Give Me Your Heart (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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Give me your heart’ NEWSPAPER (3rd Day Contest ) Answer This Question And _ Still Time to Win Tickets To Theatre If the father of the man you love should tell you that his son had an invalid wife whose heart would be broken by knowledge of your love— what would vou do? Here is a question that opens up many vistas of thought and feeling. At first glance the helplessness of the wife in the case would naturally call forth sympathy for her. But what about those other two the man and woman who love each other? There are other phases to the problem offered as the third in a series of five by the.............. (newspaper) in the form of a contest for Movie Fans. The attitude of the man’s father would also have a bearing on the question. Did he wish to help all parties con cerned, guiding them from a pitfall which might ruin all three lives? Or did he come in a spirit of censure. What should the woman say? The (newspaper ) wants to know what its readers would advise in this and the other questions in this unique contest for Movie Fans and others interested in the truth, as nearly as it can be reached, in human relations. Just write, in not more than 50 words, fewer if possible, what you would do if you were in the place of the woman in the illustration above. Don’t try to write a long essay. Don’t try to show a literary style, or to be highsounding and erudite. Just tell simply your answer, and the reasons for it. These are all that will count with the judges toward the award of the prizes which will go to the ten (newspaper ) readers who win prizes in the contest. Mail your answers to the “Give Me Your Heart” Contest Editor of the (news paper) before......... o’clock tomorrow when the lists for today will close. The winners will each receive two guest tickets to the........ Theatre where the Cosmopolitan picture released by Warner Bros., “Give Me Your Heart” will open OW Fists Ae ene , Starring Kay Francis and featuring George Brent, Roland Young, Patric Knowles, Henry Stephenson and Frieda Inesecort. “Give Me Your Heart” is a brilliant picturization of the stage play “Sweet Aloes” with scenes laid in rural England, Italy and in New York City. It deals tenderly and with deep human understanding with a problem which confronted a young woman and a mother — in the working out of her own future and that of her child. The absorbing sequences of “Give Me Your Heart” will be all the more intriguing to you after you have given expression to your opinions on the questions asked in the five day contest. Get to work right now. RULES OF CONTEST . All answers must be limited to 50 words. Replies should be written on one side of the paper only. in the upper left hand corner of the page. The decisions of the judges will be final, and the LEADER cannot enter into a discussion of them. 1 2 3. The name and address of the contestant should be printed 4 5 . Awards will be given only on the strength of the suggession or answer. No attention will be paid to handwriting, spelling or literary ability. 6. Winners will be announced in the LEADER as soon as the judges hand down their decisions. 7. Each day’s contest is independent of the others. 8. All replies must be sent to the “Give Me Your Heart” Contest Editor of the LEADER before six o’clock of the day following the publication of each day’s contest. (4th Day Publicity ) Win Tickets to Kay Francis Hit Oday Bier. Paes st ey EN (newspaper) asks the fourth question in the five-day contest which is being run in connection with “Give Me Your Heart,” the Cosmopolitan picture released by Warner Bros. which comes to the ORE hae ees Theatre Von. sca: ees Today’s question may be approached from many angles. The woman in the case, in order to get away from the heartbreak caused by being jilted by a certain man, takes a long trip during which she meets another man, whom she afterwards marries. What is her dismay to find that the man who east her off is her husband’s best pal and business associate, and that she will unavoidably be often thrown in his company! What is the most reasonable course for her to follow in your opinion? Write your answer in not more than 50 words and send it to the “Give Me Your Heart” Contest Editor ot stheaw: axttawehaset., wares (newspaper) before o’clock tomorrow. The best ten answers will entitle their authors to two guest tickets each to see the latest and most brilliant starring vehicle for Kay Francis. Those who are featured in her support are George Brent, Roland Young, Patric Knowles, Henry Stephenson, Frieda Inescourt, Halliwell Hobbes, Helen Flint, Elspeth Dudgeon and Zeffie Tilbury. Archie L. Mayo directed. The picture, which is based on the successful stage play “Sweet Aloes” is said to be one of the most moving and_ beautiful dramas of the year. (4th Day Contest ) YOUR ANSWER MAY WIN PRIZE Suppose that on a trip which you had taken to forget the man who had jilted you, you met and married another man—and later found that he was the pal and business partner of the former. What would you do? SPEGIAL EXPLOITATION CONTEST (Last Day Contest ) Last Chance To Win Free Strand Theatre Tickets What would you do if you had to decide which of two roads of life you should follow — one means boredom and duty; the other excitement, glory, wealth. Yet the first also means the happiness of those who love you and the second can be trod only over broken hearts. The question above is the one that had to be answered by Kay Francis in ‘‘Give Me Your Heart,’’ the Cosmopolitan picture released by Warner Bros. which opens at the..... TS ae Theatre on.. It was an extremely difficult one for her to decide since the future happiness of several people was bound up in her answer. What would you do if you were Kay Francis? This is the last of a series of questions that have stirred up tremendous interest among both men and women readers of the (newspaper. Hundreds have already sent in answers to the questions that have been asked in the last four days. Each day ten readers have won two tickets each to the......... Theatre to see how the questions are answered in “Give Me Your Heart.” Here’s the last chance to win two tickets. Answer the question as briefly as possible, giving your reasons in not more than 50 words, and send it to the “Give Me Your Heart” Contest Editor of the... (newspaper) bePeo are a met ck ay, o’clock tomorrow, after which no replies will be considered. Remember, only the answers and the reasons behind them will be considered. Ability as a writer, spelling or penmanship will not count. Simply give the best and most logical answer you ean. You will want to see “Give Me Your Heart,” the brilliant pieture in which Miss Francis is starred, supported by George Brent, Roland Young, Patrie Knowles, Henry Stephenson, Frieda Ineseort, Helen Flint, Zeffie Tilbury, Halliwell Hobbes and Elspeth Dudgeon. Page Nineteen