Gambling Lady (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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* A GREAT STAR MATCHES HER BLAZING GENIUS WITH A GREAT STORY .... A Warner. Bros. Triumph with JOEL M°CREA CLAIREDODD x PAT O’BRIEN | vv C. AUBREY SMITH yx 85 Lines—Mat No. 25—10c a a a x *«k * SHE PLAYED THE GAME WITH AN ACE UP HER SLEEVE ... but couldn’t cold deck the man she loved! At last the unleashed power of a great actress in the kind of drama that comes only once in the life of a star! Orr har a STANWYCK ‘Gambling Lady Gorgeously produced by Warner Bros. with JOEL WCREA PAT O’BRIEN CLAIRE DODD 178 Lines—Mat No. 38—20c “Gambling Lady, vy See her in the kind of drama that comes. once in the lifetime of every great actress— in a role every female star in Hollywood would have given her right arm to play! BARBARA, in her Warner Bros. triumph wih SOEL M°CREA % PAT O’BRIEN * CLAIRE DODD * * C. AUBREY SMITH 327 Lines—Mat No. 15—30c vy SHE PLAYED THE GAME WITH AN ACE UP HER SLEEVE! ..... BARBARA tend “Gambling Lady” A Warner Bros. Triumph with yey C. AUBREY SMITH ¥ 68 Lines—Mat No. 22—10c Page Eleven