Give Me Your Heart (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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SPECIAL EAPLOITATION Give me your heart’ 5-DAY "WHAT WOULD YOU DO?’ Six-day newspaper contest, illustrated on these two pages, is interesting enough for anyone to enter and yet simple enough so that would-be contestants won’t be scared away. Idea is for readers to answer what they would do in certain situations. Show it to your editor, and if he likes it, you can get the five illustrations for the paper in one mat. Order mat No. 501—50ce. (Ist Day Contest ) Win Theatre Tickets For (Lead Off Story) (2nd Day Publicity ) Solve Problems For Kay Francis and Win Prize What would you do, Movie Fans, if you had to solve the problems confronting Kay Francis in her latest role? Five of these human questions will be presented to you in the form of a five-day contest which DOSING: I HNO. eo ceca ee Oey. (newspaper) tomorrow. The five questions open up situations which eall for quick and decisive answers and they will be of interest to all Movie Fans, men and women. They are problems which Kay Francis, as the heroine of “Give Me Your Heart,” the Cosmopolitan picture released by Warner Bros. and COMINGSLOMnC,. okt oe etme, 22 Theatres er ps... see -. next, is forced to solve in the course of the play. Beginning tomorrow, and continuing for five days, the....... Cs, Giaeite. oe) (newspaper) will present one question every day. Read them and send in your opinion. It is unnecessary to write a long essay. The answers may be in as few as ten words, and in no ease, should they be in more than 50. Spelling, penmanship or literary ability will not count in the decision of the judges. The one and only thing that will be considered is the strength of the argument employed. Simply state as briefly and as clearly as you can, what in your opinion, the decision of the person confronted by the problem should be, and why. Send your answers to the “Give Me Your Heart” Contest Editor ro eagen aE =e seen aay ania a are (newspaper) DOTONGH wit cuden GAL: o'clock of the day following the appearance of each question. This contest should interest men as much as women, for they are often more able to see the way out of feminine problems than the women’ themselves. There will be ten winners of two tickets each, every day of the contest. “Give Me Your Heart” is said to be one of the most movingly beautiful romantic dramas ever sereened. The scenes are laid in rural England, Italy and New York City. The picture is founded on the successful stage play, “Sweet Aloes.” Kay Francis, recently seen as the spiritual heroine of “White Angel,’ Florence Nightingale — is starred in “Give Me Your Heart” in an utterly different, but equally brilliant characterization. She is supported by George Brent, Roland Young, Patrice Knowles, Henry Stephenson and Frieda Ineseort. Archie L. Mayo directed. Remember, tomorrow. the contest begins Earn your way into the...... Re aan Theatre to see “Give Me Your Heart.” Page Eighteen Newest Kay Francis Film Should a mother ever give up her baby to those who can do more for it than she will ever be able to do? The child will get both love and mate rial advantages from its foster parents. Its real mother can give it only love. Yet she cannot de cide which life, in the end, would be best for the child. What would you do? Many a young mother has been forced by unkind Fate to answer the question with which the (newspaper) opens its new five-day contest for Movie Fans today. Should a mother give up her child to some wealthy person who will be able to give it the opportunities for an abundant life, which she fears she will never be able to offer? Or shall she surrender to everything in her which cries out for personal possession of the child she has brought into the world? Think it over. Try to put yourself in her place. Weigh the chances of loss of employment, illness or other misfortune against the joy of seeing the child nightly, seeing it grow and develop, satisfying her longing for affection by the devotion that will come to her, while she is all in all to the child. Then ask yourself — what should she do? When you have decided write to this newspaper and tell why you have reached this conclusion. If you are one of the ten readers who submit the best answers, i RloNs Seton, ERS hs (newspaper) will present you with two tickets to CHO eae See ee Theatre ‘where “Give Me Your Heart,” a Cosmopolitan picture released by Warner Bros: opens fonts. 6 Writing, spelling and other minor particulars will not count in the awarding of the prizes. Only the soundness of judgment shown in the replies and the reasonableness of the conclusions will be considered. Answers may be in as few as 10 words, and in no case, more than 50. Send in your answer to today’s question to the “Give Me Your Heart” Contest Editor of the... Py, ot Ny ee a (newspaper) before Pr eat Re, PION o’clock tomorrow, when the entry list for today wiil be closed. There’ll be much satisfaction in winning tickets for the......... Theatre to witness a showing of “Give Me Your Heart,” one of the most movingly beautiful pictures of the year. Kay Francis is starred, and her support includes George Brent, Roland Young, Patric Knowles, Henry Stephenson, Frieda Inescort, Helen Flint, Halliwell Hobbes, Zeffie Tilbury and Elspeth Dudgeon. Archie L. Mayo directed. Theatre Tickets Free If You Can Tell What To Do Here, _.... (newspaper) readers, is the second of five questions—one on which everybody has a decided opinion. It is a vital question which many a woman has to answer. These problems of real life, as vital today as they were thousands of years ago, have been made into a contest by the..... Ngee eee (newspaper) which for five days will reward those readers who submit the best replies. State your conclusions simply. They may possibly be told in as few as 10 words. In no ease should the reply contain more than 50 words. Don’t try to be literary, for the only thing that will count with the judges in awarding the prizes, will be the logic in the reasons given. Your answer may be the means of winning for yourself and your escort one of the best evenings in your movie experience—when you witness “Give Me Your Heart,” the Cosmopolitan picture released by Warner Bros. which OMONS sat mbes siren: os er celeereag THeAatre sO wee. es aes “Give Me Your Heart,” based on the successful stage play, “Sweet Aloes” is said to be one of the most movingly beautiful romances of recent years. Miss Francis is suported in her greatest role, by George Brent, Roland Young, Patrie Knowles, Henry Stephenson, Frieda Inescort and many other screen favorites. Archie lL. Mayo directed. The five questions of the contest are based on those Kay Francis has to solve in “Give Me Your Heart.” Send your answer to today’s question to the “Give Me Your Heart” Contest Editor at the... Shire Re (newspaper) before... sea Aan o’clock tomorrow when the entry list for the day closes. (2nd Day Contest ) BEST REPLIES WIN TICKETS If you had a secret that involved the honor and happiness of innocent people in your life, and the man you love should ask you to marry him— should you tell him all and risk losing him or remain silent, marry him, and live in constant fear lest he discover your secret from others concerned?