Give Me Your Heart (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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ee OO rr MH OR OR EP PEO ENN SESS STS SETS SSPE TTR ORNS SHEETS SHH T HHH HHS SHH THK NTH TST SESH SPSS Ke comes to the Shorts — And More Shorts A Page of the Kind of Material Editors Always Desire KAY FRANCIS' HOBBY IS GARDENING Kay Francis' dressing room is always decorated with flowers but they aren't all tributes from gentleman admirers. Kay supplies them herself from her garden in the backyard of her modest Hollywood home. Gardening is the favorite hobby of the Warner Bros. star, now appearing in the Cosmopolitan film, "Give Me Your Heart," which comes to the theatre Othe eS The best dressed actress spends as much time as possible, clad in a pair of dusty overalls, overseeing her colorful bowers of roses, many of which have won prizes at local flower shows. san OG ae KAY FRANCIS WEARS NEW HAIR ORNAMENT Kay Francis is wearing as hair ornaments in the Cosmopolitan production, "Give Me Your Heart," now showing at the_________ theatre, a miniature gardenia perfected by the Japanese and grown at Warner Bros. in the studio greenhouse. The fragrant blossom is slightly smaller than a Cecil Bruner rose. on 80 KAY FRANCIS' RABBITS ANSWER HER WHISTLE Kay Francis has three pet rabbits that are so devoted to her that they will come when she whistles. The star of the CoSmopolitan production, "Give Me Your Heart," which comes to the theatre on2==___, cannot bear to shut them up in hutchese Consequently they lead a free and untrammeled life in rabbit warrens they dug for themselves in her back yard. She likes to play with them when she returns home from work. So she goes to the mouth of the tunnels and whistles. At first they did not answer, but after several attempts one popped its head out of the hole. It found a nice head of lettuce awaiting it. Now all three scurry out of their holes when She whistles. a Wie KAY FRANCIS SETS NEW FALL STYLE Kay Francis, now starring in the Cosmopolitan production, "Give Me Your Heart," which comes to the theatre on as a Warner Bros. release, wears an informal street ensemble in the film which gives definite hints of the coming mode for fall and early winter. Designed by Orry Kelly, the outfit includes a slim short frock of gray silk crepe, and a tightly belted three-quarter length coat of gray wool, with flared skirt and large shawl collar made of three rows of blue fox fur. A large gray felt hat is alSo worn. oe 50 2s KAY FRANCIS IN 18th FILM AT WARNERS "Give Me Your Heart," the CoSmopolitan production now Showing at the theatre is the eighteenth picture Kay Francis has made at the Warner Bros. studios. Kay had been starred on the stage in New York, following experience in stock companies. a a KAY FRANCIS FILMED IN BED TWO DAYS For a sequence in the Cosmopolitan production, "Give Me Your Heart," which comes to the theatre on. —S—d aS:«o&« Warner Bros. release, Kay Francis had to be photographed in bed for two days. Kay claims it was so tiring that she couldn't go to bed at night. She had to walk the floor and stretch. ier ce KAY FRANCIS PUTS SOFT PEDAL ON KNITTING Kay Francis broke a record during the filming of her Cosmopolitan production, "Give Me Your Heart," now Showing at the_______ theatre as a Warner Bros. She knitted only one sweater. Her average per picture Since She took up the fad some years ago has been Seven. She knits, Kay told her two leading men George Brent and Patric Knowles, because it's a social pastime and can be done automatically while conversation goes on. release. 33° See GEORGE BRENT CHAMP LEADING MAN George Brent, currently playing opposite Kay Francis in the Cosmopolitan production, which theatre on__ as a Warner Bros. release, is the "champ" in supporting famous feminine StAPSs He has played opposite all the women celebrities at his own studio, and in addition has been loaned out for appearances with nearly every great star in the industry, including Greta Garbo. -30 --. He Ne teas Eh ab tet ho dsl lw Sv st sl osha ees Se oot wo iio lee no l' dee RR OWNER Dem DA DWN eM RMON AWE MAN AD RACH a De CANO A MNO MEN ke U NERA NENA A REASON ACEH ANOOMEMN EN EME HED ANS SUM HNO HARES SHENK HAMS HAN SHAH HAS MO NARA HRS N MEE RAR