Gambling on the High Seas (Warner Bros.) (1940)

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Blow Up Ad Mat For “See” Display Effective ''See'' display can be made from blowup of ad mat No. 301. Paste up on compo board and set up in lobby for thrill fan attraction in advance of showing. Get Merchant Co-op With This Slogan “You're Not Gambling When You Deal at i | Use this headline for full page of co-op ads in local paper. Tie-in with merchants in town plus investment houses, banks, mortgage and insurance companies. Use Presshook Cover In Your Campaign The cover of this pressbook makes an excellent display for lobby, blowups, or posting around town. Cut off or rewrite the bottom line and mount on 40x60. Surround with exciting scene stills. Contact Feature Ed On True Adventures If you know of anyone in your community who has come in direct contact with crooked gamblers or any other dangerous criminals, contact newspaper's feature editor for coverage among localites on "My True-Life Adventure" angle. Tag Underliners For Cartoon Fans Since your local paper runs cartoon strips catering to action fans of all ages, why not tag underliners tieing in with your show? If this can't be arranged, place a spot announcement or small ad on the same page. Surprint and Give Out Pulps Don't forget to contact your local dealer for distribution of tagged or surprinted back number mystery and detective magazines. Have pretty gal hand 'em out a week in advance of showing. Display Large Compo Roulette Wheel Large compo board roulette or ship’s wheel is prominently displayed in lobby. Wheel has a square cut out, and when backboard is twirled by handles, various stills from branch set (available at your local exchange) come into view. Get Patron Interest With Lobby Exhibit Lobby display of every gambling device from the old shell game to slot machine will prove to be eye-catcher. Similar displays in large cities brought public interest plus roto and magazine layouts. If you're short on equipment, perhaps the police will lend you some that they've seized. Police Chief Warns City’s Youth Enlist aid of police chief who writes short articles for local newspaper addressed to youth of the city warning them to beware of gambling and the bad habits it leads to —admonishing them that "you can't get away with it." Subject can also serve as an essay topic with arrangement being made for publishing of best in school paper. | Vocabulary Test On Gambling Terms Print this list of terms on a six by nine inch throwaway. At top offer ducats to first dozen people who send in best definitions in fewest words. Reverse side of flyer carries selling copy. List is as follows: croupier ___"'banker'"' at roulette table. cold deck _"'fixed"' cards. pone _player to right of dealer. double zero extra figure on roulette wheel —difficult to win on. seeing _____closing the betting and exposing the hands. little slam____all the tricks but one. bust poor hand. yarborough_ nothing above a nine. PUTED oe trumping above a suit. fan tan_____ gambling game of Chinese origin. finesse_____ taking a chance on location of high cards. grand slam__all the tricks. holdout_____device for secreting a card. bust______ poor hand. inside______one card possible to fill a straight. Promote Eye-Catching Street Bally Get man to parade streets wearing complete outfit save for a shirt. Copy on back reads, ''l lost my shirt gambling. Learn why when you see 'Gambling on the High Seas' now playing at the Strand Theatre with Wayne Morris and Jane Wyman." Summer Tie-Up Stills Contact local merchants with these specially posed tie-up stills for window displays on WAYNE MORRIS — wrist watch, WM 169; yachting cap, WM 222; slack suit, WM 226; lightweight suit, WM 253; camera, WM Pub A 289. JANE WYMAN — sun glasses, JW 251; playsuit, JW 449; evening gown, JW 469; sport dress, JW 500; and cotton housecoat, JW 523. Entire set of ten stills sells for 90c. Order “Gambling TieUp Stills” from Warner Bros. Campaign Plan Editor, 321 West 44th St., New York City. Page Five