Give Me Your Heart (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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Poe Ot Ge lebet In this press book your publicity campaign comes to you in a new form—the way your editor is used to seeing his copy—and for your convenience placed on perforated pages ready to be torn out, filled in on your own typewriter, and sent to the paper. Let us know how you like it, and if you find publicity material set up like this is more easily planted with your papers. Your Publicity Campaign Starts Right Here (Lead-off Story) CHARMING KAY FRANCIS COMING TO STRAND IN "GIVE ME YOUR HEART" "Give Me Your Heart," a poignant screen drama based on the famous stage play by Jay Mallory, “Sweet Aloes," has been booked as the feature attraction at the Theatre beginning next , with glamorous Kay Francis in the stellar role. The picture, a Cosmopolitan production released by Warner Brose, which is said to give Miss Francis the finest dramatic opportunity of her career, presents her as an ultra modern young Englishwoman who seeks happiness in glorious surroundings in London, New York and Italy. The plot is daring, the situations novel in the extreme, but most striking of all is the treatment which is frank and brilliant, but clean and in good taste. The unusually talented Gast supporting Miss Francis, includes George Brent, Roland Young, Patric Knowles, Henry Stephenson, Frieda Inescort, Helen Flint, Halliwell Hobbes, Zeffie Tilbury and Elspeth Dudgeon. Miss Francis has the role of a motherless English girl who has been brought up by her father, a scientist living in Italy. Returning to London for a visit, she meets a young British nobleman whose wife is a semi-invalid, and the two fall desperately in love. Roland Young, who plays the part of an English playright and a warm friend of both families, discovers that the girl is going to have a child. Hoping to help both families he tells the young nobleman's father, who is longing for an heir, which he knows his son's wife can not give him. They persuade Kay to give up her child at birth, pointing out that the child shall eventually inherit the title. Kay sails for America, and on the boat meets an American business man, a part played by George Brent, whom she marries. The girl being constantly driven by nervous tension, tries to find relief by plunging into the mad social world. Young hunts her up in America and finds that she and her husband are on the breaking point. The young nobleman and his wife, with "their" son happens to be in America at the time, so the playright secretly arranges a meeting. The tension is terrific, but the nobleman's wife finally guesses that the other woman is the mother of "her" son. Ina climax fraught with the greatest intensity, she and the other girl finally come to an understanding and matters are smoothed out. Patric Knowles plays the role of the young nobleman, Henry Stephenson that of his father and Frieda Inescort is the invalid wife. Halliwell Hobbes is Kay's father, Zeffie Tilbury her aunt and Helen Flint, her American doctor with whom the playwright falls in love. The picture was directed by Archie L. Mayo from the screen play by Casey Robinson. ae SO Follow With Advance Reader About the Star ARTIST DECLARES KAY FRANCIS HAS PERFECT SMILE The Hollywood star who has the most beautiful smile is Kay Francis, according to Albert Colfs, celebrated miniature painter, attached to the Belgian Court. Colfs, on a visit to Hollywood, met Miss Francis for the first time during the filming of the Cosmopolitan production, "Give Me Your Heart," which comes to the theatre on______as a Warner Bros. release. He declared she was the star he particularly wished to meet. According to Colfs, Miss Francis has the perfect face for miniature paintings, as it is so clear cut and cameo like in profile. The miniaturist, who toured all the Hollywood studios and also met many beauties not connected with the movies, iS compiling a perfect face portrait. Miss Francis' smile will figure in it. Other players were selected for such components as perfect brows, cheek lines, eyeS, nose and So on. The completed miniature will become the property of the Belgian court under the title of the "American Beauty." "Give Me Your Heart" is a powerful drama of mother love and sacrifice, taken from the play by Jay