Give Me Your Heart (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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Give me your heart’ EXPLOITATION THE BIG STUDIO STYLES TIE-UP “Studio Styles” is going on a campaign spree exploiting the gorgeous gown worn by Kay Francis in this film, illustrated at left. Here’s what they'll do for you. Provide 30 x 40 still blow-ups for cooperating store windows. Newspaper ad mats, illustrating the dress. Publicity stories for cooperating stores to send to papers. Glossy 8 x 10 stills for newspaper illustration. Scene stills for store windows. The list of stores that will cooperate with you are shown below. In the event that your local department store is not on this list, contact Studio Styles and they will try to arrange the tie-up for you. For further information, write ARTHUR J. SANVILLE STUDIO STYLES, Inc. 530 SEVENTH AVE. NEW YORK CITY WHERE “STUDIO STYLES’ TIE-UPS CAN BE MADE ALABAMA Birmingham... ... 9 Burger-Phillips Co. Mobilena mer, +. L. Hammel Dry Goods Co. iMiONtSOMmery . lta, eee ee Al Levy’s, Inc. ARIZONA gueson’ ts)... 5 Seen .. .Levy’s Phoenix... <). Korrick’s Dry Goods Co. ARKANSAS [ittle Rockers: 5: : The M. M. Cohn Co. CALIFORNIA SachamMentO me ar uses naa Bon Marche FolivwOOd see. es Harry Cooper, Ltd. Freshmen: .2 oe E. Gottschalk & Co., Inc. Los Angeles. .J. J. Haggerty Stores, Inc. Berkeley. aenr ic Jee Hink& “Son San Erancisco. ..). 2 > Joseph Magnin Co. Stocktons 428. ee ee O’Farrell San: Diegow es The Marston Co. STOCKTON) 3.5 deste ccs The Wonder, Inc. CONNECTICUT New Haven...... The Edw. Malley Co. COLORADO DeNVCh 5c: Denver Dry Goods Co. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Washington..... Julius Garfinckel & Co. FLORIDA SterpeterspuUntess «0c taal Belle & Co. ®)plarcdOms we ueorh te ete Dickson-Ives Co. West Palm Beach...... Kerman’s, Inc. Tampa.Ernest Mass, Inc., 509 Tampa St. GEORGIA Atlanta D. Goldring, c/o Geo. Muse Clothing Co. Columbus..... Kayser & Lilienthal, Inc. Savannah Morris Levy, 10 E. Broughton St. AXtiicnst knew eee Michael Bros., Inc. HAWAII FiOnoluluthss cece Boats. ss Moore’s LOR CR Ss See E. M. Holmes, Ltd. ILLINOIS Chicago Baer Bros., Inc., 172 N. Michigan Ave. Danvilleas yi ees. s oe Parisian Decattinens tect ee eee ee rats Field’s Sponimenield:: 3 ..:44..4 John Bressmer Co. Oak Park. . .Howard, Inc., 1053 Lake St. Rock Island... .McCabe’s Dry Goods Co. Molines 22. =. McCabe’s Dry Goods Co. IOWA Davenport..... McCabe’s Dry Goods Co. MasontiGiitviae 3 ac--2 Ohl. Damon’s, Inc. SOU REV nt ee cout aaa ta Fishgall’s Cedar Rapids...... M. J. Frankel & Co. Dubuques 623 2%. 5. Roshek Bros. Co. Fortapodger * >... Gates Dry Goods Co. DesmMoines < 252) es os... Wolf’s, Inc. Page Eight INDIANA Indianapolis........ Wm. H. Block Co. Southpsende 4... 2). eee Frances Shop PAIIGENSOMP NE... kha he ex od G. W. Gates (GEIAYE 1 SAC HERR ea eens rete < acer Hudson’s Evansville. .Rose Miller, 327 S.E. 2nd St. atavente:. 2. 64.1845 Loeb & Hene Co. KENTUCKY OUISVilles: a5 care see Byck Bros. & Co. KANSAS Hutchinson Peques-Wright Dry Goods Co. NViLGhiitaee Se et sian. 2k tee Walker Bros. fs OS a, i carn eee 2 Peletier Co. LOUISIANA Shreveport... .Goldrings, 417 Milan St. New Orleans Goldrings, c/o Godchaux’s Clo. Co. MOnTOCw Bina, «react Masur Bros. MASSACHUSETTS Boston. .. .Coleman’s Fashion Shop, Inc. WORCESTCH aruen hws a ee Ulian’s MAINE Portland:<.8-. 4. sae J. E. Palmer & Co. MICHIGAN Jacksons, 2. See Elaine Shop, Inc. Kalamazooe sate \ hy eee Gown Shop PAN ADOnE se: 7. Wm. Goodyear Co. Grand Rapids Gown Shop, 4 Jefferson Ave. Saginaw... .. Margo, 127 S. Washington Port Huron Reedy Apparel Shoppe, 216 Huron Ave. Detroit...” . Rusco, Inc., c/o Russeks, Inc., 1448 Woodward Ave. leanising: 4... 