Going Places (Warner Bros.) (1938)

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Sell and: Celebrate DICK and ANITA 2 aie A Meet Maxie and Droopy, just trying to thumb a ride uise Us! LAMBETH WALK HOY ; a k Walter Catlett Presented by WARNER BROS. A COSMOPOLITAN PRODUCTION Directed by RAY ENRIGHT e Screen Play by Sig Herzig, Jerry Wald and Maurice Leo e Based on the Play, “The Hottentot”, by Victor Mapes & Wm. Collier, Sr. # Music and Lyrics by Harry Warren, Johnny Mercer e A First Nat’l Picture Dexter, he’s crazy about : ot horses—in fact, he’s even and s : got a face like one! OTTEST TEAM IN INGDOM OF SWING (Satchelmouth) s Armstrong and dusky voiced ine Sullivan of HEAR— ' *‘Satchelmouth’ Armstrong and Maxine Sullivan scorchin’ these swing hits: ** Jeepers Creepers”’, ‘Say It With a Kiss”’ and “‘Mutiny in the Nursery”’