Go Into Your Dance (Warner Bros.) (1935)

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© Exploitation Kxtra All-Angle Coverage! Making It AGala Mothonrs Day Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 12. That should be good news to you fellows who are playing the picture around that date... and heres how to make the most of it: CO-OP AD Al Jolson sings “Mammy, ll Sing About You” in the film. Step out and try to nab a full-page cooperative ad for Mother’s Day, using the title of the song as a headline. Advertising to be included are flowers, candy, clothes, telegrams, household articles, silk stockings and cosmetics. TELEGRAPH TIE-UPS — Western Union or Postal Telegraph always go big for Mother’s Day. See if they'll tie-in with the title in window displays, giant telegrams, heralds and throwaways. RADIO PLUGS Radio band leaders and vocalists might do the number, dedicating it to mothers everywhere. MUSIC STORES Music shops could display the song prominently in their windows. AROUND THE THEATRE For stunts around theatre—Ads and heralds to advise the folks to treat their mothers to theatre for Mother’s Day. Cooperating florist gives free cor sages to first 50 mothers attending theatre. And you can admit ’em on the house. Old Record Savers Contest Music shops near theatre might tie in on a contest offering brand new records to the 10 people who bring in the oldest Jolson recordings in captivity. Same goes for sheet music of songs Jolson popularized during his song career. Animated Dancers On Front Animated front displays always get added attention, which is why we suggest that you rig up dancing figures of Jolson and Keeler. Tap dancing record plays along in time to the animation of the figures. DANCE MARATHON OR RACE TO THE THEATRE Way of working a dance marathon so that it doesn’t interfere with business, is to get the couples dancing from one end of town to theatre through busiest streets. Jazz band on bannered truck accompanies ’em, while gals hand heralds to watchers., Promoted prizes go to first ten couples to arrive at theatre. Rest of the rules can be decided locally. If newspaper cooperates, all the better. Marriage Angles For Contests, Lobby Displays and Tie-Ups Everyone knows that Ruby Keeler and Al Jolson are two stars who are happily married, which paves the way for the following contests: MARRIED COUPLE NIGHT—Publicity stories and ads invite married couples to join a theatre party on specified night. OLDEST MARRIED COUPLE—Newspaper contest to find couple married longest number of years. Also for youngest married couple. New York’s Daily Mirror went for this idea once. MARRIAGES DURING FILM’S RUN—Invites to all couples married during run of film. Might even award promoted loving cup to first couple married after picture opens. FURNITURE STORE ADS—Using line “Al Jolson and Ruby Keeler, a happy couple . . . happy homes make happy couples and Grayson’s Furniture makes happy homes.” PHOTO CONTEST—Lobby contest for best wedding photos. Display ’em in lobby with names and addresses attached. Patrons vote for best looking couple or best photo. ANNIVERSARIES—Keeler and Jolson were married on September 21, 1928. Newspapers could offer passes to all couples married on same date. 4 CONTEST IDEAS—Following could be subjects of newspaper, radio, program or lobby contests: 1. “How he proposed.” Contestants relate novel or romantic proposals. 2. “10 rules for a happy marriage.” Letters to list reasons for writer’s happy married life. 3. “What I want in a husband.” Contest for the unmarried folks, listing qualities they desire in their spouse. 4. “Real Life Love Stories.” For short stories limited to 200 words on romantic experiences. LOVE PROBLEMS COLUMN—If there’s a daily columnist writing about love problems, marriage, etc., suggest that she (or he) do a column on happy marriages and the Jolson-Keeler marriage. There’s ..plenty of material in the publicity section. Revolving Lobby Blow-Up Lobby figure, like illustration, could be made locally by blowing up still Jolson 105, and mounting it on a victrola. Victrola spins, and stops about once every hour. Sign tells "em that free admish goes to the person Jolson is pointing to when figure stops. Figure that ought to keep ’em looking. Your artist will know how to plant display over victrola, and an electrician could tell you how to set it to stop every hour. 2 Cooperative Ad Ideas COCKTAIL DANCES Since Ruby Keeler does a Cocktail Dance in the film and hotels run Cocktail Dances, why not suggest that they include a plug for you in their next ad or herald, like “After seeing Ruby Keeler do her famous ‘Cocktail Dance’ in ‘Go Into Your Dance,’ this afternoon, drop into the Hotel Snooty Grill where you'll find our lively Cocktail Dance in session, with Ted Art supplying the music.” NITE CLUB ADS Night clubs and hotel grills advertise so why not suggest that their next ad read “GO INTO YOUR DANCE AT THE HOTSY-TOTSY CLUB TO THE SMOOTH RHYTHMS OF JOHNNY JOHNS AND HIS BAND.” “NEWS FLASH” TEASE FOR WINDOW COVERAGE PICTORIAL NEWS FLASH AL JOLSON ARRIVES IN AKRON Accompanied by Ruby Keeler, his personable wife, Al Jolson, the world’s forcmost entertainer, came to town today in “Go Into Your Dance,” Warner Bros.’ latest musical hit. Among the famous performers he brought with him were Helen Morgan, Glenda Farrell, Barton MacLane, Patsy Kelly and Benny Rubin... He'll be at the Strand Theatre all this week, if you want to meet him. Did we say... IF? Window poster, illustrated in miniature, is available in large display unit size (10” x 13”). Printed on heavy paper stock. Can be planted in store windows and tacked on fences and poles. Sent complete, including theatre name and playdates. Prices: 100— $2; 200—$3; 500—$6; 1M—$9.50. Order directly from: ECONOMY NOVELTY CO. 239 West 39th Street, New York City Page Three