88 ee Seamon Co., Inc. Bagtle “Greek. 2 ates Seaman’s, Inc. MARYLAND Salsbury oe .. setae) Benjamin’s Baltimore...... Hochschild Kohn & Co. MISSISSIPPI WaGKSON) <8. =. Gee eR eee Field’s, Inc. Greenville........ Nelmns & Blum Co. Wieksburg: &.-.. 58) Peter ete Style Shop MONTANA Helena. Fligelman’s N. Y. Dry Goods Co. Missoula...... Missoula Mercantile Co. Great <Fallse 2) 2a Paris Dry Goods Co. MINNESOTA DY UT KU Il cee eames teak. 0 George A. Gray Co. Stembaul. 2...) Re yaaa See. ‘Husch Bros. WAI TETIATE) ge MR eae Parsee Sapero Bros. TALON Ge las ss. cee Sapero Bros. Minneapolis Jackson Graves, 904 Nicollet Ave. MISSOURI StY ‘Louis * 3a Sonnenfeld’s MEXICO CITY Box 20). 2. ee El Palacio De Hierro Co. NEW YORK Schenectady 4. it soesmm H. S. Barney Co. Butfalo :... 49. 7 L. L. Berger, Inc. New York. Baer Bros., Inc., 394 5th Av. lake George’. 240: See ote Belle & Co. PNIDANY: sore, Paes Cotrell & Leonard Bronxville; 222. iio. toa eee Chez Marie Meenester 4.64.65). oc eee Malley’s Binghamton The Morton Co., 37 Court St. Brooklyn. .... Oppenheim Collins & Co. Lake George (Diamond Pt.) . Belle & Co. NEBRASKA Omaha...) eee Herzberg’s Bimcoln: 5.) ee eee Ben Simon & Son NORTH CAROLINA Ghranlotte. 04s... ]) (Bi ley GaGo: Mi. Airy... . 2. Mrs. Jackson’s, Inc. Raleigh a. 55 ee Taylor Furnishing Co. NEW JERSEY East Orange Larose Dress Shop, 600 Main St. Paterson: esc er Meyer Levine & Co. Montclai: ocaeae ia Marion-Irene, Inc. NEW MEXICO Roswell... 2). Mees: Aaa Price. G:4Co. OHIO Cantons... wie ree Stern G Mann Co. TON. | o>... eee M. O'Neil Dayton. ..c) <i eee Donenfeld’s, Inc. Columbus. =. eee The Fashion Co. MeANeSVINC. =. eee Emma Ferrel Shop Cleveland D. Goldring, c/o R. B. Baker & Co. Euclid at 9th St. Gleveland: ast vee ee The May Co. Toledo New Idea Shop, 514 Jefferson Ave. Gincinhatic ... . wae lt. <4. ‘PaquenGo: Springfield...... Springfield Fashion Co. OKLAHOMA Emichiiite, (5. oC ee ar hen aes Hersberg’s TU SAMe pceety tt, Cocca: tec deers ae Renard’s Oklahoma. City ... 25 345. .eine Caplin’s Muskegee........ Bi_E. Spivy,,Go., lnc, OREGON Rontlatdisweec ant. Meier & Frank Co. PENNSYLVANIA Wilkes Barre. .Mrs. Mollie Abrahamson, 32 W. South St. Germantown........ George Allen, Inc. Rlathispure. oa. knee ...Bowman & Co. Scranton. Beverly, 418 Lackawanna Ave. Vion: eran. 5 gee «Sane at Belle’s Pittsburgh eae. Fe Joseph Horne & Co. Allentowntcuge . 2.) Eielteh .G.5Go: Braddock . mh: sale 250, ee Sachs Bros. New Kensington. Silverman’s Dept. Store RHODE ISLAND Rrovidences. nso The Shepard Co. SOUTH CAROLINA Spartanburg. . The August W. Smith Co. Creemvinec.. eae. . Ivey Keith Co. TENNESSEE Memphis: 20... Phil M. Halle & Son Knoxville Kayser & Strasbueger (Hall’s) Nashville ....Rich Schwart & Joseph Ghattanooga"”. 25. ae Miller Bros. Co. TEXAS San Antonio _..Wolff & Marx Co. EIR aso yt one Popular Dry Goods Co. Galveston Nathan’s,2217 Post Office St. Austin. ...E. M. Scarbrough & Sons Co. Houston... . . Levy Bros. Dry Goods Co. Wacom. tice ate eee Goldstein & Migel Fort Worth Goldring, c/o Volk Bros., 1810 Elm St. Dallas .. Goldring, c/o Berry-Burk Co. Abilene. ....., Minter Dry Goods Co. UTAH Salt Lake City... .Makoff-Classic Shop VIRGINIA Roanoke)... 2... Samuel Spiegel, Inc. Richmond D. Goldring, c/o Berry-Burk & Co. WASHINGTON Spokane. 2c: eee Alexander’s Tacoma... .Lou Johnson, 915 Broadway WISCONSIN Milwaukee ....Hixon’s-Schroeder Hotel Racine: tiers. os i Murray-Held Co. MadisOneem ts). Waldenberg’s, Inc. WEST VIRGINIA Charlestown, «0 eee ae Betty’s, Inc. Clarksburgetsn. 4.22 Parsons Souders Co,