ANKE A NHANES eae AAS SAN HN RN Oe A Mmmm eeore ROLAND YOUNG WEARS PAIRED MONOCLES Roland Young wears paired monocles instead of eyeglasses. On the set of "Give Me Your Heart," the Cosmopolitan production which comes to the theatre on ———— as a Warner Bros. release, Young proved it to Kay Francis, the star, and George Brent. One glass of his spectacles is for reading, the other for distant sight, and Roland has learned to use one eye for one purpose, the other for the other, disregarding what he sees out of the unemployed optic. Incidentally, he doesn't use eyeglasses except on rare occasions, off the screen. na SAS ees ACTOR WOULDN'T TAKE DOG FROM MASTER "There ought to be a law against separating dogs and masters when there's a real bond between them," declares Roland Young. Which is the reason Roland didn't buy a fine thoroughbred English setter who recently worked with him in scenes of the Cosmopolitan production, "Give Me Your Heart" which comes to the Theatre on as a Warner Bros. release. The dog, which plays the role of "Mike" in the Story, got on famously with the actor, who has a weakness for English setters. Young thought of buying him, despite the exceedingly stiff price asked, but when he found out that the dog and his master were very fond of each other he stopped negotiations at once. The actor, however, has been promised a puppy sired by the canine actor. ee 50) ee GEORGE BRENT GREETS IRISH CONSUL Leo T. McCanley, Consul General in the United States for the Irish Free State, visited Warner Bros. studio during the filming of the Cosmopolitan production, "Give Me Your Heart," now showing at the____—--_— theatre. He was given a hearty welcome by Celtic-blooded actors there. George Brent took part -as McCanley did -in the revolution of 1916 that gained Ireland her independence, and the two had lots to discuss. Errol Flynn, Pat O'Brien and other Irish stars also greeted the Consul General. = 30 =. PAT KNOWLES' "HOOTER" WAS OUT OF ORDER Patric Knowles, stage and screen actor recently imported from England, to play in the Cosmopolitan production, "Give Me Your Heart," now Showing at the __theatre as a Warner Bros. release, stopped his car at a garage one day recently with the complaint that his "hooter" wouldn't work. The garage mechanic couldn't understand at first, but noting Pat's British manner of speaking, he finally deduced that over the pond, a "hooter" is what is called a horn heree oe. fe GEORGE BRENT A BUM IN TOP HAT AND TAILS George Brent, who has the leading masculine role in the Cosmopolitan production, "Give Me Your Heart," which comes to the theatre on oo. AS a Warner Bros. release, iS probably the only man in Hollywood who ever bummed for several hundred miles on a freight train while wearing full evening regalia including top hat, white tie and tails. He was stranded in a small Kansas town when the stock company he was with folded and the manager absconded with the slim receipts. The hotel manager appropriated all his luggage except the dress suit which he wore in the play. He knew he could raise some money in Kansas City, so he hopped a freight to the astonishment of the other Weary Willies in the same gondola. a ee FRIEDA INESCORT NOW IN SIXTH FILM Frieda Inescort, who has a part second only to Kay Francis' in importance in the Cosmopolitan production, "Give Me Your Heart" which comes to the theatre on ______—._ aS a Warner Bros. release, has been a distinguished stage actress for several years and is listed in the "Who's Who" of the profession. But she evaded screen discovery and film tests until a few months ago. Since that time she has made six films. "Give Me Your Heart" is the latest. Her beauty, personality and acting ability has won critical acclaim. Sn 30. <= TWO ENGLISH ACTORS ONCE PRESS AGENTS Handsome young Patric Knowles, English actor, Frieda Inescort, well-known New York stage actress, playing husband and wife in the Cosmopolitan production, "Give Me Your Heart," which comes to the theatre on —_. ._ _. . as a Warner Bros. release, apart from that the script provides. Patric used to do publicity for his father's publishing concern at Oxford, England. Frieda used to do publicity for Putnam's, well-known American publishers. GK 7 ee and have a tie the Page Fourteen