Give Me Your Heart (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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A REASONABLY PRICED HERALD Printed one side only and the saving passed on to you! Plenty of room for the balance oot of your program and theatre imprint on the reverse side. By confining copy to one $ 3 OO per M side we save 50c per thousand which we deduct from your cost! The unrestricted eee space on the reverse side is being used to practical advantage by many showmen for the whole week’s program. $ eal 73 tail M Is it “ ROLAND YOUNG | PATRIC & . “HENRY STEPHENSON FRIED | INESCORT ted . MAYO THREE COLOR COMBINATION SIZE 9a,12" SMART LAYOUT AND ART WORK A GREAT FLASH BEAUTIFUL LITHOGRAPHY A SENSIBLE BUY A Cosmopolitan Production @ Country of origin U. S. A. Copyright 1936 Vitagraph, Inc. All rights reserved. Copyright is waived to magazines and newspapers.