Give Me Your Heart (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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Se Give ime your heart’ WOMAN'S PAGE Choose Black For Winter Gowns, Says Kay Francis Star of “Give Me Your Heart’’ Tells How to Dress Better on Less Money ‘““Choose black as the basic color of your winter wardrobe,’’ advises Kay Francis, lovely young star of ‘‘Give Me Your Heart,’’ the new Cosmopolitan production released by Warner Bros. that opens at the........ Theatre ones seus Miss Francis is always included in lists of the world’s best dressed women. ‘‘Of course black is always smart—but this season, it’s the leading shade by the greatest fashion margin we’ve had in years. Which means that it will be easier, as well ag less expensive, to choose a complete wardrobe with black as the basic color, than it has been for some time. “To begin with, your coat can be either black fur or black cloth. One of the three-quarter length tunic-type coats will be grand in either seal or Persian, or even in lapin if you must count your dollars carefully. “Then, a black wool frock made on princess lines with perhaps a dash of color in the wide suede or kid belt, and matching gloves of the same bright shade. “For dressier occasions—bridge parties, cocktails and the like, a silk crepe frock of black shot with metal threads will be your best bet, and such a frock can be worn for infermal dining in town as well. “And, remember, both of these frocks will look perfect under your black coat. “Then, for evening, you can still choose black and a_ wise choice for this frock will be one of tunic inspiration, as it can be changed and altered at little expense. “Perhaps you’ll get a long metal sheath-like slip as the basis of your evening frock, and over it you can pose a black erepe tunic. Then, after you’ve worn it several times and want a bit of variety, you can get a bright colored tunic of the new Coronation red or blue and wear it over the same metal sheath. “Of course if you’ve chosen a black cloth coat, you'll: need an extra wrap for evening wear. But if your daytime coat has been one of the black fur variety, you'll find it perfect for evening as well. “AN in all, by basing your BLACK IS THE MODE: Kay Francis, one of the world’s best dressed women, advises the use of black as the basic wardrobe color. Still No. KF’ 739—10c (Not available as mat). wardrobe on one color—and that color black—you’ll be able to look well from dawn to midnight without putting too big a dent in the family budget!” Besides Miss Francis the cast includes George Brent, Roland Young, Patric Knowles, Henry Stephenson, Frieda Inescort, Helen Flint, Halliwell Hobbes, Zeffie Tilbury and Elspeth Dudgeon. Orry-Kelly Sees Persian Influence in New Styles Skirts are going up. Waistlines—like an elevator—are going both up and down. Hats are getting flatter—or higher—but never in-between. And the biggest fashion news of all, for the coming season, is that the next style influence wil be—Persian! Kelly, Warner Bros.’ designer who created the large wardrobe of advanced modes for Kay Francis to wear in her forthcoming picture, “Give Me Your Heart,” the Cosmopolitan production comTOO COM MENS akiEReiae theatre “T believe that the most outstanding development in the fall trend will be the Persian influence,” says Orry-Kelly. “I heartily approve of it because it is a logical follow-up of the draped, Grecian mode I have always liked so much. And therefore I have designed a number of Miss Francis’ gowns along this line, “Taking the place of gardenias and other ornaments in the hair, we shall have a whole array of litle, Oriental combs for evening wear. Women will often wear as Page: Twenty That’s the summary of the coming mode as seen by Orry many as four or five of them at a time,” he added. Jewelry also will take a forward leap in importance, according to Orry-Kelly. “The Oriental mode seems to eall for a greater display of exquisite jewels,” he says. “We will probably be seeing fine rubies, emeralds and star sapphires suspended on the forehead, in the Hindu manner. “Lots of bracelets will be worn on the arms. Button ear-rings will be found perfect with the turbans, which cover all or most of the hair, but leave the ear-lobes uncovered. In fact, all sorts of real and costume jewelry, Japanese, Chinese, Persian in flavor, will come into greater prominence.” Changing Height Wear Hair Sleek For The Winter, Says Noted Star of Heels Advised by Kay Francis “Every shoe wardrobe should include shoes with heels of every height,” says Kay Francis, lovely young star of “Give Me Your Heart,” the new Cosmopolitan production which opens at the CREALTOUWON 3): herent “The reason for this is that the foot, to look and feel its best, should remain flexible. This means that it should become used to balancing the. body when raised at any distance from the floor. “Therefore, by wearing sports shoes with almost no heels at all, then spectator sports shoes with perhaps one or _ one-and-a-half inch heels, later in the day donning two or two-and-a-half inch Cuban heels and finishing your evening hours in