Give Me Your Heart (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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Give me your heart’ EXPLOITATION “YY f h the dt. rf es: f LYVW3IH YNOA IW 3AI9 ‘GIVE ME YOUR HEART Order Mat No. 106—10¢c Here is a stunt that will attract attention and is a direct tie-up with the picture and theatre as well. We illustrate the folding heart cards herewith. This mat is available for your use. .. . Your printer can cast it and print the cards for you RED on white. ... You can have the designated hole punched and tie in pieces of red cord or string... In the mortised space, have your printer set in a number. ... That is, each pair of hearts have two numbers... as per illustration. ... Have your printer make several duplicate pairs . . . the rest you give out have no duplicates. The copy on the reverse side of the pair of hearts will explain the stunt to the public. The object is to get people to wear these little heart cards on their lapels or dresses and when one person meets another who has a corresponding number, they say: “Give Me Your Heart.” . . . Each tears their heart cards apart and they make the exchange, so that in case the numbers should be 10 and 11, as in illustration, one person would get two 11’s and the other two 10’s. . . . They both would present the two matched hearts at the box office of your theatre and obtain free admission. X-Word Puzzle For Ylewspapors 52 ACROSS: 1. White metal 3. Letter before O 4. Female star, (11th letter) 5. First letter 6. Letter before Z 7. Letter after E 8. Letter before S 9. Alpha 13. Letter before T 14. Feline 17. Took possession of 18. Letter after S 19. Belonging to that girl 20. Consume 21. Letter before S 22. Canine 24. Not out 25. Part of to be 27. Sensitive 30. Legume 32. Mixed type 34. Roman five 35. Place of conflict 37. Garden reptile 38. To rent for a period 40. Letter after U 41. Printer’s measure 43. Kind of pine tree 45. Doctor, abbrev. 46. Canadian national tree 47. Myself 48. To cut grass 50. Abbreviation of Thomas 52. Level 54. Bottom of shoe 55. Old form of you 56. Yes 57. Letter before Z DOWN: 1. 2000 lbs. 2. Neuter pronoun | 5. Exclamation 6. Still 7. Worry 10. Want 11. Automobile 12. Indian Territory 15. Public notice 16. Crest 17. Title of film, 4 words 18. Large woody plant 21. Not imaginary 23. Title of film, 4 words 25. Part of a circle 26. The finish 28. Lower the head 29. Daughter of American Rev. 30. Vim 31. Mother of Peer Gynt 36. Scoriatious lava 38. Louisiana 42. One who moves 47. Kind of tooth, grinder 49. You and I 50. Toward 53. At no time 54. Number before eight 66. Native of Iowa 58. Correlative of either 68. Perform 59. Royal Order 69. Neuter pronoun 61. Letter before V 70. One who eats 62. That man 72. By 63. Half an em 73. Rodent 64. Letter before V 76. Depart 65. Rhode Island 77. Exist 67. Road 80. Preposition 69. Inside 81. Buckeyey State 70. Comparative ending 82. Adoration 71. Jump like a toad 83. Ancient Troy 73. College hurrah 86. Negative 75. Female sheep 88. Either 76. Letter after F 91. Father, colloquial 77. Second letter 92. Myself 78. Extreme dislike 94. Inner 79. Abbreviation of Aaron 96. Part of to be 80. Also 82. A meadow 84. Beverage 85. Royal Navy 86. Negative 87. Toward 89. Railroad 90. Letter after S 91. Italian river 92. Third note 93. Roman six 95. Right angle 97. Mother 98. Male star (7th letter) 99. Letter after Q 100. Seventh letter 101. Fifth letter 102. Letter before C 103. Letter after Q 104. Letter after M 105. Letter before U 106. Belonging to me ao a ma ocr ae ie ft ee i i: lo | re Puzzle and _ solution available on Mat No. 205—20c. RENT YOUR DISPLAYS Your complete requirements in lobby and front material can be filled under this rental arrangement. Displays are shipped to your theatre sufficiently ahead of playdates to allow for advance selling. Order from AMERICAN DISPLAY CO., Inc. 525 West 43rd Street New York City 40 x80 SHADOWBOX 40 x 60 ART DISPLAY 30 x 40 ART DISPLAY kau Fravel ATTA = GEORGE BRENT 24 x 60 BANNER LIFE-SIZE STANDEE $6.50 each Hand-colored, photographic standees, illustrated, are mounted and easel-backed. Order from AMERICAN DISPLAY CO., Inc. 525 West 43rd St. New York City Page Seven