Mallory. Beside Miss Francis, the cast includes George Brent, Roland Young, Patric Knowles, Henry Stephenson, Frieda Inescort and Helen Flint. Archie Le Mayo directed the picture from the screen play by Casey Robinson. —— a ame 'pn te ou we wr ps ns tu sky bs. Su tu Sd 00 Go AAS Sa eRe OP SD bo we en as Gavan x mm 0 6 00 ps io cs AO.os WD woes ou 08 08 On om mS wd WS buh tm Wo Oe ob Oo ee Oh of OF ms Oh Sa oO Om ee ee eee a eee eee een meer en eon ne ee eee aaiieiaiiaieid ree ee ee ee elie aieieieleieleleieialal November 11, 1911. ene ot we ee we rw vn cn ta my me pe meee oe ee me oe Be mw mee ns ed ee rt eons es mses tt OSS mm OD sO OS OS OD ho OP GS PE OS OE nO me Pt mt Om st ty oe me oe we me mt tee oh mm SO SOD OS et Gm me hd tt tt ee ent Et ODS Orn ww Som te mmm mw mS Om mH mH Oe Om Oh mm mm rm os ms mS im SS Oh mt OB lm Ls Bm we MS BIOGRAPHIES Brief Sketches of Stars Prepared for Your Information and Ready for Publication KAY FRANCIS Kay Francis was born in Oklahoma City, but when four years old, her mother, Katherine Clinton, an actress, placed her in a private school in Ossining, New York. she entered Cathedral School in Garden City. She studied secretarial work and became social secretary to Mrs. We K. Vanderbilt. She also filled the posts for Mrs. Minturn Pinchot and Mrs. Dwight W. Morrow. After a tour of Europe, she decided to go on the stage, where she made a success. Her first picture work was in "Gentlemen of the Press," and her more recent pictures include "The White Angel," "I Found Stella Parish" and "Stranded." Her current picture is "Give Me Your Heart," which comes to the THOe LPS On. Later aren. (3s pee GEORGE BRENT The early years of George Brent were turbulent ones. Born in Dublin, Ireland, and educated at the Dublin University, he became interested in the Irish revolutionary movement and finally became a messenger carrier for Michael Collins. . After his chief was killed he dodged about the country with a price on his head. He finally escaped to America, where he has remained since. His first stage experience was with stock companies of which he has at one time or another, owned six. His first screen role was with Ruth Chatterton in "The Rich Are Always With Us." His most recent pictures in which he has had prominent roles include "The Golden Arrow," "The Case Against Mrs. Ames" and "Snowed Under." His current production is "Give Me Your Heart," which comes to the Loeecre Ono ag 5 re ROLAND YOUNG Roland Young was born in London, educated at Sherborne School, Dorset, and at the University of London. The date of his birth is November 11, 1887. His first theatrical experience was on the London stage. After nineteen years before the footlights he finally turned to Hollywood, where he became one of the most popular comedians of the screen. His more recent pictures include "David Copperfield," "Ruggles of Red Gap" and "Here Is My Heart." His current production is "Give Me Your Heart," which comes to the Theatre. cpa. " a ae PATRIC KNOWLES Patric Knowles was born in Yorkshire, England, He went to school until he was fourteen, didn't like it and entered his father's publishing house. At eighteen he ran away from home, went to London and got a small bit in a repertory company which toured the English provinces and Ireland. His first play was "Othello." Later he played with the Abbey, Bournemouth, Croyden, Irish, Oxford and Leicester repertory companies. His first picture work was for Warner Bros.' Teddington studios, in "Men of Tomorrow." He was sent to Hollywood to play in "Charge of the Light Brigade," and while acting in the picture he was asSigned to a leading role with Kay Francis in "Give Me Your Heart," which comes to the theatre on ee ae HENRY STEPHENSON Henry Stephenson was born in Granada, British West Indiese He made his theatrical debut on the London stage in 1896 in "The Iron Master." After thirteen years in English theatricals he came to America in 1909 with Charles Hawtrey in "The Message From Mars," which played for three seasons. He was on the Broadway stage for twenty-five years. In 1932 he went to Hollywood, his first picture being "Red Headed Woman." : His more recent pictures include "Captain Blood," "Rendezvous" and “Mutiny on the Bounty." Stephenson's current production is "Give Me Your Heart," now showing at the theatre. sie ss Page Nine