Gambling Lady (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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$ ARF on RHE AY S THAT TELL THE STORY © Barbara Stanwyck in coming to the Strand, wears this jaunty Canton crepe suit. It has a monotone skirt and a smart checked jacket. (Studio Style 927; Still BS. 368) Barbara Stanwyck in an exciting all-day frock of crepe. The turtle neck blouse is of quilted mousseline de soie. One of the striking models she wears in ‘‘Gambling Lady’’ com ing to the Strand Theatre. (Studio Style 923; Still BS. 374) “Gambling Lady” NEW Akron Onion. cee. a M. O’Neil Co. Allentown, Pa........... Daniel McGuire Atlanta, Ga....... Geo. Muse Clothing Co. AthensiiGariie tat ae M. G. Michael Baltimore, Maryland....... Hutzler Bros. Bellingham, Washington ....... Newton’s Binghamton, (N23 Y. 2... The Morton Co. Birmingham, Alabama.... . J. Blach & Sons Boston, Mass...... Wm. Filene’s Sons Co. Bradford st Pan ncaa. 3 J. Kreinson & Bros. Bridgeport, Conn...... Howland, D. G. Co. Brooklving SING Yio cs senbe ac. Frederick Loeser Bronxville Ne Y6 2: Chez Marie, Inc. 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For Further Details, Write STUDIO STYLES, Inc., 530 Seventh Avenue, New York City Page Sixteen