Give Me Your Heart (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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Every editor likes pictures—particularly of Kay Francis. Now you can pick out your scene cuts at a glance. They are arranged in catalog style for your convenience. Use ’em for best results. NEVER SO BEAUTIFUL: Kay Francis seems to grow more beautiful with each succeeding victure. Here she is as the secret ridden heroine of “Give Me Your Heart,” the Cosmopolitan picture released by Warner Bros. which is making a hit at the... Theatre. Mat No. 211—20c THEIR FANS DEMANDED that Kay Francis and George Brent be teamed again as film lovers. Now they are coming to the Ra ieee ee TOUTE, OM oR i acre. tn eas Me Voour Heart,” a Cosmopolitan production based on a Broadway stage hit. Mat No. 210—20 KAY FRANCIS, star of the Cosmopolitan production “Give Me Your Heart,” which opens 31 JAN 1 SES cag _._Theatre on lg SSE a ead eae .. as a Warner Bros. release. The film is said to be the most dramatic in which the star has yet appeared. Mat No. 116—10c NEWEST MODE: Kay Francis, always included in lists of the world’s best dressed women, demonstrates a new Orry-Kelly creation in “Give Me Your Heart,” the Cosmopolitan picture coming to the_..__ PUCROS ORF | ee as a Warner Bros. release. Mat No. 115—10c EVERY WOMAN’S PICTURE: Every woman knows some woman for whom Kay Francis and George Brent, shown above, have a real message in “Give Me Your Heart,” the Cosmopolitan production coming to the... hart eek EME ONE ode kat has ee Mat No. 209—20c SHOULD WIVES TELL ALL? Kay Francis answers that ques tion to the satisfaction of her film husband, George Brent, in the Cosmopolitan production “Give Me Your Heart,” which is now BOWES BE Gio oi 8” ng’ Sie oe Theatre. Mat No. 212—20c SHE GAVE HER HEART in the Cosmopolitan production “Give Me Your Heart” in which beautiful Kay Francis touches the heart of every woman who has ever loved a man and every man who has ever cared for a woman. The picure is coming to the... UNRCOLTE (Oa. | ae as a Warner Bros. release. Mat No. 213—20c Page Seventeen