Give Me Your Heart (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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| KAY FRANCIS, star of “Give Me Your Heart.” Peay. LRP ae KNOWLES in “Give Me Your GEORGE BRENT, who is teamed with KAY Mat No. 113 Heart.” FRANCIS in —10c Mat No. 111 “Give Me Your —10c Heart.” Mat No. 109 —10c ROLAN D FRIEDA INESHENRY STE CORT, in “Give PHENSON in YOUNG in “Give COMING TO THE STRAND:—Kay Francis and Roland Young Me Y oe ity ‘Give. Me Your Mes, ae tea t. in the Cosmopolitan production “Give Me Your Heart,” which is Mat 10, Ne is ee 10, coming to the... \ Theatre on... as a Warner Bros. release. —ive Mat No. 11 —11U0c Mat No. 206—20c —10c¢ TRIUMPHS AGAIN: — Kay Francis has the most dramatic role of her career in “Give Me BEAUTIFUL: More charming than ever is Kay Francis, whose work in “Give Me Your Heart,” Your Heart,” the Cosmopolitan the Cosmopolitan production production released by Warner NOW Oe ativCwae et, Theatre, Bros. now making a hit at the reveals her as an emotional LOVERS IN FILM: — Kay BS nal ATS 9 8 ak ae Theatre. actress of unsurpassed power. Francis and George Brent, who travel strange roads to find happiness in “Give Me Your Heart,” POPULAR STARS: — Kay the Cosmopolitan production Francis and George Brent head mow playing GL the... the all-star cast of the new CosTheatre as a Warner Bros. re Mat No. 104—10c Mat No. 117—10c mopolitan drama “Give Me Your lease. Heart,” which comes to the Pia are wae oa Theatre on____________ as Mat No. 101—10c a Warner Bros. release. Mat No. 103—10c Here are your scene cuts, separated from your publicity stories, and arranged in catalogue fashion so you can pick ’em out DRAMATIC MOMENT :—When three sides of a triangle meet in “Give Me Your Heart,” the Cosmopolitan production released by Warner Bros., which is now playing at the__..__. Theatre, it gives real opportunity to Kay Francis, the star and the two men in her life, George Brent (left) and Patric Knowles. Mat No. 204—20c LOVE WINS REWARD:—A new Kay Francis and an equally ata glance. new George Brent are revealed by their remarkable characteriza tions in “Give Me Your Heart,” in which these famous film lovers rise to new heights of emotional acting at the... _Theatre. Mat No. 201—20c Page Fifteen