Gambling Lady (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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4-Day Contest for 4-Star Cast! Can You Identify These Movie Stars? Have you a “camera” eye? If you can develop one—if you can qualify as an observer, you are invited to be the guest of the ae eels el akan ims Theatre during the engagement of the “Gambling Lady,” starring Barbara Stanwyck. Pictured above are four of the principal actors of the big Warner Bros. feature. Who is the lady with the half mask ? Can you recognize her—from posters and previous pictures in which she has appeared ? Send in your idea today. If you are correct, you’ll be invited to witness the production. If you can identify all the actors correctly, write a 50 word letter, telling “Which is MY Favorite Star—and Why” A valuable prize awaits the writer of the winning letter. Address your letters to Star Contest Editor, (name of newspaper). In announcing winners run mat No. 12 from Publicity section with final story Complete set of 4 mats on this page available as unit. Order Mat No. 13,—50c. The four principal stars are combined in this identification contest. Conducted in advance on a day to day basis, prizes or guest tickets are awarded daily for correct identifications. At the end of the contest a grand prize may be offered to the one sending in correct list of identifications and best short letter on: “Which is My Favorite Star and Why.” Name Masker and Be Theatre Guest -RaaReS Too bad, folks! Now you see that the lady whose identity so many of you failed to guess yesterday was not Barbara Stanwyck, star of “Gambling Lady,” the Warner Bros. feature film that opens at Uta: ) May pee MhoatTe™ OM ascii ont It is Claire Dodd, famous portrayer of vamp roles, who is the homewrecker in the film play. Contest editors don’t always do the obvious thing. Now try to recognize, rather than guess at the identity of the handsome young man just below her. If you send in the correct name, you will be invited to witness the production, as the guest of (name of the newspaper). The contest will continue for two more days. If you have identified all of them correctly, write a_ letter, telling which is your favorite star, and why. The best letter, in the opinion of this newspaper and the...... theatre, will win a valuable prize. Address your letters to the Star Contest Editor (name of newspaper and address), Many Masked Star Fans Win Awards The fair forehead and _ trustinspiring eyes of Joel McCrea proved no mystery to the fair fans yesterday, for many of them were able to identify the leading man of “Gambling Lady,” which WAMU ODON bbe eA te. ucts t CHEAERO SOMES teary eine ae ae: Here’s another chance to witness the Warner Bros. feature as the guest of (name of newspaper). Directly below McCrea is the half-masked portrait of a famous screen star. Who is she? Don’t guess! Use your memories! You should be able to recognize her. Those of you who have been correct so far, are directly in line for a valuable prize which will be awarded the writer of the best letter on “Who is My Favorite Star and Why” submitted by any contestant who has had a perfect identification score. When the contest ends tomorrow, write your letter to the Star Contest Editor (name of paper). Last Chance to Win Masked Star Prizes You were right. Almost all of you. Removal of the lady’s mask reveals Barbara Stanwyck, glamorous star of “Gambling Lady,” the Warner Bros. feature which ODENS Abt tHe voici own ne Theatre Those who knew her will be guests of the (newspaper) during the engagement of the production here. Now comes the final’ test. Directly below Miss Stanwyck is the masked picture of a famous motion picture player. Do you know him? If you do, you are qualified for a guest ticket to the show and also to submit a 50 word letter on “Which is My Favorite Star —and Why.” The writer. of the best letter, who has had a perfect identification score, will win a valuable prize. The name of the grand prize winner will be announced as soon as the judges hand down their award. Address your letter to the Star Contest Editor (name of paper). Page Fifteen