Gambling on the High Seas (Warner Bros.) (1940)

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Sail Into This Ac Attract Attention With Card Gag Tie-in your local merchants on playing card giveaway with billing and playdate imprinted. Patrons of cooperating stores receive one card from deck with each purchase. Guest tickets go to anyone getting a straight flush. Idea combines novelty with advertising and the possibility of ticket winners bringing a cash customer along with them to your show. Lucky Number Card Bally Week prior to opening attendant stands in lobby with deck of cards and gives one to each of first fifty-two patrons. Opening night of picture, manager picks a card out of another deck and awards prize to person who picked that card. Same gag can be worked effectively with numbered heralds. Select Prettiest Local Blonde Cueing on Jane Wyman's role in picture, run contest in cooperation with newspaper to select Most Beautiful Blonde Secretary. Ballots are found on theatre page of paper with notices posted in all gathering places in factories and office buildings. Winner is announced on opening night of film and is awarded prizes promoted from merchants. Invite Localites To Radio Forum With radio a potent selling factor of the day, sponsor a program patterned after the popular forum type inviting police commissioner, local district-attorney or criminal lawyer, and mayor to discuss "How Can We Keep Our City Free From Crime," or "The Problem of America's Gambling Ships." HERALD! Your show with action ad mat 301. Reverse side is for theatre imprint or merchant coop. Use for direct mailing, package stuffers, and giveaways at action fan meeting places around your locality. Page Four Camera Contest For Kids Ke PWitagragh, Inc. In film Wayne Morris exposes crooked gamblers when he photographs their equipment. In keeping with this idea, promote contest for youthful candid camera fiends. Tell them to photograph anything that looks suspiciously illegal and hand in pix to theatre manager or chief of police. Best photos win passes. Get On The Air With This Radio Plug Spot this radio plug over your local station before or after the many gangster, mystery, and detective programs. "Calling all harbor police! There's ‘Gambling On The High Seas'! ... of a million dollars in gambler's gold . . . crew in modern luxury liner has a cargo cludes one hundred gangsters and blonde girl accomplice ... three miles out! See crooked gambling exposed by ace G-Men in the fastest moving action thriller of the year! See ‘Gambling On The High Seas' with Wayne Morris, Jane Wyman, and an excellent supporting cast at the Strand Theatre beginning Friday. It's the thrill-drama you've been waiting for!" Guess-The-Card Contest Lobby Stunt Place a table in your lobby with a pack of cards on it. An attendant standing by offers to admit anyone free who will guess the first card he turns up. This creates a lot of interest, and since the chances of guessing the right one are only one in fifty-two, it won't cost you many passes. Play Up Nautical Atmosphere For your showing of the picture place scene stills against a nautical lobby background including pennants, life preservers, gangplank, ships railing, and fog horn. Your artist can construct a huge broadside of an ocean liner that will attract attention, especially from folks suffering from the heat. 40 x 60 In Lobby Sells Thrill Fans Set up forty by sixty frame in lobby with news flashes relating to gambling exposes. Head reads, "The screen becomes the living newspaper." If you look through the newspaper morgue of last fall, you'll find plenty of headlines pertaining to gambling ships and police seizure. Inquiring Reporter Quizzes Patrons During course of film's action, a man is shown winning twelve thousand dollars at the gaming table. Have inquiring reporter or man-in-street quiz: ''What would you do if you suddenly acquired $12,000.00?" 1.0.U.’s Make Novel Handout Gag Distribute handbills (or use on reverse side of herald) reading, "l.O.U. $1,000,000 —worth of thrills. Come to the Strand Theatre on Friday and be repaid when you see Wayne Morris and Jane Wyman in "Gambling On The High Seas’." 2 Ways to Get Civic Backing For Your Show 1. Your showing of "Gambling on The High Seas’ may prove to be a springboard for local anti-crime campaign. If there's any illegal gambling going on in town, women's and civic organizations have a chance to crusade, garnering plenty of valuable newspaper space for you. 2. Since so many students of high school and college age are becoming socially conscious of national ills directly attributed to crime, a lecture by prominent civic official and professor of law sponsored by your theatre would be extremely timely.