Go Into Your Dance (Warner Bros.) (1935)

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© fxplotation. Six Day “Famous Dancers’ Contest Twelve famous dancers, including Keeler and Jolson, are basis of six day conReaders are to identify stars from illustrations and rhyme hints. Daily publicity stories which accompany photos contain theatre and picture plugs. test. (Lead-Off Story) Novel ‘Famous Dancers’ Contest Starts Tomorrow Want to have some fun and in addition win a prize? Listen closely. You all want to see the new Warner Bros. musical, “Go Into Your Dance,” in which Al Jolson and Ruby Keeler are co-starred. for the first time. Your Contest Editor is planning a theatre party for twenty readers to see this film which premieres at the Theatre next Thursday evening. Here’s how you can become a member of this party. Each day for the next six days, beginning tomorrow, we will publish photos of two famous dancers. Study each day’s illustration carefully, All you need do to fulfill the requirements of this contest is to identify each dancer. If it should be difficult to name them from the photographs alone, refer to the clue-rhymes, which appear below the pictures. The persohs submitting the ten most accurate lists received before mext: |. 48. sare eas ,» when the contest closes will each receive two tickets to see “Go Into Your Dance.” The first two photos will be published tomorrow. Don’t send in your list until all the illustrations have been published. Everything clear? Understand what’s. wanted? Then we’re off! All illustrations available in one unit. (Second Day Contest) (LEFT ) Her first name is an English queen; Her last, a great composer! She— Delights to ride the range with hubby, And so, the gossips say, does he! (First Day Contest) This Is Easy a (LEFT ) Her first name is a bloodred gem Her last a worker on keel or barge; Of all tap-dancers, she’s the queen Of blazing Broadway, by and large! Page Eight (RIGHT ) Here is the laughing incarnation Of all the younger generation— Al Jolson’s aide in “W onder Bar” A hoofer sure to be a star! Recognize These Two? (RIGHT ) He put the talkies on the map, And of all dances likes the tap; He likes the tap because the kid That now he calls “the missus” —did! (Second Day Publicity) Valuable Prizes Waiting If You Know Dancers Here are two great dancers you should recognize at once. You’ve read about them, you’ve seen them, you’ve gone home and tried to imitate them. They are two of a series of 12 famous dancers whose _ photo graphs are being run daily, for six days, in this newspaper, and which offers those who can identify them a chance to be the guest of the (newspaper) at the theater where Al Jolson, the star of the first successful talking picture and Ruby Keeler will Oneny. On = ere ie aes (date) in their first co-starring picture “Go Into Your Dance.” Most people have forgotten how fine a dancer Al Jolson really is. They know him as the prince of entertainers, the greatest of “mammy singers,” as a radio star and as a legitimate actor. But he is still a real “hoofer” The twelve dancers pictured by thee as cna (newspaper) in this contest are all famous. Eleven prizes will be awarded Diy seherr keeles (newspaper). Each of the ten most accurate lists of identification submitted will win two tickets to see Al Jolson and Ruby Keeler in “Go Into Your Dance.” Order Mat No. 22—50c (First Day Publicity) Name The Noted Dancers and Win Theatre Tickets New Journal Contest Offers Readers Chance to See New Musical, ““Go Into Your Dance,”’ Coming to Strand Theatre If you know your dancers, you’ll be able to dance Ci Akron, Go Into Your Dance! your way into the.... (Ae 5 05 ahh acer ahs Theatre next Ee ahah 1 Ome arr He ce Pires: OF Che ee YS a ee eee (newspaper) to see Al Jolson, greatest of entertainers of the screen or stage, and charming Ruby Keeler in their first co-starring vehicle, the Warner Bros. musical hit, ‘‘Go Into Your Dance.’’ Shown above are two famous dancers. Two more will be published daily for five more days. Can you name them? Of course, you’ll recognize some of them immediately. Others may be less familiar to you, so the Contest Editor has made things easier for you by printing a little poem which really tells you the name of the dancer whose photograph you are trying to identify. When the entire series of six pairs of pictures has been published, send the names, correctly identified, to the Contest Edito Obet Cra area eras ae ee a (newspaper). The ten most nearly correct lists submitted will each win two tickets to the (theater), and the first absolutely correct list received by the Contest Editor will win a special prize of The final pair of pictures will bepublished-on'..... reese (date) and all answers must be sent to the Contest Editor bePOTew ce eee (state time and date) when the lists will close. Every photograph shown in the contest is a recent picture of a world famous dancer. If you are a film fan, and a patron of stage attractions, you have seen all of them; some you have seen many times. Study their faces and read the poems carefully. You have nearly a week in which to determine who they are. (Third Day Contest) Know These Dancers? (LEFT ) Her first name is a pungent spice That’s used in snaps to make ’em nice; Her last name is the silverware Rated as where. sterling every (RIGHT ) The Russian dance man, called supreme, Who lived for beauty and the dream, And now for vanished Beauty calls While languishing in mad house walls.