Gambling Lady (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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Hoke Lobby Gag This lobby display combines economy with effectiveness. All you need is a pack of playing cards, a lobby board, and a little ink. Here’s the gag: in every pack of cards, three of the kings are seen full-face and one in profile. Mount all four on a compo board with the following copy above: “In a dispute over Gambling Lady, the kings decided to go to war. Three of them fought; one wasn’t able to. Can you tell which one didn’t fight and why?” Answer :—“The King of... aie , because he only had one eye!” This can be utilized in several ways. As a simple interestgetter, put the answer on a card in back of the board, with copy on the front calling attention to the position of the card. As a contest, have paper available so that patrons can write their answers down and drop them in a box; tickets for any correct answer. As a teaser, with no awards, simply put the board with the question in your lobby for one week, and fill in the answer after that. Sales copy, stills and other displays will add to the effeetiveness of the board.. You’ll have room for them, and while folks are looking, they might just as well be taking in your publicity. Gambling Words Here’s one for everybody. Print this list of “terms” on a throwaway about six by nine inches and at the top offer a prize to first five people who send you best definitions in the fewest words. The back of your herald should carry selling copy on the picture. Terms Answers COLO KG HT [oy 3 unsere eee gel ee Soe ie aie a EE pron “fixed” cards [OCLs ane taricme po. tean caller eters <b ePreraee™ Anne aii pes tare, te player to right of dealer BUS OA cians seems etera Rai ae tools an eet eee Reet, ota. eae player to left of dealer CIEE Cat Ree er. teage ORE Reape ee NP ae ee le a ae type of poker game straight five cards in sequence Plaines: | sea eeeteaace PaO eevee ae eared ee ck, five cards in same suit penirai ght Serpe ae es five cards in sequence in same suit Mmside. . 2h Tm. een. one card possible to fill a straight MOY a lOStighe sacethca ol ee. hanes een lo straight flush ace high UL SOUS Ons can Secacct., «ko ee three of one kind two of another [OIE bes F100N fees erg a game otherwise known as twenty one 2742 4 KO Bt ae So eae ean ae se a ae cE gambling game of Chinese origin Gas Unie or) meee sei chan: be ere, ereberee ar tyee ee redeeming remaining chips WOLCHET i3.. Sons Tae ey one who fails to pay gambling debts HV OMOEOU bres: eee es ee nie a cee en ete device for secreting a card CUibnc kita ae. ea lifting a part of the pack to change the bottom ecard CLOUPICH... cs 4. ae ee ee ee “banker” at roulette table MA KO. 2.c, ck eee eS ee eae device for gathering in chips double zero...... extra figure on roulette wheel reputed hardest to win on SOOUU De oa, Sees en closing the betting and exposing the hands iri 0 OY <\) eget gc coe ce a, eA RIL Tat ae Re i caine uh two games of bridge finesse. ., stipes eee ...taking a chance on location of high cards Fats TNS RSS] 1 rn Se ot rene oa CE LE ck OTe ee Eee all the tricks i ttlesSlami, ct. Sue. «alc cen heo Wort Care ee ee all the tricks but one NOUS By hee pAleare tose Melatie, co gets, Soe, ea A pee ere ia ae ors eae aaa poor hand Mar bOLO Ug ieee ey oa cea es ee ee nothing above a nine 10780 eae oReOr ssa ae Sa alae re tA OE Ito Btn ene Be ioiemer oehae trumping when out of a suit THO VIG.S. coaccec me mm eet nccsuairan cone seen eae ee authority on all ecard games 6-Sheet Cut-out for Lobby (Next ATTRACTIGn Attractive lobby display, made with art cut-out from Fix it up with an attractive background and add stills as illustrated. six-sheet. Page Fourteen Ads Give Keynote For Novel Contest This contest is based in Barbara Stanwyck’s statement, ‘*T’ve waited five years for this story, but it was worth waiting for.’’ Have readers write a short letter on ‘‘The most important thing that happened to me during the past five years,’’ or ‘‘The thing I would like to happen to me during the next five years.’’