Give Me Your Heart (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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KAY FRANCIS, who is coming LOL AEC ames TReEotre 20s in “Give Me Your Heart,” a Cosmopolitan production which offers her the finest dramatic role of her career as a motion picture star. Mat No. 105—10c MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN EVER is glamorous Kay Francis, star of the Cosmopolitan picture “Give Me Your Heart” now at (EL OT La a sale 2S Theatre. Mat No. 203—20c LOVERS AGAIN are Kay Francis and George Brent who have the leading roles in “Give Me Your Heart,” a _ thrilling drama of love and life now making.d hit atthe. Theatre. Mat No. 108—10c LOVE FINDS A WAY for Kay Francis and George Brent who find the road to happiness beset with complications in the poignant drama “Give Me Your Heart” in which they will come to the balan nna hatreds ree Ss TROGTrC OMe 8 ks Mat No. 207—20c REWARD OF SACRIFICE—Kay Francis rises to the supreme emotional heights of her career as she bends over the baby who must never know his mother in the Cosmopolitan picture “Give Me Your Heart” which comes to the___---------------------— Theatre on ra ees ere ee as a Warner Bros. release. Mat No. 202—20c GEORGE BRENT has the leading masculine role with Kay Francis in the Cosmopolitan production “Give Me Your Heart” which is now playing at CC RS Ae Cae Theatre. Mat No. 107—10c Page Sixteen IN “GIVE ME YOUR HEART” are three of the screen’s most noted players. Shown above is the star, Kay Francis, with Roland Young (center) and George Brent. They'll come to the. PROGR ELON ee ee : Mat No. 208—20c ROLAND YOUNG, who is appearing with Kay Francis and George Brent in “Give Me Your Heart” which opens at_ the sk eae ee Theatre on. 2 gives to this dramatic story a touch of droll and tender humor that reveals him as one of the screen’s finest actors. Mat No. 102—10c