Gambling Lady (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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‘2 = m 1 Rien aa rine _ bring your flat feet with you. glad to sce that, I sure am! ( rf McCrea) : ae } ne Sta » | Come Ces eS me me f narrat is eouny, bes ‘the cell: i GARRY: | j Lady, Lady, I am so sor [ ait mean | to— . LADY: No explanations 3 ne. eeded—| or wanted, GARRY: But tian LADY: (sai stically) I sigudiG| recognize you ut your uniform. GARRY: Please, Lady—listen— let me— : LADY: (laughi: ah ant you did | Pim GARRY: T! _ LADY: No it’s a scream. GARRY: (earnestly ) I tell you) again, Lady, as ou last night at isw’t funny. @> fT think itis, I think tr Rees. T ever age two Cop LOfe ‘strangers Wi: ree han ca again in | rn) Unto tunat bison oe | re | sorry ! ea, P: . OvBricn, C. Au ; i me | friend? Le see him coldly: as: ene ente rs her | f anb| along the corridor) a LANG: Be yourself, aaady — be | VOICE: | turns, door opens) | LANG: Okay! Follow good little ORE y, “G lar person — 1 tin, door opens) GARRY: LADY: Oh, that’s all if ‘1 + | to the ing steps) Okay! Beat eee ioe this morning! 3 _ CHARLIE: Yeah? is Mr. That, my boy, is stinget dee = iss Hangin’ out | bi(dison eee fo ae son of the millionaire Mr, west—! are on ie: ll mpage me same ! for Pe: a to be on the level wit you, Lady—and he told me _hisself—that— LADY: /What did he tell you? sneaking— LANG: Don’t git on your high horse now—Lady! LADY: Go on. said! LANG: Well, you know yourself, Tell me what he months now! Suppose you do play y Jim says. What aks it bead It’s Se a nie glad rags! qeper in a minute— “LAN G: Sure it’s Jueky! From now on, Jim says, sa his fei f Dye g eae to ee b« Lp Vm through with ie game! oe yourself! (off, guard sieatiine | gruffly) Here y’ are, Miss — (key| old Charlie, Lady, and yow’ll wear |. d?’mon’s— Millionaire playboy who t -(hey ah : (off) VU sce you again, it! (loud Who’s ‘ae ie wet «| Game! ; with son of } Newport—Miami and points | your cena Whose ares is pa all over town — his or| mine? Did he care when they called me crook, cheat, come-on-dame? — LANG: At that, Jim Fallon tried | y.: Lady—you, been in the red for twor| — Jim says, what do | you want him to, do — want him to] drop fifty grand to protect Siig ‘see! ches, | —that girl is Di ] event. | — To saaieats any se at all, you gotta | ©! ] ! You know what I} /mean — but hustle up — get on your | They’ll be here with the | LADY: (not paying attention) In| ai a romeae lucky this happened to | ,| ment, Lady, and if possible it me love you even |a good egg, at 1 LANG: steak sodiee tac li Mls for ‘our way, (Br ny if a few m yan Mga Ca All I ean say is—I’m| * 1 Aikin! I seen her for— LADY: (coldly) She’s your friend me —go yourself—Dll stay here— _ Nonsens: | Sheila, 5 Pantene i oe you we in Cairo! | SHEILA: I was. But somebody {told me YOU were here—and so—lI T’m stopping with your Aw at Mentone. 7 br Emily cable ? GARRY: Not a word. — ie e the ol. sucker. | mann eas Pa Geis |to drag you over for the we Pm not 4 tone v) ‘ourse: you ee Well 1 be expectyou. Sorry, I must dash Obl How stupid of me. I nearly | oh i | forgot to return your | It’s customary, I believe! Good bye, ease is! GARRY: ( gins in dis r cle Garry! | (of) through the Nothin, z—nothing | at all | i aie Lady? Ss z don’t like that | “(his voice lg a dame. You mean aa | don’t like that. geil esis deg Teste) Rote _| that woman— | tation of primitive jealousy. In othe words yowre playing me a ¢ more—Let?s out on the balcony—look at the moon— ‘aos at bao: nee ou the water her ite it LADY: — convineed) her <a ring?) | GARRY: hs: (laughing) Never saw it eae gambling is still I haven’t | est Didn’t Peter | ) Where are} “Madison. You} ~ dat ee ee | fore, ’ll tell you now. | know, darling—yow’re giving an imi-| ts oun . —you mustn’ttake th | hea Bh ~ | 1ets onde ald about re [axe me? — : follows, Gar fie! win Garry. he is in the Tombs and | that 0 / ten thousand dollars to. get o out. | . ee is now in ae meng tat | her how ' a ange LADY: bail out my friends. | | Shake yourself loose from that pawn /the morning. LADY: There’s no hurry. CHARLIE: That ten grand’s chicken feed compared to bike ah I got | | comin’ in, LADY: ‘What did you do, vie into e | an inheritance? CHARLIE: An’ how! loaded with info, baby, that it’s’ gonna cost somebody a hundred grand before I’m through. LADY: I’m not going moral on you, Charlie, but you ought to know] | better than try a shakedown — and listen, I hate ee or Bn, Picclacn: you . more, CHARLIE: Yeah? Is ouldire baat any ather jae pias | around— | GARRY: | glad you said that, Lang. | just the way I feel about it. CHARLIE: you, Garry? GARRY: (excited, in loud voice) | /In case I didn’t make it plain be| : don’t want | you coming to the house! | want you Siders cae familiarly) Haw are | ae you dia get that father !— GARRY: money from my is music rea hes its height—| 4 One day Charlie Tang | ast Isends a messenger. to Lady to say hs e—(off) siasoe | remembers the time when Charlie did | |the same for her, and when Garry || a] far breach of promise. — (gently) | Don’t you see, Lady, it’s just as | when you see ire af her Sunday, om those pretty teeth | | of yours, and beg her not to sue me} S| only dad—Lady—May I come in Pa Petes It’s Sips a pleasure Bs Is Okay. I get| see ae Be-|_ jout of “this ates. shi pits ‘due or]? | iy seach bi — lita BORE: Hage (continuing Pep A ea jing in my. | ticket and T’ll have your ice back in| day. | you 7 Vm that | dear — (off—menacingly) Vm | a | place « over iy ticket, rested and the ticket was Shape on eee save 2 de. “of soft ae a Kioebind. t door) | L ee (off) Who. is fe PE ER: (deep, kindly ried. LADY: Why, of course, | (door opening) = 2 PETE ne con neerned)) much he appreciates her | taj_ j v Sic ey th e ropes cheeks anc a LADY: | What ane that got to. do aN with it? | _ PETER: aie mi walking out in game! | LADY: You don’t know what’s happened — “ eens 3 Lae R ne True a6 don’t want 1 was foun ae was. ar re was the per a Regine eek “GOOD ‘LUGK. (THE END)