Going Highbrow (Warner Bros.) (1935)

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© fxploitati THIS CHAIN LETTER IS A FAKE -but that’s what’s GOOD about itl! PROSPERITY CLUB from HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA This chain was started in the hopes of bringing entertainment to everyone. ae Guy Kibbee Ze Zasu Pitts ae Edw. Everett Horton 4. Ross Alexander 5. June Martel 6. Gordon Westcott Just take twenty-five cents (25c), thirty cents (30c), or forty cents (40c) to the Lawler Theatre, present it at the box office and receive 16,245 laughs in two hours of the BEST ENTERTAINMENT AVAILABLE. DON'T BREAK THE CHAIN Hand this idea to five of your very best friends and see "Going Highbrow" on Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, JULY 20 Sl. Bee eo, Give credit for this bright one to Carroll J. Lawler of the Lawler Theatre, Greenfield, Mass. He used it for ‘G Men’ and says it went over like a million! Woman’s Page Contest for Best “Highbrow” Dinner Something for the Woman’s Page! Have a contest asking “What women consider a Highbrow menu for little expense.” You can offer Oakley’s to winning suggestions if you want to. WANT A STREET BALLY? This is a plain one of the reminder type. Nothing especially bright or novel, but if you haven’t used a bally in a while it’s a cinch your usher can handle the job easily enough. If you want to jazz it up a bit, you can always add the over dressed touches for the figure a la treatment given to Kibbee in the posters, or a bit of burlesque by using over-sized hat, jacket, waistcoat and shoes. | Book Stores ‘Going Highbrow’ Book store window with intellectual books and stills from picture. Sign could say: “You won’t be ‘Going Highbrow’ by reading these books, but you will be reading the finest books of the season.” COMIC COUPLE STRUTS STREET Just a bally particularly adapted for resorts, but, if they’re not too decollete, you might like it on the street. Sign on the back carrying your title explains the reason. We've given you a rough idea of what the couple should look like, but you can use your own judgment . . . and whatever clothes you can dig up. Page Eight Fast Flashes for the Air If you can get on the air here are four fast flashes that catch the comic vein in a new way: (Man and woman with broad English accent) MAN: I say, deah, why are you rushing me off before I’ve finished my scones and tea? WOMAN: Why reahlly, you should know. We're “Going Highbrow” tonight. ANNOUNCER: Yes sir! Everybody’s “Going Highbrow at the Strand Theatre, where Warner Bros. latest comedy smash is playing. Join the crowds and see Guy Kibbee, ZaSu Pitts and Edward Everett Horton in the picture with a million laughs: “Going Highbrow.” (One man who talks like a tough panhandler. Another with an Oxford accent) BUM: Say Buddy, can you spare two bits? MAN: Why my good man—what in the world for? BUM: Aw, I just feel like “Going Highbrow” tonight. ANNOUNCER: I guess everyone wants to see Warner Bros.’ laugh riot. Don’t miss Guy Kibbee, ZaSu Pitts and Edward Everett Horton in “Going Highbrow,” at the Strand Theatre now. (Woman and child) WOMAN: Come now, Richard, it’s time for bed. CHILD: Aw gee, ma, I can’t go to bed yet. The gang’s “Going Highbrow” tonight. ANNOUNCER: Even the kids are “Going Highbrow” now, because everybody's getting such a kick from Warner Bros. comedy hit. Take the kiddies along when you see Guy Kibbee, ZaSu Pitts and Edward Everett Horton in “Going Highbrow” at the Strand Theatre. (Two tough eggs) FIRST: Come on, Buddy, dere’s a window opened on de second floor. Pll give you a boost and we’ll walk off wid de joolry. SECOND: Not tonight, Killer. We goes in de front door. ’m “Going Highbrow.” ANNOUNCER: You know what they mean by “Going Highbrow,” don’t you? They mean going to see Guy Kibbee, ZaSu Pitts and Edward Everett Horton in their funniest picture. Yes sir, the whole city is “Going Highbrow” at the Strand Theatre now. Dignified Lady and Gent in That Old Street-Car Gag Old as the traditional hills is this one, but ya gotta admit it fits. A smartily attired man and woman are seated a few seats apart on a bus or street car. Gent walks over to the lady and after politely tipping his hat, says loudly: “Howya do, old deah . I say, Let’s scram to the Strand and see ‘Going Highbrow’.” If he speaks to her just as the trolley gets to the the: atre, they can walk together into the lobby. HOUSE DISPLAYS MADE FROM 1 AND 6-SHEETS Right: This one’s from the 6-sheet and there’s little work for the artist other than jig-sawing around figures, adding varnish for lustre and durability and slapping it on board. Naturally, a little color retouching will brighten things. Below: This one’s from the l-sheet and can be simply animated if you cut out one of Kibbee’s eyes, put a revolving wheel behind it on which an open eye and a shut one are drawn in alternate positions. Drawings are spaced to give a winking effect. It should look great in a transparency frame and it’s just about the right size, too. Teaser for Society Page Might be worthwhile planting a 44 inch squib on society page, saying: Guy Kibbee and ZaSu Pitts are GOING HIGHBROW this week. They’re at the Strand Theatre, doncha know? AUTO BALLY FREE... Drawing provides rough idea of how a new ‘car might be promoted to give you a moving bally at no cost. Bottom of sign reads: See GOING HIGHBROW at the Strand now. 2 Col. Poem-Puzzle Contest Many exhibs use it as a one-day newspaper contest with prizes for the nearest correct poem translation. Can also be used as a straight feature eliminating contest angle altogether. Though illustrated in miniature, it comes to you 3%” wide. Mat No. 203—20c PICTURE-P@EM PUZZLE Matt Upshaw was Kansas farmer— ok Till stock investments made him = rich! yy} Cora, the wife he’d thought a charmer, i Went highbrow with a vengeance, SOCK IN15 Ssy ve lun aven! whic Bs © a Hit Matthew hard! He hummed .* l 100-Hora ecnke. en Wii GT -THEW Hpke500! He nu-san-me-w © Hawe-soo Sedna ved ATQD-ROAD, -euGKT A Fr=eus \yaiune and hawed, But in the long run went abroad, Where Cora bought a famous picture ' And grew to be so odd a mixture Of country gawk and city swank, And will to reach the Smart Set rank , | That necwla laughed and daily papers Wrote Upshaws up and all their capers! An ad shark made poor Cora happy Rey ves Pe Gree SN By vowing he would make her ME NE WAY We 500-5001 <>s dale & snappy! ie The way he did it is the reason Lo mec eee, That “Going Highbrow’’ tops the season! ee S406 By walk boa o\ bal i, AN AD->>=alaam eae 8 A-500-E ff 00, cond "My ANIMATED FRONT us day BLOWUP This still, C.S. 34 shows Race it zooping his soup. — If you grommet his arm some where under the elbow it can be made to move from the plate to his mouth by a motor. A timed _ ‘zoop’ sound effect will help display.