Gambling Lady (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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These Lines Sell the Picture in the Trailer! Let Them Sell for You in Your Ads! She's a Woman — about — Town — A Lady With a Shady Past — And a Doubtful Figure BARBARA STANWYCK In the Most Colorful Role of her Career "GAMBLING LADY" IMAGINE ! Fascinating Barbara Stanwyck In The Arms of Joel McCrea It's The Perfect Romantic Team! BARBARA STANWYCK And The Perfect Lover — Joel McCrea She Stepped from a Broadway Gambling Den To a Park Avenue Pent House And Discovered The Game Wasn't on the Level in Either Place! "GAMBLING LADY" AT GAS? The Perfect Role For BARBARA STANWYCK And the Perfect Lover JOEL McCREA With This Perfect All-Star Cast PAT O'BRIEN C. AUBREY SMITH CLAIRE DODD BAR BA RA Sa el WY C-K In "GAMBLING LADY" A Warner Bros. Vitaphone Picture Catchlines I Waited 5 Years For This Story But It Was Worth Waiting For — A Great Star Meets The Challenge Of A Great Story And Holds You Spellbound In The Grip Of Her Genius! The Kind Of Drama That Comes Once In The Lifetime Of Every Great Actress. A Role That Every Female Star In Hollywood Would Have Given Her Right Arm To Play! She Played A Man’s Game With The Heart Of A Woman!... She Steals A March On Every Star In Hollywood! she 7 She Played The Game With An Ace Up Her Sleeve But Couldn’t Cold Deck The Man She Loved! A Great Star Matches Her Blazing Genius With A Great Story... See the flashing Stanwyck at the peak of her form—playing a man’s game with the heart of a woman—in the love story for which every other Hollywood star would have given a king’s ransom! ... ‘Gambling Lady A Warner Bros. Triumph with JOEL M°CREA x Pat O’Brien * Claire Dodd x C. Aubrey Smith 110 Lines—Mat No. 35—-20c 7 WAITED 5 YEARS FOR THIS STORY BUT IT WAS WORTH WAITING FOR” A Warner Bros. triumph 58 Lines—Mat No. 24—20c “Tf WAITED 5 YEARS FOR THIS STORY BUT IT WAS WORTH WAITING FOR” BARBARA “Gambling Lady” r Bros, hit with JOEL “WCCREA 60 Lines—Mat No. 29—20c Lettering Coy} @ Mat No. 31—10c Special script lettering of Barbara lk ck Stanwyck’s name ay available in mat Mat Ne 332270 Sa Mat No: 33—10c form. Order by number. Page Thirteen