delicate dancing sandals with high spike heels, you'll keep your foot geared to every height and the tiny bones and muscles will remain flexible. And your entire carriage will look as good as your feet feel!” “Give Me Your Heart” is a thrilling drama of love and hate and sacrifice based on the play by Jay Mallory. Beside Young the cast includes Kay Francis, George Brent, Patrice Knowles, Henry Stephenson, Frieda Inescort and Helen Flint. It was directed by Archie L. Mayo from the screen play by Casey Robinson. New Evening Coat Made of Metal Cloth, Quilted Metal cloth, quilted all over in a narrow striped pattern, is used for the newest—and smartest— evening wrap of the season, and it?s worn by no other than Kay Francis in her latest Cosmopolitan production, “Give Me Your Heart,” which opens at the...... Theatre fon: teoy aes as a, Warner Bros. release. Made on slim lines through the bodice, the coat has a grand flare from waist to hem, and the sleeves are full to the elbow, then caught into long narrow cuffs to the wrist. There’s a deep V-neckline and collar that does grand things for both the face and figure. It’s a circular, wing-like collar that stands up from the _ shoulders, thus creating both breadth and a frame for the face. In fact, it’s a coat that will be copied by many of the smartest women in town, once they’ve seen how simply grand Kay look in it!” “Give Me Your Heart” is a dynamic drama of love and passion and sacrifice based on the play by Jay Mallory. Besides Miss Francis the cast includes George Brent, Roland Young, Patrie Knowles, Henry Stephenson, Frieda Ineseort and Helen Flint. The sereen play is by Casey Robinson. Kay Gives Clothes Distinctive Touch The ability of Kay Francis to give distinction to clothes is again evident in “Give Me Your Heart,” the Cosmopolitan production which comes to _ the ENR aE Pheatrevone yee. The period of the picture is modern and clothes of today have a fascinating picturesqueness. Kay’s dark beauty lends itself to Orry-Kelly’s genius and as the result she always is among the first to display his most original creations, Beautiful Kay Francis Explains New Trend in Coiffures This Season HERE’S THE NEWEST COIFFURE: Sleek hair for winter wear is the example set by Kay Francis, beautiful star of “Give Me Your Heart,” who says the fashion in hair dressing has changed this season. Still No. KF 726—10c (Not available as mat). ‘‘Brush your hair up off your neck and away from your face for autumn,”’ advises glamorous Kay Francis, star of ‘Give Me Your Heart,’’ the new Cosmopolitan production released by Warner Bros. which opens at the ‘heatre Oni or ‘‘For the past few years, the mode has been one of soft, loose waves and curls clustered behind the ears and on the neck,’’ to the new mode in fashions. And to bring out to best advantage the formality and splendor of the elaborate clothes decreed for fall and winter, hair must be sleek and shining and extremely wellgroomed. “Just as it’s no longer smart to wear casual sports clothes from morn ’til night, so has the coiffure mode changed and with the new more formal clothes for daytime as well as evening, new hair-dresses are in order. “Tn other words, coiffures must be as elegent as the clothes they will top and the hats with which they will be worn!” To prove her belief in this smarter, sleeker type of coiffure, Miss Francis has adopted a new hairdress as fresh as tomorrow’s newspaper. It’s perfect for her dark hair and straight, clear-cut features—but it could also be worn successfully by women of almost every type. Here is how she does it! First, the hair is parted in the middle and brushed back on each side along the natural hairline. Then, the hair is parted down on each side behind the ears, from the center-part to the neck. Next, each of these front sections is curled from the ends inward in a sleek roll which extends from the top of the head to the tip of the ear. In back, the hair is brushed smoothly downward to the neck and the ends are curled in one roll close to the héad. Not only does this coiffure look well under the pert and dashing hats of the season, but she explained. ‘‘But now the pendulum has swung FOR THE WOMEN'S PAGE Special stories on styles tell the fans just what Kay Francis, one of the screen’s most beautiful women is planning for her wardrobe. It’s advance dope on what everyone will be wearing next year. Illustrated with — specially posed stills, that are not available at mats. Order from CAMPAIGN PLAN EDITOR Warner Bros. Pictures 321 West 44th Street New York City it’s perfect for evening as well. For a bit of extra, added elegance, Miss Francis declares that on special occasions, she fastens flowers on each side just behind the becoming roll. “Give Me Your Heart” is based on the stage hit by Jay Mallory. It presents Kay as a_ sophisticated, ultra-modern young English woman in an equally modern romantic situation. Two handsome leading men, George Brent and Patric Knowles, play opposite her. Roland Young, Henry Stephenson, Frieda Inescort, Helen Flint and other talented players are in the cast. The screen play is by Casey Robinson.