Give Me Your Heart (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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OFFICIAL BILLING Below is the official billing for “Give Me Your Heart.” It is important that this be followed without change or variation. Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. 25% present KAY FRANCIS = “GIVE ME YOUR HEART” =: with GEORGE BRENT © «« and Roland Young ae Patric Knowles ba Henry Stephenson . Frieda Inescort ng Directed by Archie L. Mayo 10% A Cosmopolitan Picture (* Note) 20% Grp sep s (* Note) This credit must appear in the same trade mark lettering as used on the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine. CAST OF CHARACTERS Belinda Warren. Jim Baker... Tubbs—s—sd—sdicis Robert Melford... Edward, Lord Farrington Rosamond Melford... . Dr. Florence Cudahy. . Olivet ker Esther Warren. Alice Dodd Reig ag tines Kay Francis Cee ee ee. RS George Brent seek ak Roland Young ..... Patric Knowles Henry Stephenson _.. . Frieda Inescort ee Helen Flint Halliwell Hobbes ...... £effie Tilbury ianeanoare > Elspeth Dudgeon eager yeti ner ee een a ST, MA eee Eee sek ce PRODUCTION STAFF PITCCIOR Ss Cena ON ee pee a ae Archie L. Mayo Screen play bys. _....Casey Robinson rrcin. Che play Bye foe eg eee Jay Mallory Photography by. _...... Sidney Hickox, A.S.C. Fi EGON 6 en on ete ee ee ee James Gibbons Put Ditectors i eee Max Parker and C. M. Novi GOWNS By OO ek oe eR Leah ts Orry-Kelly MAISICAN INCOHOE) Gre hk os pe eee Leo F. Forbstein ea ee Loo ee AOS GR S069 FEET 88 MINUTES THE STORY Belinda Warren (Kay Francis), just returned home to England from years in Italy, and Robert Melford (Patric Knowles), son of a British lord, are carrying on a secret romance. Melford is married, his wife Rosamond (Frieda Inescort), being a_ semi-invalid. Knowing this, “Tubbs” Barrow (Roland Young), a genial playwright and novelist, friend of the Melfords and also of Linda, tries to intervene. When he finds out that Linda loves Bob despite her knowledge that Bob loves his semi-invalid wife, he can see no way out. Linda goes to Italy to consult her father but does not have a chance to do so because her father succumbs to a sudden heart attack. Returning to England, nearly penniless and forced to live on the bounty of a stiff, unfriendly aunt, Esther Warren (Zeffie Tilbury), she reveals to the sympathetic Tubbs that she is to have a child. Tubbs manages things so that Linda agrees to give up the child to the invalid Rosamond, who has longed for children but cannot have any of her own. So Melford and Rosamond take the child as their own, and Linda, heartbroken, departs for America. Enroute she meets Jim Baker (George Brent), a wealthy young American business man. He falls in love with her, and finally marries her on her own terms, for she cannot promise to love him, and she will not reveal the story of her past. She tries to be a good wife to him, but her nerves are perpetually unstrung, and her only refuge is in a gay social life. Tubbs finally makes an excuse to look her up. He sees things are not going well, and that she and Jim are at the breaking point. Plotting their lives as he would a novel, he succeeds in bringing them unexpectedly together with Melford and Rosamond, who have come to America with him. At first Jim and Rosamond do not suspect what strange tension and excite ment is gripping the others in the scene. Then Rosamond, noting Linda’s resemblance to her child, whom she now loves and regards as a son, realizes this woman is its mother. So she tells Linda privately she knows this. The two women, instinctively hating each other at first, suddenly find understanding and a strange sort of friendship. Rosamond leads Linda up to their hotel room to see “their” son, little Edward. Linda, convinced of Rosamond’s love for the child, has all her worries lifted from her shoulders, and is at last free to give her love to Jim as a reward for his unfailing devotion, his unquestioning acceptance of her past mystery and reserves. She also has come to really love him. (Special Accessory Dept. Announcement) . RS SPECIAL BARGAIN ON BLOCK PAPER FOR SHOWMEN WHO BOOK ‘CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE’ Here are the special prices which will be in effect for this big picture. Tear this out and keep it on your desk When you book “LIGHT BRIGADE” you will want to take advantage of this special buy. 24-SHEETS 6-SHEETS 3-SHEETS 2-SHEETS 1-SHEETS Watch for these advance tips concerning Warner Bros’. new Advertising Accessories Policy Page Three eC st <p aee