Go Into Your Dance (Warner Bros.) (1935)

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© fxplotation Dancing Into The Papers For Three Illustrations and copy on these two pages contain three lessons on “How To Tap Dance,” as taught by Ruby Keeler. We’ve tried ’em out on the boys in the office ... and they work. Not meaning that beginners will become expert tappers, but they’ll learn the elemental steps—and will be able to do a simple dance Three strips are available in one unit. Order mat No. 23—50c. HOW TO TAP DANCE | RUBY KEELER: First assume a © natural standing position. This is how I started my cocktail routine in “Go Into Your Dance” but you can, of course, forget about the shaker. Got that? Alright, suppose you do the next few steps while I give the instructions. AL JOLSON: Suits me fine. HOW TO TAP DANCE | RUBY KEELER: Are you cer© tain that yow’re familiar with yesterday’s lesson? It’s essential that you master it before starting on today’s. The step which you are about to learn is one which almost all tap dancers use in one form or another, slightly disguised and embellished but it’s actually the same step. Tap—that’s yesterday’s step—with the left foot. Got that? AL JOLSON: Say, I can do that. It’s easy. Page Ten after three lessons. RUBY KEELER: Your body © should be relaxed, yet erect. All movements are from the hips down. Arms are lifted and bent. Put the weight of your body on left leg. Raise your right foot and bend knee slight y. AL JOLSON: How’m I doin’? RUBY KEELER: I'll show you © how to do this one, too—but the next one you'll have to do yourself, Al. Now instead of stopping action of dance after the tap, raise foot slightly drawing it diagonally back about six inches ending with a sharp stamp. AL JOLSON: Thanks for getting rid of that cocktail shaker. I couldn't keep my mind on the dance. 3 RUBY KEELER: So far so © good. Now, straighten your leg, tapping ball of foot on ground. Follow through with leg until it is stiff at knee. Then quickly bring back leg tapping with ball of foot. AL JOLSON: That was sorta hard. now at the 5 4 RUBY KEELER: Okay. Now © suppose you try the next couple of steps. AL JOLSON: It’s a pleasure. RUBY KEELER: Now alternate the above on right leg. Repeat this once again on left leg. Stamp once on right leg and once on left leg. Repeat this ten times. See opposite page for prepared ads and prepared pub. licity story. Demonstrated by Ruby Keeler and Al Jolson, stars of Warner Bros.’ musical hit, “Go Into Your Dance,’ now al the! ] Theatre. RUBY KEELER: Don’t weaken. © This is the final part of today’s lesson. Shift your weight to the right leg and repeat entire previous movement. Now keep practicing that for a while. At first putting it all together may seem a bit difficult but by keeping your temper and patience you'll get it. Demonstrated by Ruby Keeler and Al Jolson, stars of Warner Bros.’ musical hit, “Go Into Your Dance,” Theatre. AL JOLSON: I’m not doing so © badly. There’s another part of this lesson to come, isn’t there? RUBY KEELER: Yes, and this is it. Simply repeat the entire routine I just outlined, only this time start with the right leg.