? Offer prizes for the best letter. Use this publicity story to get things started: Movie Star’s Remark Inspires Contest BARBARA STANWYCK, brillant star of “Gambling Lady,” which is coming to the .......... Theatre next commented recently, “I’ve waited five years for this story, but it was worth waiting for!” Coming from such a_ popularly acclaimed star, this is news — and newsworthy of an unusually stimulating contest, open to all people who get something of a kick out of taking a crack at winning—no matter what. But before we tell you what you may win, you naturally want to be told how you may win. So here’s the dope. Of all the many things which have happened to you in the rast five years, there’s surely some one thing which stands out in your mind as having been of greatest importance. Possibly you were married. Possibly you were divorced. Or you may — Peaven _bless_yen! —have inherited a huge fortune from ‘an Uncle in Australia’, But regardless of what it was, once you have made up your mind about it, write a brief letter to the Contest Editor, in care of this paper, in which you describe it — that is, tell what it was, how it came about and why you think it really was of greater importance than anything else. You needn’t be too detailed. In fact, the more to the point your letter is, the more likely you are to win the favor of the Contest Editor. And now for the prizes. To the five who submit the best letters of not over 150 words (hist prizes here). Then after you have done this, bear in mind the opening date of “Gambling Lady,’ featuring Barbara Stanwyek and Joel McCrea. Besonshamdcatbie... as. eee MMe etm Git ete ee ies sate ea night for this new Warner Bros. dramatic hit. SIX WAY CONTEST Barbara Stanwyck is a successful gambler in “Gambling Lady” because she can maintain a poker face. Run a contest for the best noker face in your city. This contest can be run in numerous ways: 1. With photographs, contestants submitting absolutely expressionless pictures of themselves. 2. Having a newspaper photographer step up to passersby on the street to see if they can qualify as the best poker face. 3. Having a poker game in the lobby, eight at a time with a judge to watch as the hands are picked up and played. 4. Having a gag man in the lobby with a crowd around him and prizes for anyone who can maintain a straight face. 5. Putting a photographer in the lobby with a sign inviting anyone to step up and have his picture taken—the photographer, if a live wire can make them all laugh. 6. Tie up with a _ photomaton house in which each person gets one photomaton picture to show his poker face. The winners get a free picture. Inducement to the machine owner is that he can sell the pictures to the contestants. Prize Wedding Photos Bet you never thought of this one! Use this still in connection with a prize-offer for the best picture of a bride and groom. Get them all going over their old photos to dig out a picture of the wedding. Photographers come in for their notice and should cooperate for prizes. Mat No. 19—20c. Barbara Stanwyck and Joel McCrea, depicting the roles of Lady Lee and Garry Madison, in the magnificent wedding scene that features “Gambling Lady,” new Warner Bros. drama at the Strand. Have you a unique wedding photograph? It may be a picture of an entire wedding party, or a photograph of the bridal couple. It may show the ceremony, or simply the heads of the couple. It may be old or it may be new. The big question is— Is it unusual? Valuable prizes will be awarded winners of the Wedding Photograph contest that starts today. Look in the old family album—you’ll probably find there a picture of your wedding, or your parents’ or grandparents’ nuptial ceremony, that may win you a prize. The grandeur of the surroundings mean nothing. The human “appeal” means everything. Send in your photograph. It will be carefully preserved and you may reclaim it when the contest ends. HEADLINES With the front pages blazing headlines on police raids to wipe out gambling, you have a natural to tie-in with your showing of “Gambling Lady.”’ Clip the daily news items, mount them on a large display beard. Punch out this copy: .. . SHE DISCOVERED THE GAME WASN’T ON THE LEVEL EITHER IN A GAMBLING DEN OR IN A SWANKY PENTHOUSE . .. BARBARA’ STAN. WYCK IN “GAMBLING LADY.”’