Gambling on the High Seas (Warner Bros.) (1940)

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SEE Crooked Gambling Dramatically Exposed! ° WAYNE MORRIS ‘SEF a Plank-walking Execution .. . Modern Style! SE 100 Mile-Per-Hour Speedboat Sea Chase! E SF the Law Defied by Gangland’s & Newest, Cleverest Racket! ZZ A WARNER BROS.-First National Picture Directed by GEORGE AMY wn JANE WYMAN Screen Play by Robert E, Kent From an Idea by Martin Mooney GILBERT ROLAND es JOHN LITEL » i H E A ES E ROGER PRYOR Vitegroph, Inc. Mat 301—6 inches x 3 columns (258 lines)—45c (Theatre) exposes with JANE WYMAN GILBERT ROLAND + JOHN LITEL + ROGER PRYOR Directed by GEORGE AMY-A WARNER BROS.-A First Nat'l Picture Screen Play by Robert E. Kent From an Idea by Martin Mooney De tay Ty 3 with JANE WYMAN : citbert ROLAND « John LITEL Roger PRYOR Directed by GEORGE AMY » A WARNER BROS.-First Nat'l Picture Screen Play by Robert E. Kent From an Idea by Martin Mooney Vitagraph, Inc. Vitegraph, Inc. Mat 201—5!/, inches x 2 columns (148 lines) —30c Mat 202—6 inches x 2 columns (166 lines)—30c Country of origin U.S.A. Copyright 1940 Vitagraph, Inc. License to reproduce with copyright notice granted newspapers, magazines and other periodicals. Page Two