Go Into Your Dance (Warner Bros.) (1935)

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© £xploitation -...Think You Can Plant It? (Fourth Day Contest) Not Much (LEFT ) Her last name has two syllables: A summer month, a rhyme for ‘pair’; Her first name rhymes with ritzy— Have you see her anywhere? (Third Day Publicity) All Film Fans Should Be Able to Identify Them Are you among the thousands OL Rich a (newspaper) readers who are determined to be the guests of this newspaper at the EHERCOL MOM ae eae h when Al Jolson and Ruby Keeler will open in their first co-star ring motion picture, “Go Into Your Dance”? You can win two tickets to this great musical, which in-addition to an all-star cast headed by Jolson and Miss Keeler, features some of the most remarkable dancing numbers” ever shown on the _ screen. These dances were arranged by Bobby Connolly and are said to be better than anything he has done to date. All you need do to win a prize is to identify correctly the twelve great dancers to be shown in the contest. This should be easy, because their names are practically revealed in the little quartraing that accompany each illustration. This is the third pair of pictures in the series of six. The final pair will be published on Ribs ie ee (date). When you have them all, send your list to the Contest Editor of the....... (newspaper) before (date), when the contest ends. Ten pairs of tickets will be given to the contestants sending in the ten most nearly correct lists. A special prize of........ (name prize) will be awarded to the contestant who submits the first absolutely accurate list of answers. The Warner Bros. musical hit has a thrilling plot and a fine romance, Al Jolson sings as he has never sung before in this outstanding production. Time Left (RIGHT ) The East Side lad who plays the deuce With uppercuts and grapefruit juice, Made his debut in Broadway shows, As chorus man, the story goes! (Fourth Day Publicity) Fans Can Still Win Prizes in ‘Dancer’ Test Who are the twelve greatest dancers in the world? Opinions may differ, but there that the whose pictures can be no _ dispute twelve dancers are being published daily by the (newspaper) are among the greatest. That’s a clue for you, in addition to the poems published with each pair of pictures to make it easy for you to win two tickets COR ENO SP) ce ee theater where Al Jolson and Ruby Keeler are teamed, for the first time, in the year’s most novel musical “Go into, “Your Dance? one 55.2. 2m es Another pair will appear tomorrow and the final pictures will DespuUpLSHed One: cape ees (day). Deas gg Reta ee eed (newspaper) invites its readers to clip these pictures, study the faces, ag well as the poem elues printed for your guidance, and _ identify them. The ten most nearly accurate lists received before when the contest closes, will each win two tickets to the......... theater to see Al Jolson and Ruby Keeler in “Go Into Your Dance.” (Fifth Day Contest) Can You Name These? (LEFT ) Young whirlwind singing screen, Slim, laughing maestro of the dance— Come-hither eye and laughing lip— He puts all fandom in a trance! of the (RIGHT ) She lingers with us, being gone, The lovely lady called ‘The Swan’— The lady fair whose twinkling toes Touched earth like petals of the rose. ANSWERS First Day—Ruby Keeler Hal LeRoy Second Day—Ann Dverak Al Jolson Third Day—Ginger Rogers Nijinsky Fourth Day—Mitzi Mayfair James Cagney Fifth Day—Fred Astaire Pavlowa Sixth Day—Joe Frisco Bill Robinson (Sixth Day Contest) Here’s Last Chance (LEFT ) His first name ditties Actor Brown, His last nicknames a West Coast town; His dancing is eccentric, and— He stutters, too, to beat the band! (Fifth Day Publicity) Movie Fans May Stull Win Prizes In Journal Test There’s still time to win a pair of free tickets to the........°. EEG ALTO pOM ss cehedines uta tarot papas by naming the world famous dancers whose pictures have been publisheduin'-thie <2: c eset res (newspaper) for the past four days. But there is no room for laggards, either on a dance floor or LTR lc RNs Fe aye (newspaper) contest, and as the lists CIOSGRO Meter saatnee cute seas >» everyone who wants to see Al Jolson and Ruby Keeler in their greatest screen production “Go Into Your Dance” as the guest of this newspaper, will have to get on his toes. Tomorrow the final pair of the twelve photographs in the contest will be published, and all entries must be sent to the Contesteoitor: of the.s sae es (newspaper) before ............ The Contest Editor has tried to help you by publishing daily clues, in the form of poems with each picture. If you know dancers, your list should be among the ten most accurate ones submitted, which will win you two tickets .fOx thes jenscvaok theater. If you send in the first absolutely accurate list received, you Walbewinise cart ee (name prize). (RIGHT ) King of the tap and softshoe dance, On limber legs he is dependent; His first name’s mailed around the first, His last, a redbreast’s male descendant! (Sixth Day Publicity) Your Last Chance to Win Tickets to Strand Theatre This is the last call—the last chance—to name the dancers and win free tickets to the......... theater to see Al Jolson and Ruby Keeler in the merry, tuneful, dancing musical “Go Into Your Dance,” the Warner Bros. hit which, for the first time, teams these famous stars. For the past five days the aurea ee (newspaper) has daily published two photographs of noted dancers. The final pair appears above. Once again, in order to help contestants, the Contest Editor has practically told the name of the dancers in the little poems that appear directly beneath the pictures. Now that all twelve photographs have been published, little time remains. Identify each picture, and send your list to the Contest Editor of the....... (newspaper) before ............ Ten prizes, each consisting of two tickets to the......... The ater to see “Go Into Your Dance” will be awarded the ten most accurate lists of answers received. Correct answerg and the names of the winners will be published as soon as the judges complete their work, and hand down their decisions. AMONG THE NEWSPAPERS USING WARNER SIX-DAY CONTESTS ARE: Baltimore News-Post Omaha Bee News Portland Express Fairmont Times Charleston Mail Wheeling News Page Nine