Gentleman Jim (Warner Bros.) (1942)

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SPECIAL PUBLICITY FO “Watch out for Alexis Smith!” the fan magazine and film reviewers warned at the time she made her debut Oh Wind. li Winter Comes These three stunning fur coats are worn by Alexis Smith, starred in “Gentleman Jim” at the Strand Theatre. Lert: Warm and serviceable is this full-length gray Persian coat fashioned on princess lines. It has the pop ular bell sleeves with wind-resistant lining. A good coat for war work. CENTER: An elegant evening cape of Eastern mink may do double duty for daytime wear. It is three-quarter length and fastens at the throat with clips. Richt: Sheared beaver is used for this smart coat styled with melon sleeves and standup collar. The matching pillbox hat has a dark brown jersey drape under the chin. in “Dive Bomber.” Today, a full-fledged star, appearing opposite Errol Flynn in “Gentleman Jim,” Alexis Smith rates Class A with the movie-going public. Period Gowns of New Film Intluence Todays Styling Despite the fact that the Warner Bros. production, ‘“Gentleman Jim,” is the life story of James J. Corbett, and is set in the Gay Nineties period, the beautiful gowns worn by Alexis Smith, lovely feminine star of the picture, have an influence on present-day styling. In their patterns, materials and trimming notes, modern stylists and home dressmakers will find much inspiration for new design. Several exquisite suits worn by Alexis are made of velvet and velveteen—materials that are rich and flattering for Winter wear. Now that wool is scarce, because of war needs, these materials will come into their own again. Interesting trim, such as mink edgings on a burnt-henna velvet suit, will undoubtedly be used on _ the dressy suits chosen by women this Fall and Winter. Vivid ‘color combinations, such as a scarlet jacket and black skirt may well be adapted. Even an interesting note of sophisticated femininity—the fischu of black lace at the neckline— would be dashing trim for the modern suit. will be elegant in a lovely eggshell-colored slipper satin. The delicate shoulder straps of pale pink velvet would enhance the beauty of the most modern gown. An exquisite flower trim, made of embroidered crystal and pink bugle beads, would make the simplest of gowns the richest. The short cape that tops this gown is of matching satin and tiered rows of net which are edged in_ silver thread. It had romance in the 90’s, and would have romance today. And the addition of the gay little boutonniere of pink flowers with its purple velvet ribbon trim would complete the note of youth. Accessories, too, will have their influence. Alexis has a very smart little bag of black velvet, lined with red, to carry with the red and black suit. It has no clasps (which is all to the good, because metals are on the priority list), is not hampered by the imminent leather shortage, yet it is a bag that any woman would be proud to carry. It closes with drawstrings, a touch that modern bag makers will soon use. “Gentleman Jim” opens Fri isRE ARE NO PRIORITIES on furs! That’s cause there is no fur shortage. ‘your coat this year will probablybe l . The little more that a fur coat -osts © 7Ou will be paid back several times over, for styling of wartime furs is of a duration quality, and such coats have the added attraction of adaptability to all kinds of wear—from sports to formal. Alexis Smith, lovely, glamorous star of the Warner Bros.’ film “Gentleman Jim,’ now at the Strand, considers her newest fur coat one of her best investments. Of richly sheared beaver, it is styled with melon sleeves and tiny collar. It has deep armholes and plenty of fullness—easy to wear over suits or heavy winter clothes. Since furs will be worn more than ever this Winter, it might be well to mention a few facts about its care. First and foremost, get into the habit of shaking your furs vigorously, just as you would brush your clothes before putting them on. Don’t stroke or pat furs. If you get caught in the rain with your fur coat on, don’t try to dry it out quickly. Comb a smooth-haired fur down and hang the coat by itself. When it is dry, shake it thoroughly. Don’t drive in your furs— they are liable to flatten into a solid mat. And above all, have your furs cleaned and glazed at least once a year. If you remember these simple facts, you will greatly increase the life of your precious fur coat, which will keep you warm and beautiful for many winters. For formal occasions, Alexis day at the Strand Theatre. Three-column photo layout above available on mat (no type). Order ‘’GJ Mat 301B’’—45c—from Campaign Plan Editor, 321 W. 44 St., N. Y. C. Alexis Smith is. bringing some of her clothes patriotically up-to-date. “Particularly my sweaters,” says Alexis. “I am having a gold eagle embroidered on a red sweater, and navy blue star and chevrons of felt stitched on a white one. It is not only a patriotic touch but an extremely smart one.” * * * To brighten black ensembles or contrast outfits Alexis will wear a periwinkle blue woolen cape with embroidered self fabric appliques down each side of the opening. She has also acquired one of those stunning high caps of knitted black chenille. To enable it to go with many ensembles, it is studded with vari-colored sequins. Her pet gloves to wear in combination with this chapeau are of black, also of chenille. * * * “If you don’t want to spend 6 Alexis Alit-Arounp Ais the money for another over-theshoulder saddle leather bag this year, here’s a tip,” says Alexis. “As everyone knows, these handbags this year are featuring a small outside pocket for ‘personals.’ As my last year’s bag is in very good condition, I purchased a_ small leather pocket to match and had my shoemaker stitch it on the outside of the big bag.” * * * Alexis dressed up her last year’s monotone dress by wearing a pair of cyclamen doeskin gloves and pouch bag to wear with a black wool dress. The set was designed by Milo Anderson, and caused so much favorable comment that Milo was busy designing them for other actresses. * * * Alexis Smith is sporting a very clever lapel ornament which she made herself. It consists of three coin purses, in navy blue red, stitched together so that they lap over each other. She wears and_ white, them with navy blue, red or white ensembles, and _ they’re not only decorative but usable if she wants to carry a lipstick or mad money in them. * * * Clever Alexis makes three outfits out of one by changing her neck trim and hat. With a simply styled navy ‘blue faille ~guit as her basic costume, she acquires a perfect ensemble for afternoon affairs by adding a crisp, scalloped collar of white eyelet embroidery with neckband of white pique, and topping the outfit with a tiny pillbox hat of white felt with eyelet trim. Alexis Smith is sporting a very clever muff and hat ensemble that: will be worn much this Winter. Both the tiny, cushioned beret and muff-purse are of quilted emerald-green velveteen. Still Lex 374; Mat 206—30c Alexis Smith, glamorous star of “Gentleman Jim” at the Strand Theatre, models this exquisite white evening dress designed by Orry-Kelly. The wool crepe top has squared shoulders, fitted waistline and long sleeves. The skirt, which is beaded with white bugle beads, hangs from a low ered waistline. It is pencil slim, though slight gathers at the front give it a graceful swing.