Gambling Lady (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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| REVIEW | Stanwyck Wins Fresh Laurels in Gambling Lady Magnificent Portrayal of Sensational Role Raises Star to New Heights of Fame replete with fast, thrilling action, and filled with powerful \ REMARKABLE plot, unusual and gripping, dramatic situations and romance in its sweetest sense, coupled with a really superb portrayal of a most difficult role by Barbara Stanwyck, marked the local premiere of that famous star in the Warner Bros. produc tion of ‘‘Gambling Lady’’ at the “Gambling Lady,” a success from the moment of its Hollywood preview, has a record of praise from the severest motion picture critics, and the reason was clearly shown in the intense interest with which the audience followed the career of the heroine, a young lady who gambled for a living, but never compromised with her own code of honor either in life or love. Miss Stanwyck is always a consummate actress, and has given many notable performances in such pictures as “Ever in My Heart,” “Baby Face,” “So Big,” “Tilicit” and others. In “Gambling Lady,’ she has a role that calls for the best of her genius for role portrayal. Making a econvineing character out of Lady, who is by profession a eard shark, but who will cheat neither at cards or love, who will stake her life’s happiness on the turn of a card, yet is willing to relinquish it to keep her word to an unscrupulous rival, who bears the buffets of fortune with a smile and who can take good luck and bad with fortitude, is surely a diffieult task for any. actress. Barbara Stanwyck ei Ga Today In ‘Gambling Lady’ Barbara Stanwyck will be the stéllarattraction cate then <i io. Theatre today in her latest Warner Bros. picture, “Gambling Lady,” a film based on the thrill ingly dramatic story by Doris Malloy. Miss Stanwyck has the gay and sporting role of a square shooting gambler who plays the game of life with a courage few persons possess, even to tossing away love to save her husband from a crime of which she knows he is innocent. The picture is set in the gay gambling halls where the idle rich are taken over the jumps for their money by a syndicate of gamblers that holds the city in its grip. The story is climaxed _ by-a cold blooded murder carried out by the syndicate for which an innocent man is arrested. There is a talented cast in which Joel McCrea and Pat O’Brien share honors as masculine leads and rivals for the love of the gambling lady. Claire Dodd plays the homewrecking role, a society girl who stops at nothing to steal another woman’s husband. Others in the cast include such talented players as C. Aubrey Smith, Phillip Reed, Philip Faversham, Robert Barrat, Robert Elliot, Ferdinand Gottschalk, Arthur Vinton, Willard Robertson and Arthur Treacher. Archie Mayo directed the produetion from the screen play by Ralph Block and Miss Malloy in which they have taken pains to reveal the crooked devices in the many fields of gambling by which. the gullible publie is defrauded of its hard earned money. Re het Theatre yesterday. Barbara Stanwyck rises to the oceasion with unsurpassed artistry and thereby has, in a few short weeks, added to her fame as one of the outstanding stars of motion pictures. Joel McCrea, playing opposite Miss Stanwyck for the first time, gives a brilliant. and virile performance, and Pat O’Brien shares honors with him. Claire Dodd gives to the role of a homebreaker a convincing quality. The entire cast is excellent and includes C. Aubrey Smith, Phillip Reed, Philip Faversham, Robert Barrat, Ferdinand Gottschalk, Robert Elliot and Willard Robertson. Warner Bros. gave Director Archie Mayo full sway in making this picture, which was adapted to the screen by Ralph Block and Doris Malloy from the latter’s original story. “Gambling Lady” is thrilling, clean entertainment, provides Miss Stanwyek with her greatest role and will give many a thrill to even the most experienced follower of motion pictures. % Barbara Stanwyck Sets New Style in Nifty Bridal Gowns are unde Spring brides who cided about their choice of a wedding gown would do well to see Barbara Stanwyck’s latest film, “Gambling Lady,’ which will open at the Oe eae ee Thea tron OMiy. scan. Warner’ Bros. Miss Stanwyck wears an OrryKelly design, in her latest screen marriage, that caused a large crowd to collect outside the Hollywood church where the scenes were taken. Rich white panne velvet is the material of the dress, which is cut in moulded lines, a slightly cowled over-the-shoulder yoke relieving the severity of the bodice, and a deep flounce that dissolves into a long circular train giving grace and dignity to the skirt. A tiny skull cap of tulle, gar nished with a coronet of ermine ' tails, holds in place the double panelled long tulle veil, which is dotted with a myriad of ermine tails. The conventional bridal bouquet is omitted, and instead a tiny shirred muff of the white velvet was carried by Miss Stanwyck. In the picture Miss Stanwyck starts her career as a gambling lady and proves to be a lucky one for she wins a millionaire society man as a husband. The film is based on a