Give Me Your Heart (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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Give me your heart’ EXPLOITATION flue Usable Fashon Stunts Kay Francis is considered Hollywood’s best dressed actress. Take advantage of this important selling angle and try to work as many fashion slants as you can. FASHION SHOW ON STAGE Stores are announcing their new fall fashions, so why not co-operate with one or more of the larger stores and stage a parade of fashions behind your footlights? Store should be willing to stand cost of models dressed in their latest designs. And in return for credits you give on your screen and in lobby announcing show, they should devote some of their newspaper ads to plugging Francis and film. BEST DRESSED WOMAN CONTEST Kay Francis has been selected as the “screen’s best dressed actress”” so many times that her claim to the distinction is hardly questioned. A search for the local best-dressed woman should make an interesting contest. Try to get your local paper to co-operate with you by running advance stories and photos of Kay. Wind up with pictures of winner taken on your stage. Of course prizes will include clothes and guest ducats. PHOTOS OF WELL-DRESSED WOMEN Have a roving photog take pictures of women in shopping district. You might be able to borrow one of those movie cameras with a still attachment that take walking pictures. After snapping a pic, he hands out a card telling ’em to go to your lobby and see if they have been chosen as one of the best dressed women in the city. Displayed in lobby is a large easel board with card reading ‘““HERE ARE ROCHESTER’S BEST DRESSED WOMEN! ARE YOU AMONG THEM?” Folks identifying themselves from photos mounted on board are invited to be your guest at showing of film. CUT-OUTS FOR MODEL DISPLAY Use some life-size cutouts of Kay as models for frocks in dress shop windows. CONTEST FOR AMATEUR FASHION EXPERTS Your local paper may be willing to help you sell the fashion angle in this film. One way would be to run a contest appealing to all women who are amateur fashion experts. Have the folks pick what they think is the most attractive costume for Kay Francis, using the ads in the co-operating paper to choose from. Paper should go for this because it gets em reading the ads. atre) if it rains between 7 and 8 P.M. (opening day and date). Nine times out of ten it will not rain... But if it does rain, there will be only a few take advantage of the ride, for which you pay the company ... a cheap price for the flash week’s bally. Say Jt With Flowers A smart display of flowers in your lobby should get them down to your theatre. Arrange exhibit or contest with the cooperation of your leading florist. Might tie Arrange with the taxi company to carry signs across their radiator or in some prominent spot OUTSIDE their cab... a WEEK ahead of your playdate and ON THE OPENING DAY. The signs to read: FREE TAXI RIDE to see KAY FRANCIS in “GIVE ME YOUR HEART” at the (the Page Six the local newspaper in for some extra publicity. Florists should be able to use title of picture as subject for window displays or newspaper ads. One angle might be *‘When You Desire To Say GIVE ME YOUR HEART, Say It With Flowers!” Balloons Jn Window Arrange for a GOOD window at a busy intersection . .. Dress the window with stills from the picture ... but be careful to make the scenes rather vague, covering up all mention of title. Blow up a large quantity of colored balloons, and letter each balloon with a different letter from the tile... “GIVE ME YOUR HEART”... Near the floor, on each side of the window, place two electric fans, well screened, so as to blow the balloons back and forth ... You should use at least fifty or sixty balloons, and more if you have a large window ... A neat card explains that anyone guessing the title the balloons carry, may step into the store and fill out a blank which will be furnished them free . . . leaving their name and address . . . Offer tickets and other prizes for the proper solutions. Playing Card. Stunt A Offer FREE admission to the first 25 y couples . . . (must be man and woman couples) to arrive at your theatre between certain hours on your opening night and present the ACE of HEARTS at the box office... & You can head the an¥ nouncement of the ~ stunt: “Give Me Your Heart”... BE THE FIRST AT THIS THEATRE BETWEEN (HOURS) ON (DATE) AND PRESENT THE CASHIER WITH AN ACE OF HEARTS ... FREE ADMISSION TO THE FIRST 25 COUPLES PRESENTING THE PLAYING CARD. Jie-Up With Bike Shops 4 Bike stores, sports shops, department stores, etc., should give you a break with this still for window and counter displays. They might even be persuaded to go for a newspaper ad. Order Still SA83—10c, from the Campaign Editor, 321 West 44th St., N.Y.C.