Bride, ’’ ‘‘The Florentine Dagger,’ | story, having seen the feat. He appeared in many Broadway hie woardored by Leggett’s gang|where Kay is imprisoned. Brick |< )eyi] Dogs of the Air,’’ ‘‘Border-| After playing in minor. roles, he | SUCCesses until spotted by a cast dashes to the garage. He wounds] town,’’ ‘‘Gentlemen Are Born,’’ ; turned to the stage where he soon | ing’ directo Collins, and McCord, who has just|‘‘The Dragon Murder Case,’’ ‘‘Fog| rose to stardom. — Hi vad sent Holy driven up, finishes the job. Over Frisco,’? ‘‘Merry Wives of} Returming to Hollywood, he has | elud , ate Fae takes Briek along who ecaptures| McCord enters the garage to find Rene,’ ¥rom Headquarters; 822 | recently appeared in “The Case of Nelli 1” "a oii him bare-handed. And now, the de| his sister in Brick’s embrace. Both ing a _— _ | the Curious Bride,’’ ‘Go Into Your | \a partment turns its guns on Brad Col-|seal their new-found friendship} She is now appearing in ‘‘G|Dance,’’ and ‘‘Black Fury.’’ His Very Honorable Guy,” “The Mayu . . n?? which e 4 } -< : . , lins, the new Public Enemy No. 1.| with a strong handshake. Men’’ which comes to the |current production is ‘‘G Men’’ now | of Hell,” “Mary Stevens, MD.” Theatre on . showing at the .. Theatre. | “Friseo Jenny” and “Ladies They Talk About.” sters in an attempt to capture their chief. McCord, assigned to the Chieago office of the Department, Russell Hopton Russel Hopton was born in New York City, February 18, 1900. Af : ter spending two years in college } i ee Alte Oe ee studying agriculture, he took a jab i] | Director W illi im. Keighley eee 9g ‘uit nati _ Screen Play by Seton I. Miller ‘““G MEN’? 100% | 2, film salesman which he credits Story by....... Gregory Rogers fe /°| with giving him an interest is if Photography by es a Sol Polito with theatricals. . / Film Editor. ae iets Jack Killifer H James Cagney 90% His first thought piactiy } Art Director. = John Hughes Se Pao a ; | Gowns by. cereecenenens Orry-Kelly ; a <a meen 897% After four years on the stage be Ht Musical Director ...Leo F. Forbstein Robert Armstrong 40% | turned to the screen. a . Sas ag i in which be Hi, — ‘cine ecient Directed by William Keighley 90% Among the pictures ip Wore 1 ’ nna ene eeaneatemeiaaieleaimeencenmmmnmmmnemen nits ie eeanees = 5 /O has appeared are I Sell a Tt Se A Weed Nations | thing,” “He Was Her Man,” “Laty it | A First National 40% ree,” “Desirable.” whe Littl Te De Productions Corporation 5% | Giant,” “Elmer The Great,” “Ae a ' t = _ | mail,” “Once in a Lifetime if ll fay ta Picture 25% |“I’m No Angel.” (ye a TS A JAMES CAGNEY — “A Midsumthe Storm Country,’ “Thirteen mer Night’s Dream,” “Devil Dogs Women,” “Olsen’s Big Moment.” of the Air,” “The St. Louis Kid,” | NOEL MADISON — “Journal of “Here Comes the Navy,” “Lady| 4 Crime,” “West of Singapore,” Killer.” “The Hatchet Man,” “Humanity,” MARGARET LINDSAY — “The “Destination Unknown.” Case of the Curious Bride,” “The | MONTE BLUE — “Her Forgotten Florentine Dagger,” “Devil Dogs Past,” “The Thundering Herd,” of the Air,” “Bordertown.” “The Intruder,” “Officer 13,” “The Stoker.” BR A K es “Ss t M Sa Fo In the Clouds,” “GentleREGIS TOOMEY — “She Had To ‘Vitaphone Shorts AreAll Good’ J. C. Darst, Dante Theatre, Dante, Ve EE RR a ee ee .....AND HERE ARE 6 GOOD ONES ESPECIALLY PICKED TO BALANCE YOUR PROGRAM WITH THIS SHOW SS RR ye es ens wise ss i a "| Say Yes,” “Laughing At Life,” | cia gn = lee “The Penal Code,” “The Strange ; = 1] Aube” ’ 8 iia pal “Soldiers of the & ‘WESTWARD BOUND,’ ‘See & ‘BUDDY IN AFRICA,’ ‘Looney ii torm.” Re 2 ’ 2 |} ROBERT ARMSTRONG — “Sweet | HAROLD HUBER — “The Merry America First’ (10 minutes) No. Tune’ (7 minutes) No. 9706. Buddy Music,” “Kansas City Princess,” Frinks,” “He Was Her Man,” “A 9509. The opening of America’s to th dark continent and i “Above the Clouds,” “Son of Very Honorable Guy,” “Hi, NelNorth p strays to ine ) 2 , , great Northwest is featured by E. ‘ungle. Kong,” “Blind Adventure, | lie!” “The Mayor of Hell.” MN : meets the terror of the jung | fete — ADDISON RICHARDS — “Dinky,” = > eae bc dialogue by OME i BARTO acLANEB — “Strand‘The White Cockatoo,” “Bab° . Kennedy. : i SS 1 od,” “The Case of the Curious] itt,” “The St. Louis Kid” “Gen@ THE EASY ACES e (0 Bride,” “Go Into Your Dance,” tlemen Are Born,” “British ’ ‘ a 7+ r Fo | “Black Fury,” “Hell And High| Agent.” : @ ‘IN THIS CORNER’ with PICK BRIDGE WORK.’ ‘Peppe ite radio i Water.” RAYMOND HATTON , _ SLady & PAT and ROSCOE AILS. minutes) No. 9619. Favor a —— er, enthouse t . oe. ¢ . ; : ri muLane manaioAx — se] ils” ‘esthone? Stige| ‘Broadway Brevity’ (19 minutes) __tean featuring thet mst Girl In 419,” “Disgraced.” rot the Tonto Rim,” “Law and NO. 9111. Musical comedy with talk and senseless chatter. . — tage and radio f RUSSELL HOPTON — “I Sell slag © lavorites. d : Anything,” “Desirable,” “He Was WHAIAM ERIGHLEY (director) . REEN FEDORA, ‘Mer Pe > aT — “Mary Jane’s Pa,” “The Right Ss MY G Her Man,” “Lady Killer,” “Pm| 7, ia) «ny; @ 3OB HOPE in ‘THE O 9607. » “The Little Giant.” ive, ig Hearted Her. in LD so.’ (7 mi utes) No. No Angel,” “The bert.” “Kansas City Princess,” GRAY MA * ~,: > ne Melodie, (7 min EDWARD PAWLEY — “Tess of| “Dr. Monica.” E sy: : YOR,’ ‘Big V Comedy » Rabbit plays nurse-maid © (18 minutes) No. 9213. Broad_ P ‘her, in ful-cola se ee ee 7,852 feet way s newest comedy favorite in his younger brotet 2 reels of comedy. with music. RUNNING TIME ......:..0..5.5.....0.055: 85 minutes LL LLL Ls ee es a