thrillingly dramatic story by Doris Malloy and adapted to the screen by Ralph Block and Miss Malloy. In the cast with Miss Stanwyck are Joel McCrea, Pat O’Brien, Claire Dodd, C. Aubrey Smith, Phillip Reed, Robert Barrat, Philip Faversham, Arthur Vinton and others. Archie Mayo directed. WAS INCLUDED AMONG HER PETS-~ | A CANARY, ALEOPARD A MONKEY, AND 12 BREEDS OF DOGS. BETWEEN Ah? SESSIONS ON THE MOVIE LOT RAISES HORSES ON HIS THOUSAND ACRE RANCH WAS A FOOTBALL STAR AT MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY IN MILWAUICEE, WAS GIVEN A SCREENCONTRACT WHILE SIGHTTI SEEING ATA HOLLY WOOD STUDIO WISCON SON THESE ARE SOME OF THE MEMBERS OF THE STAR-STUDDED CAST OF “GAMBLING LADY,’? CURRENT AT THE STRAND. Here’s another of these popular features which are sweeping the country. If you haven’t shown it to your newspaper yet, do it now! They'll use it! They all do! Mat No. 14—20c. Barbara and Joel To Give Screen Fans Love Making Lesson A charming new pair of screen lovers have been brought together by Warner Bros. in the persons of Barbara Stanwyck and Joel McCrea. for the first time together in They appear “Gambling Lady,’ which comes to Sth? ze ee ie Theatre on area) Turan otis McCrea, the handsome leading man, who stands six feet, two inches in his stocking feet, is an excellent foil for the delicate beauty of the slim and fragile Miss Stanwyck. The two stand out in contrast not only physically but emotionally, Miss Stanwyck being eool and self possessed under the most trying circumstances, expressing her inner emotion with some subtle change of face and voice, while McCrea, is the gay, the debonaire, who is boisterously happy, violently angry or bitterly depressed. The two have the roles of lovers from very different walks of life in the picture, who are supremely happy until a social flirt gets the blinded husband into a mess from which the wife extricates him by sacrificing her own love. Pat O’Brien’ shares’ honors with McCrea as one of the masculine leads and the unsuccessful rival, while Claire Dodd plays the part of the unscrupulous and flirtatious homewrecker. There is a strong supporting cast throughout, others ineluding C. Aubrey Smith, Phillip Reed, Philip Faversham, Robert Barrat, Robert Elliot and Ferdinand Gottschalk. Archie Mayo directed the picture from the screen play by Ralph Block and Doris Malloy, which is based on Miss Malloy’s original story dealing with the gambling syndicates that infest the large cities. Director Predicted Pat O’Brien’s Film Fame Nine Years Ago Nine years ago, Archie Mayo took one of his periodical trips to New York to see the shows on Broadway that season. As a director of motion pictures, he considers it one of his most important duties. Watching a play in a leading Broadway theatre one evening, a dark-haired young Irishman, in a minor role, attracted his attention. “That boy is going to get somewhere,” he said to his wife. “It won’t be more than five years before the studios begin bidding for him.” It was almost five years to a day that the dark-haired young Presenting ... a New Team ‘Gambling Lady’ Star Is Supported by Two Popular Leading Men Barbara Stanwyck, star of the Warner Bros. picture, “Gambling Lady,” which comes to the...... Theatre on ported by Joel McCrea and Pat O’Brien who share honors as the two leading men. Both are rivals for the love of Miss Stanwyck, McCrea as a wealthy society man and Pat in the role of a race horse gambler. McCrea leaped to fame as a leading man within two years of entering films, some of his bigger hits being “Chance At Heaven,” “Bed of Roses,” “Rock-a-Bye” and “The Silver Cord.” O’Brien will be remembered in his recent pictures of “I’ve Got Your Number,” “College Coach” and “Bureau of Missing Persons.” Claire Dodd, who recently apppeared in “Journal of a Crime,” “Massacre,” “Footlight Parade” and “The Kennel Murder Case,” again has the homewrecker role in “Gambling Lady.” Other members of the cast include such talented players as C. Aubrey Smith, Phillip Reed, Philip Faversham, Robert Barrat, Robert Elliot, Ferdinand Gottschalk, Arthur Vinton, Willard Robertson, Arthur Treacher and Huey White. The picture is based on the thrilling story by Doris Malloy of a square shooting gambling lady who weds a man of wealth and then sacrifices her own love to free her husband from a murder charge of which she knows he is guiltless. Archie Mayo directed the picture from the screen play by Ralph Block and Miss Malloy. man eame out to Hollywood to play the leading role in “Front Page’. His name was Pat O’Brien. During the production of the Warner Bros. picture, “Gambling Lady,” now showing at the..... Theatre, Archie Mayo, who was directing it, told Pat of the incident. Pat grinned. “Maybe I ought to have you for a manager,” he said. In “Gambling Lady,” Pat plays one of the leading roles opposite Barbara Stanwyck, the star. Joel McCrea, C. Aubrey Smith and Claire Dodd have the other principal roles. The story is the thrilling drama of a girl who not only gambles with cards but with fate. This new star team of Barbara Stanwyck and Joel McCrea will delight you in “Gambling Lady,” now at the Strand. Mat No. 11—20c. Page Five