Going Highbrow (Warner Bros.) (1935)

Record Details:

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ZASYV PITTS reacts HORTON PIRECTED By ROBERT FLGREY fe WARNER BROS. CONG. ricrene 3-SHEET PRICES 1-SHEETS INSERT CARDS lite 49. ee 15c¢ each Lita de fee es Bc 25c each DOs OG 2 ete ie. 13ce each 25 i tenAge 2 ek mass 22¢ each 100 and over lle each BOF Ts Oc aCe eee 20c each 100 and over 18c each 3-SHEETS | Filet ihe? -1: ins ee ed eco: 40¢ each HERALDS DS eR 36c each TM 404M 2 es $3.00 per M ~6-SHEETS \—-5M-and-over. ..... 2.45 per M. Lito 9... 75e each LOBBY DISPLAYS 10 to 19... 70c each 11 x 14 Photos... 75e a set 20: ahd vover i...) 65¢ each (8 in set—colored) 22 x 28 Photos ___.... 80c a set (2 in set—colored) tol AQ 6 Es Ae 7e each DO. 40: DOE rE ene 6c each Stills )22 20 ee 10c each 100 and over_____._____5%4e each Midget Window Cards__4c each (These prices apply to U. S. only) Slides RN ORS Ne 15e each 6-SHEET A sample of the novel HERALD will be sent on request SLIDE 1-SHEET, WINDOW CARD, INSERT CARD THE FOLLOW-THRU COUNTS IN YOUR PROGRAM, TOO “2. Let -MILTAPHONE: SHOR S:<do--it! Musicals, comedies, cartoons and historical shorts—the choice of the new releases—hand-picked to round out your program with this show “SPRINGTIME IN HOLLAND” with DOROTHY DARE, FELIX KNIGHT, AL SHEAN and HOBART CAVANAUGH, “Broadway Brevity.” Feature screen players and_ beautiful girl ensembles in Technicolor. (20 minutes—No. 9107) FIFI D’ORSAY in “BETTER THAN GOLD,”’ “Broadway Brevity.” Musical comedy featuring screen comedienne. (20 minutes—No. 9117) “BUDDY’S LOST WORLD,” “Looney Tune.” Buddy’s adventures in seeking the Lost World. (7 minutes—No. 9707) “THE YANKS ARE COMING,”’ “See America First.”’ Personalities and events of the World War period with commentary by John B. Kennedy. (10 minutes—No. 9511) “RAH, RAH, RADIO” with RALPH KIRBERRY, “Pepper Pot.” Dream singer of radio fame heads a cast of specialty artists. (10 minutes—No. 9626) BORRAH MINNEVITCH AND HIS HARMONICA RASCALS, “Melody Master.” Popular radio and stage, musical aggregation playing current hit tunes in their inimitable style. (10 minutes—No, 9912) PRINTED IN U. S. A. MIDGET WINDOW CARD GVY KIBBEE ZASV PITTS EDWARD EVEREXT OnT Diu tyeoovss i087 AWARNER BROS,